Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bo And The Violin

Bo started violin lessons a couple of weeks ago. He promptly got sick and out of a week, practiced twice.

When his teacher asked how many times he practiced (after it became very clear he hadn't "improved" much in the week) I felt sheepish as I answered.

Same feelings I had 20 years ago at my own piano lessons.

Give me a break! This time I'M paying for it.

Then his teacher gave him an assignment to listen to a Suzuki violin CD while he played with legos. As he gave this assignment, my mind began to wander, as I imagines just how easy it would be to fulfill this assignment....

I saw Bo coming home from school with a big beaming smile and throwing his arms around me because he was so happy to see me and missed me so much. I did not see him dancing around the house in an effort to get his pants unbuttoned before he wets them. He walks over to the coat rack and hangs up his coat and backpack, and then goes and washes his hands. While he's eating a nutritious snack, I put the CD in to play.

And he kneels oh-so-cutely on the floor and stacks and builds and creates while the lovely violin music seeps into his head and heart and gives him an undeniable love for the instrument. I see him in twenty years, making people happy and his parents rich. And it all started with him sweetly kneeling on our carpet and playing with legos.

Pretty much the easiest assignment ever given.

Today when he came home I had to threaten to tie his hands behind his back for the rest of the night if he didn't get in there and wash them RIGHT NOW!

No I didn't.

And his backpack is still strewn across my couch, papers falling out of it.

And the blocks were already on the floor from 4 hours before when Danyo and I played with them. And by "played with them" I mean, I dodged flying blocks while he laughed hysterically.

Bo griped because the assignment was to play with legos. So I told him to get the legos out. That was too much work. But he still griped about the blocks.

I threatened to call his teacher and cancel his lesson. 3 times.

Suddenly all Avee wanted to do was play with blocks.

Only, she builds crappy cemeteries and can't do anything. Apparently. I'm just taking Bo's word for it. (Should I be worried that what Bo decided to create was a cemetery?)

And there were a few fits thrown.

By all of us.

I hadn't even put the blasted CD in yet. When I did Bo wailed that it would take FO'EVOH to hear it all. Uh. No it won't. Get a grip dude.

Halfway through the first song Bo wandered off to the bathroom to play with toilet paper and toothbrushes. I'm assuming---I mean, what else does one do in there to kill time?

The ENTIRE event was a total and complete hassle. I said to Bo no less than 7 times, "You do realize you are complaining about HAVING TO PLAY!?! Right?"

I want my daydream back, cuz this stinks.

I realized I was getting to frustrated with his inability to JUST PLAY, so I left the room and went into the kitchen to do some dishes.

I hear Bo whine, "No faaaaaair! You get to do the dishes!"

When I didn't respond because I was too busy vigourously rolling my eyes, he came into the kitchen and said, "Why do I have to play with blocks!? Can't I at least wash the dishes or clean the table while I listen to this music!?"

Uhhhhh. Yes.

Yes you can.

And if that's not okay with your teacher, we'll find another one.


MommyJ said...

i think the idea of bo playing the violin is absolutely adorable.

and the idea of any kid doing dishes is the best thing ever.

unless that kid is henry and his idea of doing dishes is unloading the nastified, not yet washed silverware on to your newly mopped floor.

MommyJ said...

and I was first.... that's the second time recently isn't it?

it's cause all I do is sit around and wait for you to post.

and fight off obnoxious anonymous commentors...

(have you seen what has descended upon my blog? It's almost worst then mean anons...)

InkMom said...

God bless you, woman, for allowing the headache-inducing whine of a beginner violin player into your home. What you don't know is that the Suzuki CDs are really for you because why else would you put yourself through the hellish sounds that emanate from unskilled-as-yet violinists if you don't have some hope of improvement in the future?

Best of luck. I'm right behind you, because I'm the crazy person who's getting ready to take her newly-four-year-old twin equally crazy boys to the music store to have them measured for mini violins. Or violas. I haven't decided yet.

Heffalump said...

