Monday, February 2, 2009

Perhaps We Should Ease Up On The Progressive Indoctrination

First of all, HAPPY

Or, if you live a different sort of lifestyle,


I won't bother telling you how difficult it is to get a picture of two measly words on a 20 month old child's shirt. Ridiculous. By the way, he's 20 months today. All the more reason to celebrate....

So, on to the reason for the title.

Yesterday was a very hard day for Bo. VERY hard. I'm probably gonna write about it more later, so you know, hold on to your hats, it's gonna get exciting!

At one point, he and Avee were fighting over sitting on a little wicker table that isn't for sitting on in the first place.

For the most part I try to let my kids work out their issues before I butt in. It's a little bit of my superior parenting skills combined with a LOT of if-I-have-to-break-up-one-more-fight-someone-is-going-to-end-up-maimed-for-life.

But when one of them resorts to violence, all bets are off. And Bo, (even though Avee's ten times more the bully) pushed Avee so hard she fell down.

So I pulled him over to me and began the spiel. "It is never okay to hit or push or kick. Ever. You will get in trouble every time you do that. There are a million other things you could do, and not one of them is hurting your sister....blah blah blah."

Before I could really get going though, Bo whined so pathetically,
"It's like I'm a black person on a bus and she's white, she just pushed me right out of my seat!"

Before he could finish, I was done fer.

That's when J said, "Perhaps we should ease up on the progressive indoctrination."

In our (my) defense, he learned about Rosa Parks at school. And we've only followed his lead on the whole, "Barack Obama is second only to God and Jesus" business, and naturally Martin Luther King Jr would have his complete and immediate devotion since he has a holiday AND was a civil rights leader AND happened to black as well.

That is all.


Mikelene said...

Am I the first? Whoa.
My son's 22 months old today. I'm right there with ya on the hard-to-take-pics of him. Did the groundhog see his shadow?
Your Bo is one smart cookie! And your Avee reminds me of another red-haired little girl I knew forever ago when my oldest was in Nursery. Then my hubby had the firecracker in his CTR 5 class. It was quite an exhausting year for him.

Code Yellow said...


I don't know how you don't bust a spleen regularly over his analogies. And then with J's wry observations. Shoot. I can totally understand how you could completely forfeit the lesson on non-violent forms of protest when he is so upset about the sheer injustice of the situation. Poor Bo.

You're doing OK, though. My mom won't even let me mention Barack Obama without paddling my butt and washing my mouth out with soap. Yay for letting the next generation of kindergartners think what they want.

omar said...

WOW. I'm not the LOL type, but two people just came running in my office to find out what was so funny (I told them "nothing, get back to work"). That is fantastic.

And if ever Bo wants to chat about modern-day struggles of black Americans, have him give me a call. We'll do lunch.

Nichole said...

Wow, that's one smart kid you have on your hands! Was it hard to continue your train of thought after that flew out of his mouth? I definitely would have had to leave the room.

Bryner Family said...

Oh my goodness, that kid is so quick with the comebacks. I love him! :)

Charlotte said...

My husband turns 36 today. Let me tell you, it is tough sharing a birthday with a major holiday.

A few years back my children came home from school around Martin Luther King Day and told me they had learned that all the bad white people wouldn't let the black people ride the bus. I had the uncomfortable task of informing them that they were, well, white. They were horrified.

Tori :) said...

OMGosh! That's all I've got.

Sketchy said...

Did he follow it up with "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen?" Because if not, you are shirking in your work Nobody.

And I want video evidence when you fulfill your obligations.

Sarah Tilley said...

dang, they indoctrinate 'em early nowadays. bo is pretty smart. just tell him dr. king never pushed anybody back when he got pushed off the bus seat. :)

Tiffany said...

Clever little guy isnt he. With a mind like a steal trap.

Cindy said...

Parker saw the picture of Danyo and said, "I wove you, Danyo!"

Howertons in Iowa said...

the difference between Bo's bad day and mine...... He is WAY more funny!

I laughed out loud and whilst I laugh at many of your posts, not many will get the attention of my kids like this one!

Happy 20 month Birthday Danyo!

Heffalump said...

Just wait until he is a teen...

No Cool Story said...




No Cool Story said...

Ok, that's just killed me.

No Cool Story said...

I am back. I know I say this all the time, but this might be my favoritest post ever (until tomorrow).

Also, that Danyo is a cutey!

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Wow. Deep thinker over there! My girls would have just whinned that it was unfair!

