Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hair Cutting: I've Self-Smarted Myself

I just have to say: Endorphins are fo'real.

I have felt so much better once I got back into my workout groove.

Since I've started running, I am pushing myself more than usual because running doesn't come naturally to me. I'm built more for, oh, sitting on the couch and whatnot.

But I'm really enjoying it and enjoying the feeling of getting better at it. The other day I wore sissy girl socks to bootcamp and the dadgum things didn't even stay on my ankles. So I got blisters. I was really mad about it. It's sort of a pet peeve of mine when people get mad over stuff like that---you know, the adult version of spilled milk. But I was really annoyed because they hurt and I knew I wouldn't be able to do my running stuff that day.

The next day, I forced myself to the gym with band-aids on my blisters.
Check this out:

Can't even tell you how tough this made me feel.

I'm wearing tough non-girly socks. That's why I could handle it. I was genuinely shocked when I went to go take off my shoes and saw the blood. That's the part that made me feel tough.

This weekend I have effectively butchered the nice heads of hair on 3 members of my family. My hair, and the nigh-bald one-year-old are the only ones left unharmed.

Avee cut her own bangs about oh, 8 months ago. But she managed to cut a chunk underneath another portion, so it could be hidden---a nice big chunk of hair, maybe 1/8 inch long. Because it could be mostly hidden, she never had the "I'm 3 or 4 and just cut my own hair" look.

Yesterday, I managed to give it to her. The nearly bald spot she cut has finally grown in. I was looking at her hair all shaggy and unkempt and thought, "I bet I could even her bangs and she'd be super cute with a cute little wedge and almost pixie-like bangs."

Yeah, it's a little more along the lines of this:

Only, worse.

I wish I was joking.

Oh well. At least she's cute and confident and has the ability to make every other 3 year old wish they had a dork for a mom haircut like this.

Because I could not stop laughing while I was cutting her hair, Avee, much like her mother, assumed she was funny and entertaining and wouldn't stop pulling faces. I took about 20 pictures and these were the only ones that weren't ridiculously blurry or uh...just ridiculous.

J continually asks me to cut his hair. I continually don't know what I'm doing with clippers in my hand. This month's look is sponsored by the troops. Because he'd fit right in with them with his new haircut.

And poor Bo. Poor, poor Bo. He went from a "trim over the ears" to a recovering chemo patient, to no hair at all to keep his skinny little head warm. Fortunately, he thinks the Pokemon shirt makes the man, so he can't be bothered by the butchering I just left him with.

Things are always so exciting around here, aren't they!?


Andrew said...

It's all about practice, Nobody. Epsi cuts my hair... =)

Andrew said...

Then again, I just realized. She absolutely won't cut Ellie's. She's wise beyond my years.

Julie said...

Ah...those first haircuts are always the worst. I must say, though, that boy haircuts are far, far easier than girl haircuts. I learned to do Phil's and A--'s when A-- was about 9 months old. (Yes, he had that much hair. Sadly, none of his siblings were so blessed.) I checked books out of the library and everything. After a lot of practice, and many years, I can finally whip up a decent boy haircut.

However, when I tried giving my sister a haircut several years ago, she got the Dutch Boy bob look. It was awful. Truly. So it's beauticians for me and little J-- (assuming she eventually grows a decent amount of hair).

I must admit that when I saw your picture of Jim Carey, I thought, "No way can Avee's haircut be that bad." But you were right--she looked exactly like that! Awesome.

Good thing for you (and Avee) that strong personalities make up for bad haircuts.

Child Family said...


Sketchy said...

I think my family cheered when I gave up my haircutting aspirations. I got to thinking I could do this because Grant's hair was curly, so it covered all flaws. Jon, not so much. So I just pony up the $40 and get them their hair cut by someone who I can at least complain about if she gets it wrong.

PS: Tag.

Sarah Tilley said...

hee! my mom had that same haircut back in the 50's! good thing avee's so cute, what with that pumpkin pie haircut and all. i currently have no voice thanks to a cold, and when i scrolled down and saw the pics of avee i could only wheeze out hoarsely instead of laughing like i really wanted to. thanks for making me wheeze!

Cindy said...

