Thursday, April 3, 2008


Recommended Daily Allowance of Random
By, Nobody

Recent Conversations:
(In the van on Sunday)
Avee: Oak-Don-Odes! I wanna goooooooo!
Mom: No, we don't go to McDonald's on Sunday.
Bo: Burgoh King!?

Bo:Your stomach is squishy right here.
Mom: No it's not, it's flat as a pancake.
Bo: No, it's not flat, it's fat. But here, if I push it in like this, it's flat.
Mom: That's not fat, that's what is called a supermodel. Say it, say supermodel.
Bo: (Still poking me) Supoh-model.
Mom: So see, next time someone says, "What does your mom look like?" You can say, "She looks like a supermodel."
Bo: Okay.

20 minutes later
Mom: Bo, what does your mom look like?
Bo: (Blank stare)
Mom: Suuuuuuuuuuuu
Bo: (More blank)
Mom: peeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr...
Bo: HAPPY GOHL!!!! You look like Supoh Happy Gohl!!!

She is a redhead, isn't she?

Since we are on the subject of my size and my children's perception of it:
Just now I went to follow Danyo up the stairs. He climbs up the first half of steps and then plays on the landing. I went to go retrieve him and he thinks it's a game and starts screeching and scrambling up the stairs, which totally negates any effort in trying to keep him safe. I may as well ignore him and let him sit there safely.

So, I was laying up the first set of stairs with my feet at the bottom and my head at the top, talking to Danyo. We were having a grand ol' time, minding our own business and Avee came up and said, "He's really likes that game mom. B'cuz you look like a mountain sliding."

Rude kids.

Imaginary Play and Singing:
Avee frequently is playing/having conversations with various cartoon characters. I've heard her talking to Caillou, Max, Nemo, Dora, and Patrick on different days. Lately it has been Nemo and SpongeBob. Yesterday she was changing her clothes and she turned sharply and said, to the air, "Stop it! I don't have a shirt on!" If she sees me smile at all, she won't confide in me. So I very seriously ask her, "Who is it?" She smiles sheepishly because she does know it's imaginary and says, "Nemo and he won't leave me alone even though I'm naked."

J's car died a couple of weeks ago. It's such a pain having to buy a new car. The other day I picked up J from work and we were going to go look at cars. I had made arrangements to drop off Avee at a friend's house, but as we were driving, she seemed really content being toted around. So I said, "Do you want to go with me and Dad to look for a new car, or do you want me to take you to Sarah's house?" She immediately answered that she wanted to go to Saywuh's house and then I hear her talking lowly, "Do you want to go to Saywuh's house Spushbob? She's really nice." When we got to Saywuh's, Avee was overcome with excitement to be with real people and totally ditched SpongeBob. She scrambled out of her car seat, jumped out of the van and just before she darted off, she turned back to us with her same sheepish smile and said, "SpushBob can stay with you!" and then took off to sing, "Beeeeesssssst daaaaaaaaaay Ehhhhhhhvoh!" at the top of her lungs.
(sorry for the dark footage, she was supposed to be taking a nap)

This morning I heard her introducing "someone" to the refrigerator. At least she's polite to them!

Next item on the agenda,
Where I kind of make fun of people:

A couple of weeks ago when my friends were coming to visit, I was trying to think of a place to take them to eat that was unique to this area. Not so easy to do. I had one place in mind, but J was trying to get me to think outside the box. 'Cept, the one thing outside of J's restaurant box is Pho. And I know Pho. And I know with whom it won't go. So, the conversation of where to take them kind of carried over to the Y, when I was working one night. J had come to pick up the kids, so he was there and he was throwing out different ideas. I was trying to get people around me to brainstorm and I was whining, "I want some place that's new, different, good!"

At which point we hear my coworker say, "Have you ever been to Denny's?"

I whipped around to look at her face to see if it was a joke.

