Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No More Monkey Jumping On The Bed

I really did mean for that to be my last post.

One thing I am consistently, is inconsistent.

J told me before he left for work that he was going to be working late, like until 10:30.
I called him at 5:30 just to see if he had changed his mind. If maybe I was so irresistable he would have to neglect his work duties and rush home to the hotdogs and macaroni and cheese I had made for him. He hadn't. I'm not.

While I was on the phone with him I heard a new and heart wrenching kind of cry from upstairs and my heart stopped. My daredevil, crazy cartflipping, box surfing girl was hurt, and I could tell from the cry. Of course, Bo removed all doubt when he started yelling, "Avee bwoke her leg mom!"

There were no bones protruding so I knew she was fine.

Just kidding. I sort of wiggled her leg around and nothing seemed to make her yell out in pain. Then I had her try and stand and her poor little leg quivered beneath her and she fell to the ground. So I carried her downstairs, gave her a binkie, some pringles, some m&ms and let her color on my carpet and couch....happy NCS?

Actually, the binkie did the trick. But she did not move. Every few minutes or so, she'd yell out, "I can't waaaaaaaaaalk!" but she was mostly content to just sit there. THEN she started adding in, "Bean broke my leg!" and I wondered if it was hurting her. I was trying to get some baking done in the kitchen and she just wanted to be held. So I brought her in to sit on the counter.

I have NO experience with serious injuries. I grew up in a padded cell. Explains a lot, doesn't it? I reached down and felt her ankle, which was neither bruised nor swollen and felt heat radiating off of it. I called my friend Rebecca and she urged me to not ignore it and reminded me that Avee is a tough cookie and it could be worse than she was letting on.

Then I took her to a neighbor who is a chiropractic student and he checked it out and said that the most telling thing was her refusal to step on it.

So I took her to the ER. Because I missed the stupid urgent care hours by 12 minutes, in my indecision. I had to wait for J to come home because I'm not interested in hauling 3 kids to the ER. I'm lazy like that.

Her x-rays didn't show anything that the doctor could see. She said a radiologist will look at it today and call if he sees something. She also said that there are types of breaks that don't show up for like a week. How crazy is that!?! So, she has to have a follow-up with her pediatrician and if she still refuses to walk on it today, they'll have to do more x-rays.

Mah po' baby. It's killing me to leave her like this, but she's got a good daddy who can take just as good care of her. Only, he's not as soft and squishy. That much has been determined by our astute children.

Right now she's on the couch in the same spot I plunked her after we dropped Bo off at school. It is driving her batty not to be able to move. And she expresses that frustration by wailing my name every 3 minutes or so.

I gave her a muffin this morning and she ate half and then wailed (I'm not overusing a descriptive word here, everything she says to me is in a wail), "I don't want this, I need to go to sleep" and promptly closed her eyes. She had been awake approximately 17 minutes at that point.

The most interesting part of her ER visit was when the nurse brought in a dispenser of motrin and an ace bandage. Avee objected mildly to the medicine but got over it fast. The whole time we were there she dealt with being poked and prodded, getting uncomfortable x-rays, being made to stand and walk, etc. All without much more than normal objections.
However, after taking the medicine, she spotted the bandage and completely lost it. She started thrashing her upper body and screaming at the top of her legs "No bandaid, NO BANDAID!" The nurse's eyes bugged and she looked at me in complete shock.

"Er, it seems she has a phobia of bandaids, I forgot. She thinks the bandaids are what actually cause her the pain." So, the smart nurse told her it was a special sock and she finally got it on her.

This fear of bandaids is very amusing to me. You can't believe the fun we have at night when there's nothing good on tv. Avee, a box of bandaids--hours of fun.


Beckie said...

CAsey dosen't like bandaids either, for the exact same reason. Yeah if she won't put pressure in it..then there is domething wrong. She could have just sprained it or fractured a bone, or just a little crack some where. Hopefully nothing to serious, that a few kisses, m&m's,and a good week of rest won't fix.

Coordination Queen said...

How sad for your little girl. I hope she feels better soon and that she gets to enjoy the pringles and m&m's!

Rebecca said...

pringles and m&ms that is fantastic.. I am gonna come up there and twist my ankle if it means I get that!! So sorry to end up in the er late.. perhaps a new lesson learned.. did you ever find out what she did.. other than bean broke my leg??!! Kiss all of them for me, and daddyo will do just fine with her! :)

Tori :) said...

:( I hope her foot is ok!! How sad! Livie fractured her elbow while I was livin' it up in Colorado with blog chicks. Yeah- I'm a good mom.

No Cool Story said...

Finally, that poor child HAD TO bean broke her leg for her to get a binky. And to do some childhood coloring.

When we went to Colorado, three bloggers had their kid break/seriously hurt something. I hate it when that happens right before/while you are somewhere else. Like it is not already stressful enough.
Hope she feels better.

I bet J will give her one pringle.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I'm SO calling CPS. You're in trouble, lady. This time I'm really doing it.

;) Hope Aves is feeling better soon, poor thing.

Suzanne said...

Yikes! I'm sure it's hard to leave with all this going on, but it will give J a chance to show off his Daddy skills, right? :)

No Cool Story said...

Are you still here?
Are you posting tomorrow too?

Wait. It's already tomorrow on your side of the world. So, are you?


mindyluwho said...

My kids LOVE bandaids! They used to get them in their Christmas stocking when they were little, it was their favorite gift!

How weird that a broken bone doesn't show up for awhile...I hope she's ok!

wendy said...

How sad for her! But she was very brave. We would save a lot of cold hard cash on bandaids if my 4 year old was afraid of them...

megachick said...

you should be glad that she's not consuming them like candy-those character strips are exPENsive.
hope she's ok.

EarthBint said...

I took that picture of her on the phone!! :-) I think I have broken my foot too, I got out of doing cross country at school because of it :-) Apparently everytime you stub your toe, you brake a bone in your foot...

I used to WANT to brake my leg so I could walk around with crutches, or even better, a WHEELCHAIR!

Hope she gets better soon and doesn't get too frustrated!!

Julie said...

I'm dying here! Bandaid phobia? Oh, that is priceless! Cart prints and now a fear of bandaids... My husband is going to think I'm a looney because I'm laughing so much.

Tori :) said...

I came by to see pics of my boyfriend. He totally loves me... Cutie!

TheVasquez3 said...

ok not sure how i got here (i say that a lot) but i am glad i stumbled upon your blog...VERY funny stuff! i especially loved the video of your little girl hiding in the bathroom...hilarious!

i WILL be back!