Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Hab A Code

I fell asleep last night before 9 and got up this morning after 8.

That is heaven. If only it wasn't combined with sinus pressure the likes of a dump truck unloading cement inside my head.

I usually manage to nip a cold, or drastically decrease the effects, by taking Airborne at first sign, or my own concoction of vitamin C, echinacea, etc. (spell check suggests "chinaware" for echinacea)

But this cold hit me in less than 7 minutes. I'm not even exaggerating. One 7 minutes I was fine, and the next 7 minutes---I was not.

After feeling increasingly worse throughout the day, I decided I needed some real meds on my side. You know, the kind you have to show your DRIVERS LICENSE to get? Yeah, well....

I lost my DL the night before. So in a desperate attempt to get help, I grabbed the only other picture ID I had, my YMCA card, got the neighbor to watch Avee and Danyo, and headed off with Bo in the icy cold.

I was denied.

Like 5 times. I was so desperate, but they would not budge at that there Walgreen's pharmacy. I'm fairly certain my appearance didn't help my case when I tried to say I wasn't a meth-head.

"I suhwear I don't do that hillybilly crack, just give me some of the good stuff" says I. My left eye was red and swollen, my entire face was worn out and beat down by the lack of soft tissue usage in my home, I wasn't exactly "dressed" and hadn't necessarily "bathed regularly" and I couldn't find a brush. Of the teeth or hair variety.

I walked away from the Rx counter and hid in aisle 9 to cry. Nobody knew any different, particularly Bo who was again working on a Pokemon purchase.

I do feel better right now, but that could be the Niquil talking.

Danyo got himself out of his crib this morning. J actually congratulated him. Does he not realize what this means!!? Of course, he could have been thinking about the fact that the boy actually asks to go to bed when he's tired---so maybe it's not such a bad thing.

Why is it that people who make kid shows tend to be seriously lacking on vital information about age-appropriate behavior?

For example: Emily on Sid the Science Kid. Why does she talk like a 6 month old with an incredible vocabulary?

Or Curious George. Sometimes he does things that a monkey with opposable thumbs could NEVER do. Okay, just kidding about that one. I got nothing bad to say about the monkey. I love that little rascal.

Peace, love, and a box full of tissues. That's my hope to y'all today, and pretty much gonna be my day.

Minus the peace.

That almost never happens here before 9 pm.


Eric & Kristi said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I would give anything to get the sleep you got last night though.

Charlotte said...

They won't let me buy two boxes at once. Even though I tell them there are 3 people in my house using the stuff during allergy season.

And the best/worst commercial ever? I remember the "anti" meth commercial they used to play in northeast Missouri- "Look at me, busy as a bee. Where'd I get all this energy? Oh meth. Go meth." Brilliant writing, there.

Howertons in Iowa said...

I know you got friends. Friends with LEGAL ID's. Are you too sick to pick up the phone? or just too nice to make anyone else leave in the bitter, bitter cold? :)

You sound like those commercials where the icky germs are settling in the chests for a long stay at the mucus hotel. I don't watch too much t.v. I promise.

one word for you - Zicam. Love it, preach it, will forever use it!

Good luck with your cold and I'll see you around when your not so desirable. :)

InkMom said...

I can just see you (or some conjured up image of what I think you must look like) moping around Walgreens with fuzzy teeth (all of them still intact, I hope?) and frizzy hair. Sweatpants with one leg pulled up, a flannel shirt, mismatched socks . . . am I going too far here? Yes? I apologize. But I can't stop laughing long enough to rein myself in.

Sorry to laugh at your misfortune. I sincerely hope you feel better soon. And also I hope that my making fun of you doesn't bite my karma in the butt. Seriously.

My dad's a pharmacist and he doesn't make me show ID. Family perks. But I do still have to sign the book.

Cindy said...

I hope you feel better soon!! If you need anything let me know and I will get it for you. Not sure how because I have no car, but I will walk if I have to!! or call me after 4.
Love ya!

Mycurlyhairdays said...

I was thinking the same thing... call me, I know where my DL is!!! I am sorry for your misery!
Our house is full of coughing and sneezing and fevers and ear infections (2 for M) and all that jazz! I guess they say when you move to a new area you catch everything there! So great! Just got Chache and M's temps down and not Sessa is going up!
Hang in there, poor baby! Can your little neighbor do anything to help! I'm great at buying drugs! (Only legal and lawful, of course!)

Suzanne said...

Nobody, I hope you feel better soon!!! Sorry you got denied your meds. I hope the Niquil helped!

We love Curious George at our house. O.k. really just the boys do. I mostly pretend until they get really annoying about it. ;)

Tori :) said...

Yo- meet me at the corner with 2 Gs. I'll give ya the meds.

Klin said...

forgot my comment when I read Tori's.

Sucks to be sick. YMCA card, huh? No wonder they denied you drugs, er the good stuff.

Heffalump said...

My seven year old got that cold in seven minutes last night. So he stayed home from school and is driving me crazy because he is "bored" and yet miserable with a cold at the same time.

ucmama said...

I love it that you put bathed in parenthesis. That was my favorite part.

Beckie said...

Don't think I don't know what you wrote about me on Tori's blog.... ;)I'm all kinds of crazy.

Feel better! I always go and buy at another place after the one medication I bought didn't work, because I think they are gonna track me down and arrest me for making meth. How else is a LDS woman gonna feed her family in this recession?

Sketchy said...

Feel better and no offence but please keep this particular bug over there in Iowa. Feel free to spread it about to any non-Pennsylvania traveling Iowans you want. I am so anticipating a weekend with nothing major to do and I don't want to waste it on getting sick!

ucmama said...

Charlotte, that sounds like a jingle Nobody could have written :)

S said...

...can't eat can't the cleanest house on the street, oh meth go meth! I LOVE THAT SONG! Awe memories!
Pretty sure Tori is the cheapest in town, she is the closes to the border:)
Anywho yeah, I am a Zicam fan, Vit C fan, ETC but this cold needs the hard stuff. I probably set the unborn back a few years due to the necessity of the hard stuff this code called for. It is a doosy! I hope you feel better soon. It put your mother out of makeup for THREE DAYS!

Code Yellow said...

I sooooo feel for you. Hope it goes away soon. I think of all things, colds are among the most miserable - cuz you're not sick enough for everyday things to not be required of you, but you're feeling too crummy to do any of the everyday things in any kind of decent manner. Yuck. :)

No brush of any kind on aisle 9?

Super L said...

We don't HAVE colds in China.

Just kidding! Don't hit me! Aaauuugh!

If I was there, Nobo, I would be at your door with the good stuff. Even though it goes against my deepest instincts to get myself in the "system." This is the sacrifice I would make for you. Were I there. Instead of here. But I'm not.

I bet UCMama hates signing that book even more than I do!

No Cool Story said...

Nobody knew any different.
No she didn't. Or did she?

No Cool Story said...

WHat do you mean they wouldn't take your YMCA card?
Dude, did you try your library card? Blockbuster? Buy 10 get 1 free donut punch card?!?
I believe you failed for the lack of trying my friend.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

ucmama said...

and it's quotes as you pointed out rather than parenthesis. But at least I did spell parenthesis's all I have to cling to...

Sarah Tilley said...

don't they know that if you were a real meth head you wouldn't need any stinkin' i.d. because you'd have already stolen the stuff?