Sunday, October 21, 2007

Too Tired For The Jiggity Jig Part

I'm happy to be home. I missed my babies. They did not miss me. That's a good thing in my opinion. Not very nice of them, but I guess I'm happy when they are happy.

Avee hasn't walked on her foot since last Tuesday. She's gotten quite mobile however, and it's really entertaining. When I left, she was laying on the couch crying to be carried everywhere. Right now she is laying under the kitchen table with a poopy diapers singing, "Come and giiiiiiit me" to J. He doesn't think it's funny. I do.

I had a great time in Utah and got to visit with a lot of my favorite people and meet Tori and Suzanne and go to Ikea. In that order.

I know you are all waiting with bated breath to hear about meeting those lovely blogging babes, so I'll make you wait no more.

They are cool. I liked them.

In other news, I have this beastly rash....

Oh just kidding.

Speaking of just kidding---as you may well know, I joke a lot. Even in real life, not just in my blog. I also tend to find myself around people (especially when I've first moved) who don't get my jokes. Not because they are slow. More because I'm not really funny. So, I have a habit of immediately saying, "I'm just kidding."

Well, I spent a few hours with Tori and I made about 3 or 4 of those not-really-funny jokes and Tori got them immediately. And then I looked particularly dumb saying, "i'm just kidding." She's quick y'all. Quick. It was refreshing.

We met at a restaurant and they got there before me because they didn't park on the complete opposite end of the very long mall. Nor did they have to carry a nosey and cute baby peeking out of a sling trying to get people to look at him. In the rain. Because they are smarter than that.
Immediately after meeting them and sitting down to eat, it felt like I was meeting old friends for a weekly lunch. I felt so comfortable.

One time I accidentally said hell. I'm certain I was talking about the place and not "what the hell was she thinking" but I covered my mouth, immediately embarrassed at the terrible first impression I was making. Tori said she wasn't going to read my blog anymore. Suddenly I remembered they know more about me and my children (who incidentally, also swear) than I was giving them credit for and immediately felt better. Meeting people for the first time after they've been reading your blog for a few months, is kind of liberating. I didn't even have to pretend I knew which fork to use for the salad. Wait a minute, we didn't get any salads, heeeeeeey...

I have a couple of secrets for you. I hope they don't mind me divulging...

Tori's quiet. I know---shocking. Not more quiet than NCS, because I think that would classify her as a mute---but she's quiet. Not reserved. Not shy. Just quiet.

Think that's shocking? Suzanne is sassy. She's a great conversationalist and very easy to talk to. That part is not shocking---but the sassy, spunky stuff just slips right in through her ability to make you feel at ease in conversation. I still feel like I discovered a new planet with that one. Or maybe just discovered a planet wasn't really a planet. Like that's ever happened.

Some highlights:
Very comfy red couch in Ikea.
Getting a phone call from Suzanne while in the Ikea bathroom.
"Hi Angela! Where are you!?"
"Uh. I'm in the bathroom."
"Oh. hahaha! Well, I'm here now..."
Suzanne holding a squirmy Danyo all through lunch. I got to eat with both hands. And I did.(Sorry Mom)
Hearing the correct pronunciation of "Sei"
Great conversation over yummy food.
Meeting someone who's more indecisive than me.
Letting two more people experience my tangential story telling and watch them pretend they were following me and that all the tangents in between the beginning and end actually were related.

It was a definite highlight for me in what was a very enjoyable getaway. I hope there will be many more lunches with them. Or dinners.

Or even just pie.

I'll settle for pie.

Guys? Please!?

I have a very cute picture of them from one of our camera phones but I'm not posting it. I'm not prohibiting either of them to post it, but I refuse to advertise my face on my blog. Unless of course, you are willing to pay me...

I stayed up until 2AM every night that I was there. I was slightly more pleasant than a zombie, but I didn't care. I was having so much fun.

But now, back in the land of crying babies, dirty diapers, legos scattered on my floor I'm suddenly very tired and absolutely must go to bed at a decent hour.

I am adding a video of Avee. I tried to catch her effortless maneuvering whilst not using her right leg, but the toilet sort of got in the way. But she's still funny.


No Cool Story said...

Peeptures! PEEPTURES!!
I love all that red hair. I love Avee's green dress. I love your questions: why are there rocks in here?
Hey, why are you whistling?
What kind of pie?

No Cool Story said...

What is a bated breath?
Tori has sharp quick mind (that's mah twin for you. See, I'm the opposite). Isn't Suzanne a doll? A sassy doll :)
So the banana thing is actually the baby. Good to know.
I got mentioned WOO HOO! representin'!
I bet you are the most pleasant non-brain eating zombie ever.

No Cool Story said...

Is J going to be in any more videos?

No Cool Story said...

You can still change your mind about the peeptures.

No Cool Story said...

