Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Bumblebee and The M&M

We tricker treated last night. In our town, it's on the the 30th. I'm anxious to learn what other things they make up around here. "They" also have a very strict policy of only tricker treating from 5-8 PM. The police, and not the dressed up kind, will come and get you and haul you off to

your own house and make you quit begging other people for candy.

Not that I know that from experience...

Avee still hasn't recovered from her 16 day old injury so she was carried by me and J, but mostly J and then we had the brilliant idea to put her in the stroller and carry Danyo. And by we, I mean me. I'm the one that has brilliant ideas 45 minutes after the average person would have.

About 45 minutes into the house-ta-housing, both of my children said, within moments of each other, neither having heard that other, "Okay, I'm done." I was really disappointed with these two ninnies who didn't have nearly enough chocolate in their bags for us to be done. Had I known that butting in and grabbing what I wanted instead of letting my child choose was an option, we could have been done within 15 minutes.

After we indulged the kids in their pleasure, begging for candy from perfect strangers, we went and had Pho. Our pleasure. I don't like the Pho ( Fō ) here as well as in Texas, but whatteryagonnado? It was still good. And Avee whales on Pho like you have never seen a two year old whale on Vietnamese soup. It looks like a rice noodle hurricane hit when she's done.

(The Adorable Trooper)

I'm not a big fan of Halloween. Having kids has changed me a little bit. It's hard to resist a chocolate faced, redhaired bumblebee. Or a blue M&M who can't say his R's. I'm also not a fan of anything scary. ANYTHING. I don't even like things that are only remotely scarey and other people think are funny. Not for me. At all.
I sort of figgered my kids would be the same way. They are not. Bo was drawn to one house that had a girl screaming, "help me, help me" from upstairs and the girl downstairs was all decked out in scary stuff and uh...stitches? He asked me, "Are there houses I can go to liiiiike, 2, 3, or 10 times?" He went back 3 times. They had a great time giving M&M's to the M&M.

Then Avee walked right up to some guy with a scary mask and smeared in what appeared to be blood. I laughed when one kid asked him what he was supposed to be and he answered, "I dunno." I didn't know either. I stood close by to rescue her, but ended up just getting a picture of Avee looking like, "Mom, this guy's costume is kind of weird, it doesn't really make sense and even though he's very nice, I'd like to move on to that house with the Starbursts..."

When they were done. Bo's sort of an all-or-nothing kind of kid. He had
to put his clothes back on to go eat Pho. He have some class.

Yesterday when we were out running errands, Bo was begging me to stop at Mickey Dee's. I knew he wasn't hungry so I asked him what he wanted. His answer: "I need some water to chase down the gross piece of candy I just ate." My son needs a chaser? Perhaps I should pay more attention to the crowd he runs with at school and outside.

That is all I have to write about Halloween. It was all I had to say altogether, but a random kid just came to my house. Tell me, are kids waaaaaaaaaaay ruder and bolder now than they were in my day, or am I just an old lady? I never would have dreamed of asking another adult "Why?" when I was told no. Besides my mom.

I am pretty friendly to the kids that come around here. However, when I say no about something, it doesn't cease to shock me when I'm challenged with a "Why?!" And it's not so much a question as it is a challenge. What IS that?
Just now, one of Bo's friends knocked on the door. Bo let him in and another kid followed him. I've never seen this kid before. He walks in my house, looks around and starts to head upstairs where Avee is sleeping.
" Don't go upstairs please. Hey! I said don't go upstairs."
"Because I said and this is my house."
"I can only stay down here?"
"Nope, you can also leave."
"Why can't I go upstairs and play."

Are you KIDDING me?! Do I really have to tell some kid who hasn't even cut his two front teeth yet why I want to do things a certain way in my own home? I don't think so. It's all good though, I shoved him down the stairs and pulled him out the front door by his ankles. He'll probably think twice before he asks me why again.


No Cool Story said...


No Cool Story said...

So what exactly is Avee doing wih her tongue in the first pictures? Bet she learned that from you.

"Chase down" WOW. The type of conversations that go on at your house never cease to amaze me.

What do you mean your town does halloween on the 30th? What country did you moved to? Will I need a special visa to get in?

No Cool Story said...

I don't that bloddy surgeon guy.
Please have Avee hit him with the stick she's holding on the 1st and 3rd picture?

Why is Avee holding a stick?

No Cool Story said...

3 comment minimum people, get with the program.

