Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today I took all three kids shopping, and even used coupons. I feel like I could rest on my ample laurels for several days. Which I intend to do.

Avee was given the warning if she didn't stay by the cart, she would have to get IN the cart. For her, that was much like the time in 3rd grade my mother made me wear knickers to school. And I don't mean English knickers.

She lasted about 10 minutes but then decided to go screaming down as many aisles as she could. So I put her in the cart. After the very skillful game of pretending I didn't see her or hear her and getting her worked up so she would come close enough to demand my attention so I could grab her and avoid the whole scene of large redhead flailing down an aisle with 4 month old hanging from crook of elbow and 2 and a half year old yards and yards ahead screeching gleefully because it's all in the thrill of the chase. For her.

When she started screaming, I reminded her that this was the consequence she agreed to before we entered the store. She calmed down, and I thought my parenting was masterful, but I realize now it's because she was already working on her escape from the cart.

However, there was no escape. What happened was, I reached to put back the box that had more calories per serving and suddenly Avee is flipping head first from the back of the cart. Or the front. The end that doesn't have the child seat. I yelped and lunged for her, but she was holding on to the cart, so she didn't fall. She just sort of hung there, suspended in air, kept up by her tiny little grasp.

How it looked then, was as though she was suddenly going to do a somersault through the air out of the cart. Her knees curled up to her chest, but legs up in the air, her head smashed against the cart, and her screaming and Bo yelling, "Wow, that's AWESOME Avee!" When I pulled her up, she had the grid of the cart imprinted across the most prominent part of her forehead. Which made me laugh. And Bo too. She was not happy. However, that event kept her seated in the cart for the next half hour. I'd just say, "remember the cart flip?" and she'd behave. Love natural consequences like that.

Nextly, Bo has started cupping his ear when he doesn't hear me. I am certain the boy is half deaf because he spends most of his day saying, "Say that LOUDER" and I really don't think I'm a low-talker. But twice I went to "yell" at him at the store for running off and he'd turn around and cup his ear, looking earnestly intent on hearing my scold, and then all I could do was laugh.

Thirdly, I'm going to Utah in two days. I am so excited I asoiwenglk aidygwki can hardly see straight. It's just me and Danyo and we're gonna party like...like a 4 month old and his mama do. I am going to meet some very cool girls and spend time with some good friends and family. My friend is getting married. That's why I'm going.

When I come back, my 2 year old will be potty trained (the fact that she isn't yet is totally my fault, I figure a child who can say, "Mom, as soon as I'm done pooping, will you change my diaper?" is beyond ready) and my 4 year old will think I hung the moon again and won't blame me for things like his apple having seeds or his paper getting crumpled when he's at school or shoes coming untied. It will be like heaven.

I'll be back in about a week.


Alicia said...

Oh my! Avee is one crazy girl!

Have a great trip!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I am beyond thrilled for you. :) Have a fun time in Pootah.

Luisa Perkins said...

Wow. The cart flip sounds like it was really something.

We call it 'My-tah.' Maybe I'll blog about why at some point.

Suzanne said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy I'm going to meet you! ***doing a happy jig***

It never ceases to amaze me how much kids can get themselves into trouble in those carts. Shouldn't they be lined with rubber or something??? :D

Barnecked Lady said...

omgosh!!! lol. Both my boys did that...except neither were smart enough to hang on to the cart. OUCH!!!! Now they are just running around rooftops and climbing to the tippy top of anything they can find. Have fun in Utah!!!

No Cool Story said...

I can just see you at the store laughing. To the untrained eye this would be alarming, but oh no, you'd have to know Avee to understand the whole process there.
Those girls you're going to meet un Utah are not only cool but so LUCKY. Have lots of fun.

PS: Stop putting seeds in Bo's apple. What's up wit dat?

S said...

Hey- I am jealous you get to go to Utah! Can I go? Today I went to target and whilst shopping about I heard a pretty loud comotion going on in the back. I instantly wondered if the mom blogged:) It turned out to be an old classmate with her 2 &4 year old. The boys had stuck their hands in one of those halloween bowls with the motion contoled hand. The noise was them screaming like you and me on the OCTOPUS! Very funny.....the little one told me "bad mommy"!
You are too good with your story telling, I felt like I went shopping with you. Love the cart imprint in forehead.
Give my love to the cool girls!

Rebecca said...

I can picture that cute red head fliped over.. holding on with one pinki... defying once again all laws of gravity.. I wish I was one of the cool girls you were visiting.. maybe next time!! Have an awesome time.. post from Utah.. I gotta have something to look forward too!! :)

Rebecca said...

I can picture that cute red head fliped over.. holding on with one pinki... defying once again all laws of gravity.. I wish I was one of the cool girls you were visiting.. maybe next time!! Have an awesome time.. post from Utah.. I gotta have something to look forward too!! :)

Tori :) said...

I'm glad Avee caught herself. Taj didn't. Doh.
I'm excited to see you this weekend!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Ha! (LOL at Ben saying, "That's AWESOME, Avee!") Nothing like gravity to put the fear of God into a child and make her stay put :) The grid print is also hilarious. Lily is the only other person I know who can catche herself like a monkey that way - my boys just fall on their heads, and the sound of that on the cement/tile floor is rather sickening.

I decided three and a half years old is the age when being out of the cart can actually happen without any aisle chasing or gleeful screeching. That is, it CAN happen, but most often doesn't. :) So most days I just do the buckle-into-the-cart screaming episode right by the front door and he's usually over it by the time we check out. You're nicer than me.

You have a lot of laurels for using coupons. I have a whole bunch of them but somehow never get them to the store with me when I could use them. It's sad, really.

Breit Mama said...

You do know that 5 minutes after you get back, the 2 1/2 y/o and the Fo y/o will be driving you crazy and you will probably need another retreat - this time to The Lou! I'm just sayin!

Mary said...

It's strange, but I think our daughters are long-lost twins. I'm glad to know there are other exuberant and daring little girls around!

(found you through my sister Wendy's blog)

Julie said...

Cart prints! Oh my...my sides hurt!

So can I be among the cool girls? Or are you coming no where near P-town?