Aww, man. I wish I had been there on the comfy Ikea red couch with you guys.
Ikea red comfy couch?
Red Ikea comfy couch?

No Cool Story said...

And just so you know, from now on I'm writing a L for Left and R for right on my hand (no, not the palm, the other side, duh!). That way I won't embarrass myself any further.

Angela said...

Oh my gosh. I totally whistled while I was recording Avee. That is so hilarious and a little bit embarrassing.

Bated breath is what made you the first 6 comments.

J's retiring from the industry. At least until he starts saying cute things like, My dress is green dress" or develops a speech impediment.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Please come to Boise in the springtime... we're meeting there and... something... and we'll have lots of room... you can bring your baby and his porta-crib... in an apartment which we hope to be renting for the weekend...

Please come to Boise, don't say no...

I love Tori & Suzanne, and you nailed their personalities. :)

We missed you Saturday in Seattle. I have a strong urge to get you and Carrot together. We think you two would love each other forever.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Good grief, NCS is a comment hogger. Comment hogger! Comment hogger!!!

S said...

Wow its early and I was so impressed with the nine comments then.....I realized that it was super happy girl wit a purple hat!

Avee reminds me of the children or peoples in poor countrys when a limb gets hurt. They just adapt draggin the useless object:) I can't believe she keeps getting cuter and cuter everyday. How is that possible.

Random = our side 100%

NCS=coolest girl in the land

I am still insanely jealous you got to meet tori and suzanne! Just so you know.

MommyJ said...

Okay... totally cute little girl. she's a pro at stating the obvious. glad you had a nice trip away and that you met other bloggers. I want to meet other bloggers!

Loved how you said, "lets go get Daddy to change your diaper." I have been known to hand a diaper and wipes to a walking, stinky child and say, "take these to ______." Fill in the blank the name of any other adult in the household at the time. Daddy, Grandma, UPS man... anyone but me!

MommyJ said...

what is with all the comment hogging?

Tori :) said...

1st and foremost, I am not quiet! I am just very...well-behaved. Ok, nevermind, I'm just quiet. :P

Livie loved the video and was so mad when I clicked to come to the comments.

I wanna go to Boise. I never thought I'd say that...

NOBODY said...

Tori--you are absolutely right---well-behaved. That's just as shocking. :)

MommyJ--I'm thinking this comment hogging is a great trend. I'll have a two comment minimum on my blog. :)

Hey S-Yer just jealous!

Viva La Boise!
Boise 08!
Make the right choice, choose Boise!

Suzanne said...

"Na na you can't catch me!" Avee is so cute!

***Ahem*** I admit that I'm the indecisive one! :D

I had so much fun getting to meet you! I suspect that we could have chatted all day!

Hmm...Boise??? :)

Bryner Family said...

Miranda is enthralled with that video. I think Avee's her new hero. Great! :) Too bad they can't get together and play anymore. I think they'd be two peas in a pod! Glad you had a fun trip.

normanbatesmomma said...

Why do you need friends when you have sons?

Epsi said...

i wanted to be like avee so much that i sprained my ankle so i could crawl around on the floor and find alternative modes of transportation. unfortunately none of those include driving since i was so much like avee i even sprained the same ankle. now i just have to dye my hair red and talk like a toddler. i'll have ellie give me lessons...
you are too funny. when are you taking a trip to cali?

Leslie said...

there is way too much pressure to be funny in this here comments section. i just want to say that i love your new blog design.

megachick said...

cute video...especially the part where avee sticks her finger in the electrical outlet. WHAT!?

just kidding. 8-)

Julie said...

You had me at "Come and giiiiiit me."

S said...

OK! THATS IT! I want my reward for naming your blog! It is the greatest name ever that my dear is a mentioned on tori's comments!!!! Was the reward your first born daughter???? If so I want to renegotiate or forget this demand!

Oh that reminds me "HI" back at you avee. You are so cute green dress girl:)

Amanda said...

I think my favorite part of the video, besides the totally and irresistably cute little girl, was when you said, "let's go have Dad change your diaper." Loved it! Oh, and the toliet paper was pretty funny too. :)

Amanda said...

and the 'that is really gross' comment.....and the whistling and the.....why are there rocks in here?.....okay, the whole video was just totally cute! :)

Oh, and your blogger name is the most clever thing around!

wendy said...

How fun! I'm totally jealous that you got to meet Tori and Suzanne!

There's not a lot of pie in my neck of the woods, but maybe shave ice would work....

Carrot Jello said...

Ah, gotta love rocks in the bathroom.
Much better than worms on your couch.

Evil Kitty said...

Evil Kitty likes to play around the toilet. Evil Kitty thinks you should let your girl stay there and play.

Evil Kitty said...

Evil Kitty loves Norman Bates Momma. You can come and see on Evil Kitty's blogspot.