No Cool Story said...

And that bloddy surgeon dude is even scarier.

*I'm setting up the comment bar really high*

Code Yellow Mom said...

I was just thinkking the EXACT thing about Halloween - it's so much better with kids. (I HATE the blood and gore junk, but I groove on the giddy cuteness...Cal and Henry were way into "ghostesses" this year...very cute.)

I'm getting worried that my kids are the "why" kids. At least they are talking back to me with that an awful lot lately. No idea how to curn it and I sure hope they don't do it to other adults, that it's just something they do cuz they're so comfy with their mumma. Yeah, that's it.

Laughing about you dragging a kid with no front teeth out the front door by his ankles. And "housetahousing" - THAT is an awesome word. Could apply to so much more than Halloween activities...I think I'll use it sometime soon...

Code Yellow Mom said...

Chaser is also very funny. That boy is a hoot.

And that bumblebee...wowza! Love her.

glittersmama said...

Holy moly. You are so funny. And yeah, what's with this trick-or-treat thing on the 30th? Is there a problem when Halloween and a Wednesday coincide? Will the Earth cease to turn? Whatever.

glittersmama said...

And yeah. What's the deal with super rude kids?
Because I said so.
Don't ask me why the rest of the time you are at my house.
(excerpted from a real discussion that occurred in my home. except not with my daughter. She doesn't ask why. And she will know better than to question adults.)

That is all.

glittersmama said...

I just noticed the 3 comment minimum. Dang, NCS is getting pushy. :)

I'm too tired to rant anymore.

Beckie said...

Ummm the whole reason I had kids was so that I didn't have to do any of the "real work" to get the candy! Seriously...I think that's why my parents ahd 6 of us. Can you imagine that haul? A girl can dream. So I have to say the cutest bumblebee and M&M ever, oh and baby tag along (I can't beleive you didn't dress him up and pimp him out for candy!) Oh and kids are WAAAAAAAYYYYY ruder now a days, fo' sho'.

Barnecked Lady said...

OMGOSH!!! Danyo is getting so big, Aves hair is getting so long, and Bo is just getting more funny!!!! You really should think about moving back!!!!! hehehehehehe!!! Cute costumes too!!!

Lisa said...

Are there any comments left for me to leave? NCS has covered it, I think! :)

Cute Bubblebee & M&M!

And YES! I agree the kids are so bold and rude! I feel like this in primary when I have to repeatedly tell the kids to be quiet or listen to me since I am the one talking!

MommyJ said...

You are too funny. And your kids are adorable... and I think NCS might be crazy. and lisa said bubblebee. My inside sources say that halloween was moved to tuesday in many areas not to interfere with church services on wednesdays. Hmmmm.

MommyJ said...

Three comments? I should have broken my last comment in to three parts...

MommyJ said...

Rude kids make me crazy.

Rebecca said...

Okay comment number one on the 3 comment minimun.. or was that maximum.. anyway, are you telling me we as parents are not supposed to push and shove our way to the most desierable candy?!! Works for me..

Rebecca said...

Number 2.. in a world trying to be more lovey.. lest beating of our children.. I don't get it.. kids are RUDE!!! They push and push because evenutally most.. and I am not one of those most.. give in.. I like the shove down the stairs and out the door.. way to go!!!

Rebecca said...

Now for the costumes.. too cute and for a girl who doesn't like to walk on her leg, she sure is upright in those photos.. I expected a scene of a limping, crawling bumbble bee.. picturing one that has just lost its stinger?

Rebecca said...

Lastly, ditto on barenecked lady.. danny.. avee.. bo.. she got it right..

and you better get your butt back here.. Reagan saw avees picture and said.. oh my best friend.. whats her name again?! AW....

Rebecca said...

I am starting a Nov. 1 trick or treating here in our area.. I will let you know how it plays out!

Suzanne said...

How fun that an M&M got M&Ms! Hopefully a bumble bee didn't get bumble bees too! :O

I'm not a fan of anything scary either. At all!

EarthBint said...

Those costumes are adorable! I dressed up at school as the devil wears prada to be origonal but nobody got it, so I had to tell them. I absolutely can't stand anything scary. Remember when we tried to watch the 6th sense? I was jumpyy at the DVD menu! I figured that I have put three main points down so I won't do three comments, it's an all in one in case anyone thinks I'm cheating. But it looks like your blog has just got a lot more popular with this 3 comment minimum!