Monday, January 5, 2009

2009, Here I Come. Right Back Where I Started From.

I think y'all should be flattered to know, that this whole week while I was busy not blogging, I had a running dialogue going in my head for you. Even when I'm not here, I'm with you. Just keep that in mind next time you are writing out philanthropic checks and whatnot.

We just got back from Missouri last night. Danyo walked in and loudly exclaimed over and over to the laundry basket by the stairs and the shoe basket not far away and gently caressed the tv. I'm thinking he likes his routine and familiarity. He wasn't a spoilsport or anything, unless you call, refusing to take naps or go to sleep at night "spoilsport". He's my baby. I think it's the cutest thing in the world.

During this trip Avee got to spend time with her beloved Uncle Daybid. She cannot get enough of him, and has loved him from the first moment she met him. Bo got to spout his random facts for all who would hear. He learned about Harry S Truman during a donut run with Aunt S. She wondered if maybe she was giving him too much information as she started telling him about bombing Japan.* His dad has no such filter. Bo was of course, very interested. And quickly included Harry S Truman on his list of "things that make something way cooler than other things". For example, as we were driving out of town, "Mom, you know what's good about Missohwi?" Uh no. What? "It had Harry S Truman." And then a few minutes later, "You know what's bad about Iowa?" Yes, er, I mean, no.... "They don't have Harry S Truman."

Oh how I long for the days when my opinion of things was so simple. Somehow the words, crazy, apathetic, butt-cold, and freaking idiot driver, make more appearances in my opinions than say---Harry S Truman does.

Speaking of freaking idiot drivers, I only said that phrase 3 times this traveling escapade. I take that back. I said, it twice. One time I forgot the "freaking" and just said, "idiot". Avee corrected me though, so I was able to say it properly.


In other news, I got to meet my friend Sarah's two little boys. She's totally getting a line in my blog because she reads my blog faithfully and still likes me. And I'm sure the faithful reading has nothing to do with a late night desk job. At all. Her boys are very cute. I was a little jealous watching her 16 month old whale on pretty much every piece of food put in front of him. Danyo refused to taste a donut hole yesterday. He's sure that if I put it in front of him, it's gross.

I drove my van once.

I actually got SORE one night from sitting so long.

I got to spend time with my friend Jiffo.

I got to hang out with an old friend, whom I haven't seen in about 15 years. Saddest part about that is, I'm old enough to have a vivid recollection of people I haven't seen in 15 years.

I went to Denny's at 3 am. Yeah AM. What is that?! S, old friend, and me---we got hungry from all the uh....talking and sitting, so we went out.

I may still be paying for that decision, but it was totally worth it.

J was incredulous when I told him about it last night. Denny's? DENNY'S!?!?! I don't know what his problem is. Does think that Ruth Chris' is open at 3 am for three half-asleep, mascara smeared, drunk-talking ladies? And DO THEY HAVE MOONS OVER MIHAMMY!?! I think not.

Perhaps he was recalling THIS. (last coupla paragraphs)

I did this drive alone because the boss at J's job made everyone work on the 2nd. A Friday. How lame is that? What could be more lame? Oh! I know! The fact that J is the boss who MADE EVERYONE WORK ON FRIDAY. Ahem. I'm done.

So, I have to say, the trip was downright manageable. Avee and Bo are great travelers. Danyo's pretty awful, but I've been around worse---so I won't complain too much. I kept him happy for one whole hour of the trip by simply holding his toes, on the foot that I could reach. Yeah, my right shoulder aches and I'll probably need reconstructive surgery or something---but he did not scream that entire hour.

The highlight of the long weekend for J was only having to clean the house once, the entire time we were gone.

The lowlight was not having me around.

I believe the two are mutually exclusive though.

As I returned home this morning from dropping Bo off at school (he wondered if he'd missed two days of school or 3---when I told him he'd been gone 2 weeks and that everyone had been gone----he was a little shocked by it all) I walked into my house that has clothes and suitcases and Costco rice bags and Christmas toys and a giant container of cheese balls and I felt mildly overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. I also felt immediately at home, and happy to be back in my routine. If you can call what I do routine. I think you'd be very hard pressed to do that, since routine implies some element of structure and typical or regular. I'm pretty much the antithesis of all three of those things.

Cheesepuff anyone?

Happy New Year!

*During one of our gas stops Bo saw an Asian man and whispered loudly, "There's a Japan man, do you think he knows it was Harry S Truman who did that?!"

And that's when it's too much information for a 5 year old.


MommyJ said...

oh wow. laughing all over the place.

glad you're back. glad you had fun.

I too keep my baby from crying in the car by holding his toes. I try to imagine if I were in a simliar situation if someone holding MY toe would make me feel better. But then, I don't actually recall a time that I was strapped in somewhere with no possible escape, and no hope for any entertainment other than the back of a boring seat in the car. So... I can't really relate.

Three cheers for Harry Truman.

Cindy said...

I am glad you had a great trip, and I am glad you are back.

Parker can not sleep anywhere but his own bed. While my sister was home I tried putting him down to sleep at my parents house and he would nap for a half hour. I think it is the routine thing. And last weekend we spent the night at the in-laws and when parker got home he said, "garkers house." and he huged all of his stuffed animals. I could just see danyo doing that.

Parker missed him Sunday. He kept calling his name in sacrament and looked for him in nursery..."Naniel go?" He missed his friend.

I love that Bo is so interested in things and that he remembers them. Oh, the mind of a 5 year old. Don't you just want to climb into their little heads and see what is going on?

Welcome home!!

Millie said...

Bo has good taste in POTUS's.

"His dad has no such filter" - and that's why we all love him so.

glittersmama said...

I want a donut.

ucmama said...

