Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video Clips, Internet Safety, and a 5 Year Old Michael Jordan

Soooooooo, sometime in May, Danyo fell in a puddle of muddy water. There are other kinds of puddles, right? I'm not being redundant am I?

And even though I walk around continually thinking my kids are adorable and hilarious----I am fully aware that I think that about 10xs more than the average person. Even the average person who likes me very much. So, when I posted a video of Danyo falling in the puddle, I pretty much posted with the the awareness that I probably thought it was way more funny than most people.

But oh contrair! There were tons of comments on the post, a lot of emails, phone calls, and even some comments IRL about it. So then I was all like, "Wow. My kids ARE the cutest and the funniest in the world!"

Actually, so then I was all---Hey, America's Funniest Home Videos---do you want to air this video of my preshy?

And a month later they were all, "Yes. Yes ma'am, we do. Please sign here, here, here, and here. Oh, and we'll need a blood specimen here, a urine sample here, a lock of Danyo's hair, power of attorney, and whenever it's convenient, please give birth to another child so we can have him."

So I did it. Except the "another child" part. I'm kind of busy.

I got online to see what my chances for capitalizing on my baby's clumsiness were. There I learned, those chances were slim to none. But I also learned that some people were called for permission and were never contacted again or others who waited 4 years before their clip was aired.

So I simmered down. Put my delusions of grandeur in check, and basically forgot about it.

Then yesterday my new BFF Melanie called and told me that they are airing Danyo's clip on Sunday.

YEEHAAAAAAAW! I'm so excited to see my baby for 2.3 seconds on the tv, with his cute face paired with a weird and possibly unfunny dub of some dumb man voice. Actually, my real fear is that they are going to photoshop a picture of Gilbert Grape's mama, laughing her head off, because I a'fear, that is what I sound like. Maybe it will be left out.

So, just wanted to let you all know in case you want to watch it. Avee is in the background wearing her pink tutu. Bo and his friend Caleb are in it too. I mean, assuming they air the whole thing. It's on ABC on Sunday---October 26th.

If anyone has the capability to record onto a dvd, and wants to do me a solid (that phrase makes me laugh every time I hear it)---I would be forever grateful. Well, I'll be honest. I'll be grateful until my kids rub their grubby hands all over the dvd 5 zillion times and use it to skateboard and throw it against the walls to make a dent into the wall, and when it becomes completely unreadable, I'll most likely forget about everything and just be annoyed that my children act like wild animals.

Two other items of business:
My friend MommyJ at Mommy Snark posted a great post about internet safety, privacy and I would like to encourage everyone to go read it. Okay, not everyone. But if you are relatively new to the blogging world---and aren't like, the one who invented blogging---go check it out. It has great tips. Plus, she's offered to give anyone a "blog shakedown". Pretty much, that alone should make it worth checking out.

And lastly:
Morning conversation with Bo:
Bo: Mom, I want to play basketball.

Mom: (I find this amusing since he's shown a complete lack of interest in sports and well, a lack of prowess too---plus, last year's basketball---the entire season he thought the object of the game was to get from one side of the court to the other, faster than anyone else. Ball? What ball?)
Really? Well okay. I'll talk to Dad about it and we'll look into it.

Bo: Gweat! I weally hope Jaden is on my team. I weally hope it.

Mom: Oh yeah? Is he so good?

Bo: Yeah, he's excewent!

Mom: Really! How do you know that? Did he tell you?

Bo: No. I'm guessing he's pretty good. He just looks like he'd be good at basketball, whenevoh I look at him. Pwetty much just a guess though.

"Pwetty much just a guess" is SO his father. But it's really just a modest way of saying, "I know my stuff woman, don't doubt me!"


Olivia Meikle said...


Holy cow, my son's BFF is FAMOUS! If 1 year olds can have BFFs. Which, if they are famous, I'm pretty sure they can. I'm totally watching.

stacy{s} said...

I will be watching Sunday night for sure! And I think your kids are hilarious too.

Mamarazzi said...

awesome! we always watch that show. my kid is loves it. i will ask my honey if we have DVD burning capabilities...i THINK we do, but i am not the techno savvy person in the family!

MommyJ said...

I love the conversation with Bo. And I remember and love the video of Danyo falling in the mud. I do remember though thinking that you wheezing was almost as funny as the kid in the mud. I hope they don't cut it out on sunday! I'll definately watch to see.

You know I love you. And your wheezing.

Thanks for the link. :)

The Howertons said...

Congratulations on showing the whole world that Nobody's son deserves recognition!
That couldn't be Awesomer!

I am totally going to be watching for this 30 second video even though I can't stand to watch that show anymore.

That my dear friend is a total sacrifice for you :)

I would offer to record for you but since our recordable DVD player that we HAD to have has never been used and sits upstairs on our dresser still not being used, it might be close to impossible - although...
yes there is an although.

