Friday, October 10, 2008

Conversations With Avee

I was gone most of the day today and called home to chat with J and had the pleasure of a brief chat with Avee.

Avee: Hi Dad! Oh hahaha! I mean, MOM. Did you hear me? I just called you Dad! That's so funny.
Mom: How are you doing Avee?
Avee: Good. My walking is kind of bumpy though.

J later explained that she started doing a sort of "running man" when she said this. Out of nowhere.

At dinner--
Bo: Moooooooooom, Avee threw some chicken at me!
Avee: (indignantly) I did not! It was a french fry!

A little later--

Bo: Moooooooom, Avee said stupid and idiot.
Avee: Yeah, but not today, that was yestohday. I didn't say it yet today.

When someone is leaving--


Just now---

Avee is sitting on my feet underneath the computer desk. On my feet.
Bo says from the bathroom: Whatevoh Avee, you don't even know.
Avee says, in a sassy tone, I have no idea where she learned it: Oh yeah, whatevoh Bo....stupid....and....whatevoh....and idiot.
Me: Avee!
Avee, cute giggle: Oh! Oopth. I didn't know you was theyah!

One of the best parts of being gone while J is home, in charge, is coming home to see what the kids look like. J never lets me down. Today's attire on Avee, was my favorite.
She explained...

"Dese is bowf my showts mom. I have on two buhcuz the fohst one is bwoken."

They are cardigans. Both of them. And they were in a closet that she couldn't reach. So someone had to help her with this fashion selection.


Lauren said...


Lauren said...

I walked a little bumpy today too. I totally know what she is talking about.

Klin said...

"Oh! Oopth. I didn't know you was theyah!" That is hilarious!

I love that you share your kids daily speakings. It brings joy to my heart. Seriously. Your kids are awesome.

Wonder if their mom goes to college. Is that where you were today?

Charlotte said...

My kids are dressed like that a lot. And it isn't their dad helping. Actually I have a philosophy, if they get dressed without my help, they can wear whatever their heart desires. Most of the time anyway.

Those were some great conversations. Do you ever wish you could see how their little brains are working? How do they come up with that stuff?

MommyJ said...

I love child speak. And I love it when kids use grown up sarcastic words like whatever. You gotta wonder where little kids like yours picked up anything that is even remotely sarcastic. I mean, WHO would they get that from?

As always, love your stories, love your kids.

Tori :) said...

I love how you write out how they say their words. Avee is my homegirl (or whatever is cool to say nowadays...)

Tori :) said...

I forgot- I've decided men deliberately search for clothes the kids NEVER wear and make outfits out of them.

seven said...

Wow, your kids are hilarious.

Sketchy said...

"Oopth. I didn't know you was theyah!"

Comedy gold! How do you keep from just smooshing her up all day long, lol.

My husband always operated on the clothing fairness theory of dressing the children. So he would pull out the ugliest thing, the things I never dressed my kids in, the thing that someone handmedowned us with that was probably given to them by their Uncle who had no taste in children's clothing, that they apparently never dressed their kids in either because it was in ugly yet perfect condition -- yes, that's what Tom would dress the kids in. Because he thinks that the clothing cycle should be fair.

I can't tell you how happy I am that my kids can dress themselves in my absence now. Now at least all they get is some occasional mismatched colors.

Rebecca said...

I agree with tori.. they find the stuff you would never put on and put it on them.. is Avee asleep or just laying upside down on the stairs.. either way that girl has skilz.. and they are all too funny.. stupid .. and idiot.. whoops..

Big Jay said...

Um. Excuse me.

I was busy watching TV. Aves took a stool to her room and got her own two cardigans and got dressed. She wanted a popsicle and I told her no way until she ate breakfast and got dressed. Which she did.

Code Yellow Mom said...

hahahahahahaha! This is classic Aves. She is hilarious.

Love the bwoken cardigan(s). Nice job, J. :)

ucmama said...

I'm in FLA visiting my Granddad and I STILL can't stay away! Big J, I almost bought you an autobio of Lee Iococca(sp?) today. It was on sale at the used book store. Although, there's no way I could ever beat Nobody's gift of Vanilla Ice's autobiography...

omar said...

Avee randomly broke into the running man? That settles it, she's my current favorite Nobo kid. And it's going to have to take something big for one of the other ones to top this, something like random beatboxing or becoming a fan of Penn State football.

Klin said...

I tagged you. So now you're it.

Barnecked Lady said...

when the boys were younger and i would leave to have their father dress them, I would come home to things I had packed away in boxes, I swear in the attic, and somehow they ended up on their bodies! It's amazing what the male species can do!

Barnecked Lady said...

My point being they were like 5 sizes too small!

Physcokity said...

"Oh! Oopth. I didn't know you was theyah!" That's what I said when I accidentally shot a rubberband over into a not always so nice or cheery neighbors cube earlier today...YIKES!

No Cool Story said...

"Oh! Oopth. I didn't know you was theyah!" That happens to me all the time.

There lots of Avee posts I love, but this one, and the accompanying pictures, is one of my favorites.