I'm jealous of your giant container of cheese balls. I walk past them everytime I go to Sam's and I just can't justify it. I think I can justify coming over and eating some of yours though.

omar said...

If I had a secretary or some sort of personal assistant, I'd tell him/her to compile me some stats on what percentage of your posts include the word "whatnot."

I know only a handful of things about Truman, like that his middle name was S, which is an amazing coincidence, since that's also your sister's name. Or maybe she was named after him and it's not a coincidence at all? Anyway, now I can also say that I know that the lack of Harry Truman is what makes Iowa bad.

alicia said...

That is my favorite thing to order at Denny's.

Do you hire J out?

Heffalump said...

You are a brave woman taking a trip with your kids alone!
It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Sarah said...

I wish I did have more time to spend with you cause you crack me up, thanks for taking me out to dinner it was hard with 2 kids but fun! With you being here I relized how little your kids are, now they are little super cute kids, and even on the weekends after the kids are alseep I look up your blog...

Sketchy said...

I used to have to hold Grant's hand in the car. My arm recovered...eventually.

Who knew all Iowa needed was Harry S Truman? Wow. Missed it by that much.

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Missed you guy! Glad you had an awesome trip!
Love going to Denny's in the middle of the night, totally wacked out with some girlfriends!!! One of my favorites!
Call me and we will do it sometime!

Klin said...

I love Denny's, but only late at night with some friends.

I have been kicked out of Denny's before. I was 17. I did not break any laws, but I was asked to leave and take my friends with me. :D

Laughing at Bo wondering if the Asian man knew that Harry Truman was the one. That's just too funny.

Charlotte said...

I had (almost) forgotten about the worship of Truman in my old hometown. And I have a great Denny's story. It involves my first pregnancy, the all day breakfast menu, and morning sickness. Haven't been back to one since.

Sarah said...

I forgot to tell you that Jiffo worked there (dennys), she has a great waitress story!

I think Bo is awesome, I love how his mind works...

InkMom said...

I have recently come to the realization that I have been listening to my favorite band for -- I still can't believe this -- 20 years! Am I really that old?!?

Yes. After last month, yes I am.

So remember away.

S said...

My butt still hurts. TMI (note time)
Donuts rule! Note to self send dounut(s) to glittermama

Good thing nobody knows what town Harry S Truman is from or that I would drive soooooooo far for donuts?

Thanks Omar that is THE nicest thing you have ever noticed about me, well besides considering getting me a christmas picture this year.

Too bad I can't go to Dennys anymore in my uniform.....I am hungry right now for some moonsovamyhammmie. my mascara looks just right!

Rebecca said...

love bo.. the way his mind doesn't stop.. "japan man..harry truman" and avee correcting you.. too cute!! Now the danyo part growing up.. aw.. now that just makes me sad!!! :) byw.. Reagan still makes me rub her foot in the car.. i will send you my dr. bills!!

Code Yellow said...

If I could write out philanthropic checks, this post would get a real good chunk of change.

I can't believe you went to the plain ol' Missouri Denny's when you have the best Denny's ever right there in Iowa. Best place in town. I was actually wondering why we didn't eat there when I visited...hmmmm.

We have one more week of "break." I don't know who's feeling it more - Cal or me.

NOBODY said...

MommyJ: I thought about that as Danyo was fussing---he had the most uncomfortable seat in the car. So I was a little more compassionate than I'm naturally inclined to be. Hip hip hooray!

Cindy: Tell Garker to come see Danyo.

Millie: Hi! Ain't that the truth.

Glittersmama: Your face

UCMAMA: My cheeseballs are your cheeseballs. You know that.

Omar: You busted me. I know you tried to look too---but blogger search doesn't distinguish between whatnot and what not---so pretty much those words are all over my blog. Huh? The good news is, you've inspired a blog post all about whatnot. You're that good with the comments.

Alicia: I'm not ashamed to tell you I had to reread my entire post to see what exactly you wanted J hired out for. She wants someone to make their employees work on the 2nd of January? She needs someone with no filter...Finally I figured it out.
And yes. His only fee is breakfast. :)

Heffalump: I am brave. Thank you. Just kidding. We did have a great time.

Sarah: We'll always have the steakhouse.

Sketchy: "Missed it by that much" made me laugh big time.

MCHD: I don't do Denny's in Iowa. It's sort of a personal standard I hold myself to.

KLIN: There's a story there... I'm all ears. :)

Charlotte: At least you have morning sickness to blame it on.

Sarah: well hello again! I remember her working there. Wasn't it with Denny?

InkMom: Ay yi yi! It's just ridiculous that we can say "twenty years ago" and not be referring to kindergarten. Who's your favorite band? Run DMC? Duran Duran? Oh, I bet it's Sting.

M: Ha! You're funny. It is a shame that M ruined your future returns there. But, I've heard they have some real good Denny's up here.

Rebecca:HAHAHAHA!!! I forgot about that! So funny. That was at least 2years ago. That girl knows a good thing, eh? Still in mourning over Sheridans.

CYM: See, that's why you and me work, we've got synergy. I want money, you want to give it to me.
"Cal or me" made me laugh. I hear that!

Tori :) said...

Sorry I missed this post Nobo. I have been on an unofficial hiatus. I loved this post as usual.
S told me some bad stuff about Harry S Truman but I got some forwarded email today from my mom about him that was all good. So, yes, Iowa sucks because it doesn't have HST.

No Cool Story said...

I see Aunt S's name!

No Cool Story said...

Iowa - Harry S Truman = boooring

Mrs Lemon said...

Man, if I would have commented sooner, I might have gotten an answer in the comments too.

But alas - I'm just chuckling because my grandma met some of my Japanese friends once and started telling them how my grandpa was at Iwo Jima - KILLING THEIR RELATIVES.

Wish she had a filter that time. :)