Friday, June 5, 2009

Being Responsible

I harp on J at least 3 times a week about locking our car doors. Admittedly, I am a nag. But I'm willing to make that sacrifice, so that he doesn't have to walk to work and that I can continue to drive in the plush style my minivan offers.

Our vehicles have been broken into several times over the last 5 years. Every single time it was because the doors were left unlocked. It didn't seem like such a big deal when the cars we drove literally cost us $15. In some ways, it might have been considered a favor if someone stole our car.

But now, we have very nice, very expensive, highly polished and well-maintained vehicles. No my children do no climb on top of them when no one is looking. No I don't have dings in my door that match the color of J's car. Naturally, I want to keep them. Safe. With us.

So I nag.

Lately J's been responding with, "go look yourself, go check---you will see that the doors are locked." He usually offers this suggestion 20 minutes after I've fallen asleep and am in full headgear for the night.

The funny thing is, when he's so emphatic, I believe him. I believe he took the time to lock the doors. But every time I get home from work late, I compulsively check the doors to our other vehicle and 90% of the time, they are unlocked. 90%!!

Our van was broken into our second night in Iowa. It's not like I'm being paranoid.

The problem is, in addition to being a nag and driving J up the wall with it----I'm also a stupidhead dorkface in my own special way.

Yesterday I grabbed the keys to the van to run Bo to school, but when I got in the van I couldn't fit the key into the ignition.


From the night before.

This is only noteworthy because, this isn't the first time.....

J totally wins this fight. I'm out.


MommyJ said...

My husband locks our car when it's parked inside our locked garage. It makes me crazy.

We live in a tiny town that has almost zero crime. People leave their houses unlocked (not me) and their cars unlocked with keys still inside. (also not me... I didn't grow up here, so I'm not quite so relaxed about it all).

the point is... I'm pretty sure our car is safe when it's inside our garage.

But he still locks the door. He and J should hang out. maybe they'd rub off on each other and find a happy medium of behavior somewhere in the middle.

Suzanne said...

Ooh, 2nd!?! That's just about as good as 1st on Nobody's page! :)

Ironically, I'm completely obsessed with having things locked almost to the point that it drives my hubby crazy. He says sometimes I don't have to do it (like when I park in my shut garage and plan to leave again in 5 minutes). The problem is that I'm a creature of habit so I either lock all the time or never. I don't have the wits about me to stop and think whether to lock when my mind is already thinking about the next thing.

I nag my hubby about people he is supposed to be returning calls to. He hates talking on the phone and usually I have to be the one who breaks down and returns his calls. Even to his own family. ***sigh***

We can be nags together. :) This stuff is important!

Sorry, this turned into a novel! :D

ucmama said...

One of the doors on our Suburban is broken. I refuse to get it fixed, because then how would I get in when I lock the keys in the the ignition? It just makes sense, when you think about it.

omar said...

I am a fanatic door locker. It's part of my nighttime routine to check the house and car doors to make sure they're locked. I've also been known to lock my car in my locked garage. Safety first.

But more importantly, Nobo: "Full headgear"?

Plain Jame said...

Dude, that sucks.
When you said "in full headgear" I instantly and mechanically quoted 16 candles - dammit mom I got my headgear on! bwhahahahaha

If we didn't henpeck our husbands to death, they would be dead without us - I'm convinced my husband would've died a thousand deaths already.
Last night I dropped him off at his car and watched in horror as he drove out into traffic at 11pm in SLC darting through cars WITHOUT HIS HEADLIGHTS ON. I am having a full raging stroke - envisioning someone not seeing him merge on the freeway and hitting him at ramming speed. I finally scream at him (waking our sleeping kid mind you) after honking the horn and flashing my lights at him because he had still not figured it out - and he just gave me a sheepish smile after clicking them on.

The ugly thing is that when I am right it never makes me feel better - it always makes me feel worse - and more worried for he'll get himself into. I actually LOVE when he is right - it makes me have more faith in him and feel like I wont be a widow with 3 kids..

Plain Jame said...

PS - his car is midnite BLACK.
and I'm 37 weeks pregnant - I know I must sound like a moron - dont judge me.

S said...

Well first all you are your sister's sister. Second of all I immediately went to the visual of keys on top of the car in TX at the start of this post. Glad you took me there again.

I will bring Leon's car around so you can be patriotic with your car with some red white and blue!

Charlotte said...

I will not admit the number of times I have found my keys in the car door and/or house door. Actually I guess the number is zero ... I never find them there my husband does. Might be why he rolls his eyes when I can't find my keys.

But keys are not all, last week I accidentally set my iPhone on the car when strapping in the baby. Drove off with it there. I was not at home, I was in the parking lot of All-A-Dollar.

Klin said...

"stupidhead dorkface" made me laugh very loud!!!

Uhm, I lock my jeep in my garage with the big door closed and the door leading outside on the side dead bolted. Criminals are creative these days and I'm not taking any chances.

My kids leave the front door to the house unlocked. Drives me and the hubs insane. Insane I tell you.

Cindy said...

is it sad that I am on vacation and that I HAVE to check to see if you blogged. I love that you have blogged everyday.

Ben is the opposite of J....he has lock OCD. He wiggles the door handle no more than 30 times each time he leaves the house, and the car doors....he checks them 20 times after he clicks them locked.

So, I am not sure which one is worse???

Good luck with that!!

Yvonne said...

Quite often I get up in the middle of the night to check the doors--and I have everyone pretty well trained. (I hate being a nag but it does work ; ) Quite often I go to get in the van in the garage and EVEN IT'S LOCKED!!!

Sketchy said...

Really? The ignition? I usually use the outside door lock as my preferred key holding spot.

I'm not kidding.

But I'll be happy to gang up on J if you want.

Adolescent Family said...

I can't even think about the locks. Im still laughing about the "in full headgear for the night" bit. I know I will be like Cindy after I move, checking daily to see if you've blogged. One of the few things I will miss :)

Camille said...

We were at an amusement park-type place a few days ago, and I took Adrian out to change his diaper. I made extra sure to lock the car when I was done because there were a lot of people around. I went back in. I realized that we needed jackets. I went back out to the car where I saw that, although the doors were locked, the side sliding door was completely open, just the way I had left it. Also, my purse was sitting right there... the first thing you could see inside the wide-open door.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

The only time I have had something stolen out of my truck was IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! It was parked in the lot at work and someone went through every car that was unlocked in the industrial park. They took all the change from the ashtray, but left the new stereo and cb radio.

Code Yellow said...

Full headgear?

Tori :) said...

I'm good about locking my car doors. Sei sucks at it. Some hoodlums stole a bunch of stuff out of a bunch of unlocked cars around the neighborhood. Sei's electric razor was stolen out of his. But when he talked to the cop taking reports in the neighborhood he told him, "My wife took my car to the store last nite and didn't lock the doors..." LOAD OF CRAP! When I called him on it later he said, "It's ok babe- it doesn't go in the report." So WHY did he need to say I was the one that left it unlocked????

Jeuce said...

LOL! In amherst the worst that would happen is that drunk undergrads might have sex in your car!

mycurlyhairdays said...

Love it! Thanks for the kicks and giggles! I needed it!

Happy Days R US said...


Oh man, you are killing!
BTW, you can onlye "break" into a car if you actually has to BREAK to get inside of it.
Just sayin'