I'm personally partial to the viola...but that is just because it's what I played as a child.
What I get to listen to is a squeaky clarinet, bells and drums. My almost 12 year old still doesn't want to practice and has to be threatened or bribed to do so, but my ten year old likes playing his bells and drum, so he does it on his own.

Plain Jame said...

I fear the day I fight my children on lessons!

I got away with quitting piano lessons and my mom allowed me to play the drums for 4 years.... way to go mom!

Barnecked Lady said...

HE is funny!!!! I played the violin for a year in elementary school, I had to practice in the garage I was so bad! lol.

Emily said...

Aw, the violin??? I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.
Guys who play the violin AND wash dishes are so hard to come by these days. . .

Cindy said...

You have to dodge legos, too?

Can I borrow that CD and Bo? There is plenty of work to be done here!

Howertons in Iowa said...

A nutritious snack- is that you being funny, or are you trying to ward off your troll? :)
and I always play with toilet paper and toothbrushes in the bathroom, so I am sure that is exactly what Bo was doing to waste time. People do that stuff you know...

Tori :) said...

CHILD ABUSE! CHILD ABUSE!! You're forcing your kids to PLAY!! Where is Anonymous when we need her?

Word Girl said...

Maybe Bo could talk to my Boo. It would be great if she would do dishes while listening to Suzuki. She listens to hers at night. Probably because she falls asleep and doesn't have to listen to all of it- not while she's conscious, at least. Little does she know that she is unconsciously hearing it and doing exactly what her teacher wants!!

No Cool Story said...

"Same feelings I had 20 years ago at my own piano lessons."

Well, you know what your mama did.
Time to get out the sharpie and the duct tape.

No Cool Story said...

Crappy cemeteries.

Is there anyhting Avee can't do?

Anonymous said...

I am calling CPS right now.

[Tori made me do it!]

Klin said...

So if I threaten my kids with playing with Legos then they will beg me to do the dishes?

How did you get so lucky?

Avee build cemeteries? Dang she's good.

I love Bo and his complaint. LOL

S said...

I am sure it was more like the first scenerio but thanks for making us all feel a bit better about ourselves. You had me until the dishes part!

S said...

Otherwise I would have to agree with Tori!

Suzanne said...

LOL!!! The perspective of a child! I wish I could get mine to think like that! :)

S said...

Do you know the violin well enough to say. "aw aw you missed a note try again"

Super L said...

Awww, now Lemmy and Bo will know lots of the same songs and can play them together! Assuming they are ever in the same state again.

Code Yellow said...

It really is no fair all the stuff we moms get to do. Wash dishes, scrub globs of dried toothpaste off after time-killing sessions, sweep floors, pick up papers perpetually strewn. Totally not fair. It's almost like we're black and they're white...

Uh oh. Did I type that out loud?

Love the vision of lego don't even need to click them together, do you? Unless you're creating like mausoelums or something...hmmmm. You could listen to Mozart's requiem or something, to set the mood. heh heh heh...

Sarah Tilley said...

yep, you've got a messed up kid there. wanting to do dishes. well, maybe not. i guess if it's to get out of doing something else that might potentially be fun.

henry really wants to play my old saxophone. too bad his arms aren't long enough yet to reach the key pads. i can definitely empathize with him- my arms never got long enough to play the baritone sax.

and i know that's not anonymous because the real anonymous doesn't use apostrophes.

Mycurlyhairdays said...

We are starting the music lesson thing. Sessa is still in the stage where she asks to practice the piano. We will see how long that lasts. I wanted to get things going before I made the investment in the harp she wants to play... you think I am kidding, I'm not.
Wish me luck!

Carrot Jello said...

When I took suzuki piano/violin they actually made me play the darn things. Stupid teacher. I could have been a concert pianist/violinist had she told me to go home and play with legos. I'm sure of it.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Stick the CD in the car--or put a copy of it in the car. That's how I get Sweet Boy's listening time in. And take heart--in about a year, you might be able to stand to listen to Bo play (and he might not screech anymore).

By all means...let him wash the dishes!!!