Friday, June 26, 2009

Today my friend came over and brought her kids bikes. She showed up with a cold diet DP for me and then said, "By the way, my kids' bikes are in the back of my van." Which totally blew the whole, "I just stopped by to bring you cool refreshment" cover.

Anyway, her daughter just learned to ride without training wheels, and her bike was small like Avee's. So Avee was intrigued and wanted to try. My friend got up and held her bike from behind and within 30 seconds, Avee was balancing for quite a while before she crashed.

So my friend starts this with Avee, and then "suddenly" has to leave and leaves me in 100 degree weather and a 4 year old that wants to keep riding a two wheeler. So, I cursed my friend, took off Avee's training wheels and did what other parents have all done and will all do, but I have yet avoided because I'm lazy. I ran behind a wobbly Avee as she tried out the two wheels. She totally has it. She doesn't know how to start smoothly, but has managed to start on her own since this recording. It's not that interesting, except the very end, when she says she wants to keep practicing, it's very Avee, and very funny.

I'm sorry I'm always an annoying Recorder Voice on these videos. There's no way around it. In real life, I'm just annoying---no cute footage to distract you.



MommyJ said...

I think it's hilarious that you said it was a hundred degrees outside, and your kid is wearing tights.

She's adorable.

Jon &Kate +8 said...

"I video taped it"
What--are you from the 80's??

"By the way, my kids' bikes are in the back of my van." Genius!!

Give that girl some m&m's. Her mom kept laughing at her while she fell.

No Cool Story said...
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Jon n Kate +8 said...

I am all kinds of FAIL now.

Anyway. I was here first ;)

Klin said...

I love to hear your voice. I love that Avee has got it down after you help her get going. I love her tights with her shorts. Very chic.

I laugh at my kids, too. Most of them can handle it. It's just what I do. I guess I could yell, but laughing is more fun :)

Howertons in Iowa said...

What NERVE your friend must have. I bet she invited herself over too?! Seriously, doesn't this person know that you have no intentions of actually parenting your children and that if kids are riding bikes, that they have to be supervised??
I would get new friends.
But that's just me.
Atleast you got a nice cold, refreshing diet D.P. out of the deal and then of course your sweet princess (who dresses impeccable I might add) Begins riding a bike. You should take her out on a 3 mile ride with the river on one side and a train track on the other and see if she survives.

I bet your friend had no idea how completely and utterly EXAGGERATIVE you would be!! She seems like the kind of friend that would notice you have a rear tail light out and that when you get to your destination will fix it for you in 3 minutes flat.
How Annoying!

Oh and I LOVE Avee's little dance at the end- that is awesome you got it taped!

**for the record comment number 2 called your friend "Genius" I am totally going to take that as a compliment.

Terresa said...

Cute girl! Love what you said (that is sooo me) -- "Do you want to go on practicing, honey, because I'm going to go back inside." I so get that!

Way to go, sweet girl, and mama, too!

Charlotte said...

Love the tights. Will you please remind me when she gets a drivers license? Because I think I want to avoid being on the streets when she begins practicing driving. Those steering skills are great. Actually, though, it is quite impressive that she picked up on two wheel biking so quickly.

On a side note, I never carry bikes in my trunk. I prefer scooters- much easier for my kids to run over their friends that way.

mycurlyhairdays said...

My girls don't ride yet and I know it's because I am lazy. Maybe we will get there this summer!
Super cutie Avee. Maybe she will give my "almost 7 year old" lessons!

Sarah Tilley said...

that's so cool. henry has absolutely no interest in bikes. weirdo.

Rebecca said...

love her determination.. and is she singing as she is riding.. soo cute.. I guess I need to try that on my little one too.. love the tights in the summer.. she is a funny one.. and btw.. I will only say this once.. WHERE IS THAT CHILDS HELMET.. okay.. off my soap box.. she is too cute!

Heffalump said...

If I had a friend like yours, maybe my kids would be able to ride without training wheels!
This summer we need to work on that!

ucmama said...

I'm with Charlotte. Until I can afford/invent bikes that fold up as easily as scooters, we'll just carry our scooters around. Or hooters around, as the Hamster says. Of course, he could just mean hooters...

ucmama said...

Also, is Avee your favorite kid? The last 3 posts are all about her. Or did she figure out how to hijack the computer? She would totally do that.

megachick said...

super-skilled avee. way to go.

i wish my 7 year old would try to ride without training wheels. instead she rides the baby bike and BENDS the arms that hold the training wheels. great, now the 2 year old can't ride either. not that she could cuz she's too short for that bike.

i especially like the other kids trying to set up obstacles for her to go around.

Cindy said...

The video of Avee is awesome. She is a rockstar....not only for riding so well the first time she tried to ride the bike, but for not having a melt down while her mom watched, recorded and laughed at her while she fell!!!

You are a great mom!!!

Tori :) said...

You know, I ran behind Isabel for 2 freakin' weeks. Then Sei runs behind her for 2 minutes and all the sudden she got it. I'm still bugged.

I don't think you're annoying... for the most part. HA!

Code Yellow said...

Mostly I like hearing your laugh. Because she is hilarious and adorable. And in the winter when it was too cold (Idaho is allowed to be that cold, Iowa has no excuse, am I right?) She wouldn't wear tights, if I remember? That girl...she's got bike-riding skills and love the "keep pwacticing" jive she's got going on. So awesome. Be sure to tell her that she got two thumbs up from this judge. :)

Suzanne said...

Yay for Avee! That's great that she learned so young. My oldest didn't learn until he was 8...I'm really not kidding. I was beginning to wonder if he'd have training wheels on his mission! ;)

A cold Dr. Pepper sounds so good on a hot summer day! Wah. I can't wait to drink it again in a few weeks. :)

Suzanne said...

P.S. I think your voice sounds great on the tape. And at least Avee crashed on the grass where she had a softer landing! :)