Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Love

A few weeks ago while driving around town, Avee started singing. Nonstop. And nonsense. I rarely listen to what goes on behind me when I'm driving, so it took me a while to actually hear her. She is much like me and can't carry a tune. Actually, forget carrying one. If either of us could FIND it, we'd probably carry the tune just fine. And like me, she couldn't care less.

Unlike me however, she thinks she's a superstar.

So, for the past couple of weeks, she has asked me to sign her up for a singing contest. This is an interesting request to me, for several reasons.
1. We don't watch American Idol or any other singing contest, so I have no idea where she got this idea.
2. Everything I have signed her up for (gymnastics, swimming, t-ball) she has refused to do either after the first class, or within two seconds of arriving.
3. She would surely not fare well if I did manage to sign her up for a singing contest.
4. She has asked me to do this at least 5 times over the last couple of weeks.

To remedy the problem of there being a serious lack of singing contests for four year old girls in Iowa who have yet to bother learning the correct lyrics for their favorite song Twinkle, Twinkle---I told her I'd video her singing and then people could watch it, and tell her what they think. This seemed to work.

All this is really a prelude to---there will probably be more of Avee singing, with a request for judging, but THIS video is actually impromptu and I managed to catch it before she quit. It is very Avee-esque. Particularly the "but not really" stuff.

Baby is played by my sister's son Thomas. Avee has named him Bubbaface, which I love. She also has momentary back up vocals from Caroline.


Mrs. Organic said...

...the end, but not really. The end.

She is so cute. Well done, Avee.

Sarah said...

Amazing talent! This girl is going far... great job

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

There are artists (term loosely applied) that sound a whole lot worse than that and have sold millions of records (do they still refer to it as a gold record if it is a CD?). You could have the next Shirley Temple or the future lead singer of a yet unnamed group.

Rebecca said...

really cute, but no really cute, but really cute.. and not the end.. she is hysterical.. and I think she may have found a tune.. she seemed to be carring a little one!!!

Beckie said...

That was so cute, but not really....HA! It was too cute...but then again I am a sucker for a raspy voice. :)

Code Yellow said...

What I love is the emphasis of "like you!" with her arm and pointing finger. Every time. I know I've said it a million times, but she is awesome. She could rock the world even without the ability to find a tune.

And how is Bubbaface that grown up already? I liked his little grin and coo at the end...:)

Code Yellow said...

Oh. And tell her. She gets a definite "yes" from this judge. Or five stars. Or a "see you in Hollywood" gold paper. Or something. Two thumbs up.

Klin said...

*applause, applause*

So cute that she is making her own music. So cute.

Mikelene said...

hee hee hee
Cute. Already got that indecisive-diva attitude going for her!

mycurlyhairdays said...

She will be a "Supa Stah" someday!!! And she will be toting you and J around and taking care of you! So give her some support! Sheesh!!!

Tori :) said...

2 thumbs up!!! Avee you ARE the next American Idol!

Happy YOUTH said...

I'd vote for her!

Bubbaface, awww :)