If you would like to borrow the fancy schmancy DVD player slash recorder slash waste of money since we don't use it, I will even throw in some recordable disks for my dear friend nobody so that she can personally record her precious taking a face plant in a pile of muddy water - then I would be happy to assist.

Oh and in case I forgot to say it or you missed it in this long what ever you want to call it - Congratulations!

( you would think that with more sleep lately I would make sense. Turns out - No)

Kristi Clinger said...

I'm super excited to see your clip on Sunday. We watch every week as a family and laugh bums off at other people and sometimes there stupidity. I'm excited your son will be part of that.

glittersmama said...

I'm just sorry that I won't be on the show to vote for Danyo's video. Maybe Sunday afternoon you could do a reminder post with the name of the show, what time, channel, etc. Then I won't be the loser that misses it. Please?

The Child Family said...

YAY Danyo! This is my favorite video evoh! But I am with MommyJ though, You wheezing in the background is TOO FUNNY!!! I will be DVRing it, but I don't know how to get it off of the DVR. You will just have to come over to watch it. :)


Code Yellow Mom said...

Aw man. I don't get anything American here. Send me a copy of the DVD before it gets the animal treatment, OK? Just because I want to hear the possibly unfunny dub over. :)

Lisa said...

I can't wait to see it and tell my kids that I sort of "know" you. We are big AFV fans! :)

Barnecked Lady said...

Totally hilarious about afhv. My kid's almost on a weekly basis ask if we can send a video in and every time something they think is funny happens, they say, "dang we should have videotaped that for afhv". lol

No Cool Story said...

Firstly: I will record you and send yoi the DVD the very next day. I am Awesome and Amazing and and Selfless and Cool and Wonderful like that. Please feel free to add your own adjectives.

Secondly: I hope they don't add any cheesy lines to it. That it remains whole.

Thirdly: My comments are the best, evoh.
Except for S's, of course.

Leslie said...

oh i can't wait, we'll have to tape it. miles, my two year old, was obsessed with that video when you posted it. so hilarious.

Heffalump said...

I don't get TV reception, but I would watch it if I did.
Sometimes my fil will record afhv for the boys to watch when they are maybe I will get to see it eventually!

omar said...

1) This time, I'm going to be smart enough and copy my comment before submitting it. I wasn't so smart the first 6 times.

2) AWESOME that my homie Danyo will be on TV! Have I mentioned that he's my favorite?

3) My original comment said that I would happily record the program and sell you the DVD at a discounted rate, since you are the kid's mother. Now that NCS has since offered to record it and send it to you, my profit margins may suffer a bit. Thanks a lot, NCS.

ucmama said...

Too bad Omar, I plan on taking photos with a long range telephoto lens, hopefully catching Danny-o in compromising positions. I will then start a bidding war between People and OK magazines for the rights. That 30-second video will be worth nothing!

No Cool Story said...

Dang UCmama!

Don't even think Nobody is going to use any nice adjectives to describe you as she does with me.

Sarah Tilley said...

awesome. i'm totally watching afv! you know, i think most of the humor in that video is your reaction-- i was laughing more at you laughing at danyo, even though it was pretty dang funny when he splooshed in the mud.

Cindy said...

That is soo cool!! I remember that video. It was hilarious! I will tape it too...the old fashioed way. Using the VCR!

ucmama said...

She probably won't NCS, but maybe if I split the profits with her...

Sketchy said...

Just think of all the endorsements on the adorableness you are about to receive!

I think there are probably other types of know syrup puddles, kool-aide puddles, antifreeze...anything liquid I assume can puddle. So I think you're good there, since you were worried.

And I like that Bo can just size up someone's baskeball skillz like that. Do they pay college scouts much money?

swampbaby said...

Yay! How exciting. We should start a blog petition or something to make everyone call in and vote for your clip.

Tori :) said...

My boyfriend is gonna be on tv?!! YAY!!!! Just don't forget the little people when your son is rich and famous and you're living in Hollywood or whatever the parents of rich and famous kids do. I guess you'd probably have a reality show on E! or something.

The 'Gilbert Grape' line made me laugh.

Charlotte said...

I watched your show- very funny. I DVR'ed it, so if you want you can fly over and watch it anytime you'd like (until I have to erase it to record more Backyardigans).

megachick said...

dang, i wish i'd read this sooner. we watched some of afv, while my father was switching back and forth to a football game that he didn't even have a vested interest in. grrr. and oh, yeah, it was MY house.

aubrey said...

ah! i have to go on hulu and see if i can watch it after the fact. i must say that yours is the only blog that makes me laugh. out. loud. i don't know if it's having met you in real life and somehow pairing your voice with your writing, but it cracks me up every time. except when i cry. like last post.

Lisa said...

Hulu? What is that, Aubrey? I'm gonna have to go find out because I am so lame I forgot to watch it and totally remembered on Sunday when I was watching it then. :(