I am so proud of you for sticking with your running. For me that is the hardest stick to my workout! You are doing AWESOME!

The haircut thing will come. I swear I do not know what I am doing when I cut Ben's hair. I just do what they do on TV and he loves it. I am also the one who has to take their ONE year old in for a cut. You should practice on J's. You will pick it up in no time!

Tori :) said...

I am impressed that you even TRY to cut their hair. So far that only hair I've butchered is my bangs- repeatedly. I should have Avee cut my bangs for me.

This post made me lol- as usual.

Tori :) said...

And you ARE sooooo tough. And going much better at the exercising--eating right thing than I am. :(

ucmama said...

I just shaved a triangle onto the top of Michael's head yesterday. He wanted a star but it didn't look right, so I shaved off 4 points and left one. I told him he had to wait till after school pics!

S said...

Hey that little girl looks familiar now:)

Kikibug said...

HAHAHAHAHA, I don't think her hair looks like Dumb and Dumber. But I am laughing so freaking hard at that. You crack me up! Judson wont even let me NEAR his hair.

ucmama said...

Hey! I have a Judson too!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Oh dear. :)

And those are some tuff blisters fo sure. You are awesome. I can't get past hating running long enough to even put shoes and socks on my feet. Let alone bleed from it. :)

Rebecca said...

ouch on the heal.. but way to go being tough, as for avees hair.. she has the right personality to get away with bangs that are just a little to short.. :)

Physcokity said...

Well a bad haircut doesn't usually last that long. Does it?

At least you didn't end up shaving it off or anything because that would definitely be worse ;)

The Howertons said...

I cut my boys hair - saves lots of money and while they aren't no works of art like your bowl cut on Avee -I feel a little mastered. Chandler has some battle wounds from my Practice rounds - poor kid, maybe that's his real disability - me for a mom.

U funny. Love the pic of dumb and dumber!

Klin said...

I don't cut girls hair. My aunt is a hair dresser. She tried to teach me once. I would be the one idiot that can't seem to get the gist of hair cutting.

Boys- I do. My boys like simple cuts and with the buzzers I am good enough to save the money, but not great.

I'm in awe of you trying.

Your mom goes to college. . .

Klin said...

I forgot to mention your blisters. Ouch!! You are tough.

Barnes Blog said...

I love it! Her picture looks like a picture of you when you were here age, you know those 70's doo's, or should I say Don;ts.
I absolutely refuse to cut Alan's hair until he begs and begs, and then I do it and then he makes a face and then I refuse to do it the next time, it's a never ending cycle. Alan actually ended up with a Dumb and Dumber doo, which he pointed out after I was finished. I am definately not a stylist, and neither are you. :)

aubrey said...

lolololol. oh dear. avee's bangs are so short. i can't wipe the smile off my face. hang on. okay, i'm serious now.

you will learn your lesson soon, if it is not already learned, to not cut girl hair. guy's hair you can't mess up too much, because you can just buzz it and say you meant to do that. i have a good friend who was visiting for the summer and gave me step by step instructions on how to cut paul's hair and after a couple years i think i do pretty good. not awesome, but tolerable so that he's not made fun of at work. have any friends like that? because it was rather helpful for me.

oh and you ARE tough to not even know you're bleeding until your workout is done. nobody is tougher than me.

aubrey said...


"NOBODY is more tough than ME."

since i'm not sure tougher is a word.

MommyJ said...

YOU said whatnot. :)

I really want to tell you that i didn't laugh when I saw Avee's haircut... but then I'd be lying, and I value your friendship too much to lie. She is cute enough to pull it off though... if it will make you feel better, I'll post a picture of Lucy's first haircut. I'm not exxagerating when I say I cried myself to sleep that night. I still cut my boys' hair all the time, but Lucy... unless it's just a trim off the end of her ponytail, I won't touch it.

Charlotte said...

I cut my little girl's bangs the night before school started. Not my best decision.

I would have used blisters as a reason to take a break. For several months. And to feel better with some chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

No Cool Story said...

There's spit on my screen.

No, thank you Nobody. Thank you very much.

No Cool Story said...

Hey, at least they are straight.

No Cool Story said...

Hey, at least she has TONS of confidence and sass.