Friday, October 24, 2008

Drug Free And Clueless

So, recently Bo had the whole, "Cute catch phrase to encourage children who barely learned to talk a few years ago, not to use drugs" campaign at his school.

When I saw the first signs of it trickling home in his backpack and his newfound lingo, I was a little annoyed. Well, that's not entirely true. At first I was like, "What?! No DARE? How on earth will people remember to JUST SAY NO!?"

Then I got a little bugged that my wee baby was being taught about drugs. Just enough to think it was dumb, but not enough to do anything about it. It's one of those "choose your battles" kind of things.

So anyway, I have casually asked Bo here and there about "Red Ribbon Day" or week, or whatever it is. (Man, I remember when ribbons were just average little household items---some scarlet ones had a song written about them, as did a yellow one, once---but now they have all kinds of meaning and are all over the place---wish I'd bought in ribbons before they went public like this) And he pretty much has no clue what it is all about. I have asked him at least 8 different times in about 6 different ways.

The conversations typically go like this:
M: Bo, what's red ribbon week all about?
B: I dunno.

M: You don't know why it's being called red ribbon week at school?
B: Oh yeah! I do! We're supposed to wear red!
M: Okay, but why?
B: Because it's red ribbon week.
M: What does red ribbon week mean?
B: It means, 'wear red'.

No kidding, we've had this conversation about 5 times.

He's such a literal and serious little guy, I just needed to make sure it was all being stored away accurately. Clearly there was no data input that needed to be modified.

Finally, I gave it one last ditch effort. He came home with a red bracelet on and tells me with complete authority, "I need to weah this tomahwow, AND a wed showt. I have to weah a wed showt. Will I have a clean wed showt to weah?"


So I seize the opportunity and ask, "Why are you wearing a red shirt?" But the exact same conversation ensues.

I know I am not asking the right questions. I have had this problem with him since I can remember.

I give up and left for the evening.

That night when I got home, I was telling J about my initial annoyance at him being taught about drugs in kindergarten but how it has pretty much become a moot point because Bo totally doesn't get it.
And J says, "Yeah, tonight he told me that red ribbon week was to remind him to be drug free."

I whipped around. "What!? How on earth did you get that out of him."

"I dunno, he showed me a sticker, asked me if I knew what it meant. He told me it meant 'to be drug free'. I asked him what it meant to be drug free and he told me it meant not to smoke cigarettes or drink beer. I thought that was pretty specific and figured you were the one who told him that so I just went with it. But then he said,
'Uh Dad, what does 'FREE' mean?'"

Perhaps I have other things to worry about than my son learning about drugs too young.


Coordination Queen said...

Mine came home on Tuesday saying, "Mom you aren't supposed to eat drugs. They are bad for you." She can spell it but she has no idea what they are.

ucmama said...

I was telling you what I heard at my kids' school. The princiPAL was telling them about different options they could choose besides doing drugs. Because you know, my kindergartner does wonder sometimes, hmmm... should I play with blocks? Maybe fingerpaint? Or smoke a doobie?

MommyJ said...

Wow... you really don't know how to ask the right questions! Not that I do. I would have done exactly what you did...

Jordan says they don't talk about drugs at his school... but they do have signs saying "welcome to our tobacco free school"... Apparently all the little k-2nd graders are absolutely allowed to take drugs, an drink alocohol. they just can't smoke.

Klin said...

You mean all that work I did last year for red ribbon week and the little ones don't even know what FREE means?

I am a true PTA failure.

On a therapeutic note: The teach 'em young so that red will mean courage to say NO when others are saying come on when they do learn about drugs.

On another note: My kids never had to go to school to learn about drugs. My sister and hubs brother provided them with that information. Fortunately it's been a good anti-drug experience for them.

Now please go teach Bo what free means. ;)

Charlotte said...

My kids were the smart kids at school during those weeks, we already went over it at home.

We started the no drug, smoke, drink stuff way early. Alcoholism runs in both our families, no sense waiting.

Barnecked Lady said...
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Barnecked Lady said...

Okay I seriously suck at leaving comments, I'm always leaving out words and what not. lol.

As I was saying...
I really like red ribbon week. It might be because I have been helping with it for the last two years at our school. I think it's a fun week the kid's look forward to and it opens up oppurtunities at home to teach about the word of wisdom and what we believe there. Also, talking about good things we can put into our bodies and excercising and things like that. Also, just like with anything else, I think it's good to introduce things early in life, even if they don't quite grasp the concept right off, sounds like Bo is right on track though.

No Cool Story said...

I don;t know why but this post remind me of the one about the beanie baby tye-dyed crab. I thought "Bo should take the beanie to red ribbon week" then I rememberd that the crab was not red, but his shirt was.

SEE??!? I remembered his shirt was red! How did I even do that? With my bad memory and all.

Anyway, he does have a red shirt*.
You are so welcome.

*I hope it's clean

No Cool Story said...

I thought red ribbons were for AIDS Awarness.

He should wear two just to be safe.

Anonymous said...

What? They're giving out free drugs?

OK - not funny. Sorry.

Tori :) said...

Yeah- I thought red was for AIDS too. I guess we should be FREE of both Aids and drugs...

I love your conversations with Bo.

Sarah Tilley said...

hahahahahahah! i wish i knew how to ask better questions because i get stuck on the cyclic question/answer loop with henry all the time.

Sketchy said...

Personally I think learning to wear red is requirement enough. I mean, I look horrible in red. Can someone please teach me how to do that?

PS: Grant says "Don't do drugs, it wastes your money." Does he have his priorities straight or what? Perhaps this angle would appeal to Bo as well.

Code Yellow Mom said...

so precious. I'd like to bottle that innocence up and keep it forever.

And "free" might be as difficult to describe as "soon" anyway. :)

(Sometimes I think well-meaning teaching goes in one ear and kinda stays in but the real meaning doesn't register...Lily was in troubel a while back and her mom said to her something like, "I can't believe you thought that was OK. It just was not a good choice." And Lily broke into heartwrending, dejected sobs: "I know! I'm not follownig the temple!")

No Cool Story said...

"I know! I'm not follownig the temple!"

OMGosh, that's so sad and cute ;)

omar said...

I SAW YOUR KIDS ON TV! And I heard you cackle!

Bryner Family said...

Jill came home with her sheet of paper describing the upcoming "Red Wibbon Week." Yes, it said, "wibbon." I don't know why they didn't just make it "Wed Wibbon Week." :) Funny that my kindergartener even noticed the typo! :) I turned on AFV too late last night to see Danyo and I was so heartbroken. I hope someone recorded it for you!

Emily said...

I busted up laughing at this yesterday. Then Clayton came home from school with a "I elect to be drug free" tattoo. He flexed his muscles and told me that an election is when you don't eat medicine from strangers. Hmmmm. . .

You're right. tattoos. elections. drugs. medicine. strangers. free.

Too many concepts in one pot.

aubrey said...

oh dear. i guess it is good that they are teaching about drug awareness in school but KINDERGARTEN. holy moses. i do the same thing with ava, i will ask her in roundabout ways about things i want to know, but she always figures me out and asks why i keep asking. embarrassing.