Sunday, June 7, 2009

On Her Game

I want to go to Ella's hoooooouuuuuuuuse!

I told you, Ella isn't home, she's at her Grandma's house.

(repeat 17 times)

But I just want to go to her house, I don't care if she's not there.

Seriously Avee? We're not going to Ella's house if she's not even there.

But I just waaaaaaaaaaant to!

Avee! Give me a break. You don't go to people's houses and play when they aren't even home!

Well, we went to Nyah's house yestohday when she wasn't there and played for a long time. I just want to do that!

Aaaaaaaaand, she wins.

This was nearly a year ago when we mowed our friends' lawn while they were out of town.

The other morning Avee was upstairs jumping all over my bed while I was willing myself to get up and start the day. She had already been downstairs and made herself some cereal and was back up to brag about her accomplishment.

"I put the chayo in fwont of the closet and I put the stool on top of the chayo and my awms woh shaking---like this."

A few minutes later J went downstairs because he's way less lazy than me. And probably was hungry. Avee was still bouncing all over and we hear J loudly exclaim, "You've GOT to be KIDDING ME!!"

Avee freezes and then turns to me in slow motion with her eyes big.

"Oopth. Well I spilled the cereal. A lot. And the milk. A lot too. It's all over flah, actually."

"Avee! You can't just leave messes like, that's not nice to the person who finds them!"

I meant that she should have told one of us.

But she answered, "Well, I did pick up the cereal, the beeg pieces, but I couldn't get them all and I can't pick up the milk because my hand is not a washcloth. Or a towel! Or a SPONGE!

All of this said with the sassy bobbing head and face getting menacingly closer to mine.

How does her making a mess and not having cleaning supplies for appendages make me the bad guy!?


Howertons in Iowa said...

The only way this story could be any better is if you had a picture.
I love that little sassy red head of yours- just like her momma :)

Plain Jame said...

Sounds like my three year old - the mango.
She does what she wants to do and there is hell to pay if I stand in her way. She was born with a strong spirit - I have to remind myself of that! A very valiant, VERY strong spirit!

Adolescent Family said...

You could have come over and played. We wouldn't mind. :)

swampbaby said...

LOL! Well, it's true. Her hand is not a towel or a sponge. So there.:-)

Klin said...

Is it okay that I am laughing? I would like to note here that I wouldn't be laughing if I had to clean up that mess, until later, of course.

Eric & Kristi said...

Now that made me laugh. Avery is too smart for her little britches. I love it. Thanks for sharing the funny story.

MommyJ said...

My kids are always harping on me to call our neighbors up the dirt road (i was gonna say street, but really, I don't think it qualifies) and ask if they can go over to play. I keep telling the kids they can't just invite themselves over places... but they don't get it. They keep saying, "But they have a Wii" like that is justification enough for rudeness.

I am growing more and more in awe of Avee and her superhuman powers of reason and logic. The girl is dangerous!

Code Yellow said...

Just picturing the stool on the chair and the shaking arms makes me laugh. And that she tells you THAT part...How are you going to make it out of parenting her alive? ;) She kills me!

And she did get the beeg pieces.

Rachelle said...

i agree with the fact this could only get better with pictures. i thin you have the funniest blog ever...seriously. there was chic on oprah who said she makes like a gazillion bucks from her blog being so so should be getting paid for this...LOL! thanks for another laugh. :)

Sarah Tilley said...

that's hilarious. i love how she described her shaking arms. what a cool kid. :)

Robert and Natalie said...

it is a good thing I didn't have kids before we served the mission together you make me pee my pants laughing way too much.. I think I must have had a stonger bladder back then or maybe kids have made you even funnier love AVEE I am not sure she should ever be in a room with Bree though way too much to handle I am sure..

Tori :) said...

I love how I can just HEAR her talk by how you write. LOVE it!!

Sketchy said...

because she can say it with sass and frass.

mycurlyhairdays said...

I love to stay in bed and let my children run around a little. But I hate it when that happens!