It was not. She was 100% serious. J says he was sure my kidney was going to burst out of my back. I knew there was so much potential to laugh until I wet my pants. But I couldn't. And didn't. If ever you've seen a picture of self-control, it was me, on that night.

The End.


S said...


S said...

Denny's!!! That is priceless! LOL! I am so mad at my "friends" they keep messing up my house, atleast Avees are nice.

S said...

It took exactly six minutes to read this post and comment:)

Rebecca said...

wow.. comment hogger S!! :) I love avees singing, we have a love song .. I might have to get it on video..that was precious to see!!! As for Dennys.. when was the last time you have been there?? Perhaps it is to far out of the it should be!!!

Cindy said...

Reading your blog always makes me smile!! Your kids are so cute, I always love reading the conversations you have with them. And you are a SUPERMODEL!!!

omar said...

So wait, Burger King on Sunday is OK, right?

Rebecca said...

if it makes you feel better Reagan told me my butt was too big today as I got ready to go work out.. talk about motiviation. I tried to tell her I am bigger there for my butt is too.. she wasn't buying it, something about, no its round.. with a nice jesture to make sure I knew what she was talking about.. I think I am going to give her the supermodel explination, that'll work!!!

Rebecca said...

and I am with omar no MC on sundays only BK!!

TheVasquez3 said...

oh how i love when you post long blogs filled with random goodness.

i can't wait to send my husband over here to read ya when he gets home.

this was good, all of it!

Traci said...

Avee's voice is Seriously. Kills me.

And I do NOT know how you did not die laughing about Denny's.

But who wouldn't like Pho? That is the mystery of this post. BTW - I found a recipe and I know the secret ingredient. I can now die happy. And laughing my butt off about Denny's.

Sarah said...

ummm Denny's wow.. to bad you don't have a gojo's we went there for my birthday and I just thought about you and little naked avee :)

great post

No Cool Story said...

Spushbob, awwww.

HEY! So let me get this straight: That sweet child is 'upossed to be sleepin' but YOU come in with camera and talking to her? Tsk tsk tsk, your plan is not working out yo!

No Cool Story said...

Nobody and Super Happy Girl, together forevoh.

No Cool Story said...


OMGosh, I'd have totally peed myself laughing.
Did you really not laugh at all?
Can J vouch for you? I'm not believing it.

No Cool Story said...

YAY for RDAR!!

Alicia said...

I CAN"T believe you were able to contain yourself! You are a better person than I am.

Avee is so cute. I love that her current imaginary friend group is made up of underwater characters. She is very clever.

The Child Family said...

Love, love, love it!

You know that Iowa worships Denny's right? They only have one in the whole city. Burger king is right up there though.

SpongeBob & Patrick frequent over here as well. :)

glittersmama said...

I'm with NCS. I loved RDAR. And Denny's. It's such a creative place to eat.

Tori :) said...

How does she have conversations with Max? He only says one word over and over again...

Denny's lol!! We should go to Denny's next time I see you. :)

Lisa said...

Oh, you are good! Total control!!

Love the stories!

Sarah Tilley said...

holy crap you're awesome!!! i would've died laughing. your self-control is magnificent!
dennys! i'm still laughing!
plus that other stuff was funny, too. :)

Michelle said...

LOVE the super model convo!!!

Emily said...

I love Avee's friends - except that Nemo!!!! (what shocking behavior)

Oh, and the mountain slide? been there done that.

Physcokity said...

Denny's?!?! So wait, where do you live again? Does the Denny's lover often makes comments of this...calibur?

Kikibug said...

Avey is the funniest kid ever! Well, I guess all your kids are pretty darn hilarious, didn't fall too far from the tree. I turned on the video and Carma came running.. she made me play it a few times. WAY too cute!! I love that she is so friendly to all the imaginaries.
I am very proud of your restraint as well, I have a hard time imagining that b/c I have seen your reactions to the dumb things I have said..... and I am not sure I wouldn't have at least made the fool thinking she was just joking.