Plain Jame said...

OH the injustice.... OH the humanity.

Oh the cuteness!

I cant wait to have a little boy and hear the indoctrinated analogies that come out of his mouth.

ucmama said...

The indoctrination is OK, as long as it's well-rounded. Does Guitar Hero have Jimi Hendrix? Is there a kid version of Roots? I feel sort of sorry for Bo really. He'll never have a good fro. It'll break his heart when you tell him.

InkMom said...

I'm a little confused . . . who, exactly, is the one in charge of the progressive indoctrination? Seriously, that kid makes connections like no other . . . although, G-Dog is a close second.

Danyo is the same age as the twins were when MayDay was born. I think. I don't really remember.

S said...

Lets just hope he doesn't learn about Rodney King anytime soon! Good heavens.

Danyo is scrumptious.

Omar laughin at work was price.less.

Super L said...

And this is precisely why Bo and Lemmy are such good friends. They both come up with this kind of brilliant defense, effectively paralizying their mothers and preventing any attempts we might make at discipline. I mean, HOW can you punish a kid when it just might be counted as discrimination?

Who do we miss? Nobody.

Sarah Tilley said...

oh, i just got the groundho day thing.

Nobody said...

Mikelene--YAY! First! Please tell me the rest of the story about the redhaired firecracker. She grew up to be a perfect teenager, went to college, mission, med school, bought her parents a lovely home on the coast...Please!?

CYM--it didn't even occur to me that this was another one of his analogies. Good thing I have a blog! I know when I'm defeated and some things I don't even bother holding the laugh in. I'll clean up the "mess" later, if I shouldn't have laughed. It's better that I be safe, right?

Omar: Don't make offers you don't mean. If Bo knew there was a black man out there willing to talk about black American struggles with him AND give him lunch, it would be all over. We would soon have a poster size picture of you over our trash can.

Nichole: Yes. :)

B Family: I'm starting to see a trend here with his responses.

Charlotte: HA! Love it! Happy belated birthday to your husband. I was so busy with the "major holiday" I didn't take the time to say it sooner.

Tori: That'll do Little Tori, that'll do.

Sketchy: HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! That's awesome. That's like, doubly, tripely funny. You're so clever and witty! Hey. This is my blog, stop it!
No really, don't. I love it.

Sarah Tilley: Great idea! I'll need to tap into the whole "What would MLK do" line of parenting. Maybe I could write a book about it...

Tiffany: I laughed out loud at your comment. Just so you know.

Cindy: Awwwww. Danyo looked at Parker's picture and drooled and pointed and then clapped. I'm sure it's VERY similar to your son speaking in complete sentences.

Howerton: I wouldn't be so sure about that. A whole jar of annoying? That's hilarious.

Heffalump: He'll be perfect, right?

NCS1-3: Hi! I love it when you label my posts. And Danyo looks like me, so thanks. Probably the me before kids wreaked havoc on my body though. Because I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a weight problem. On the other hand, I don't drool nearly as much---where was I going with this?

Nobody said...

MCHD--Do you mind if I call you MCHD? He's been whining for 3 days straight. I only blog about the funny ones. :)

Plain Jame: I almost always write your name "Plane Jaime" Not sure what my problem is there. Are you having a boy? Woohoo! If you need any tips on indoctrinating, let me know. :)

UCMAMA: Getting to work on the fro, right now....

InkMom: I laugh a LOT at "I think. I don't remember". Truer words were probably never spoken. I can't even BEGIN to imagine. We can be friends. I admire your ability to...function. :)

S: HAHAHAHAAAA! Rodney King. I think it would be awesome to hear him say, "Why can't we all just get along!?" Bo, hey BOOOO, did I ever tell you about a man named Rodn---

Super L: Heh. You're always good with the plays on my name. Now that you mention it, Bo didn't get ANY kind of discipline or further repercussions for pushing Avee. Oooooh he IS smart!

Tilley: Thank you. You made my day.

Tori :) said...

"That'll do pig. That'll do."

Tori :) said...

I'd PREFER you have a poster of Omar over your trash can rather than Obama... Would Omar's hand be ginormous too?

Mikelene said...

We moved away from the redhead & her family. She's 12 now. Very smart--runs in her genes. Great family. Her sister is at BYU. Her older brother was a chess genius at 8--athletic, too. Her dad was our pediatrician, so maybe she'll follow in his footsteps? She could whistle better than most adults when she was 3 1/2-4. It threw me for a loop the first time I heard her.