Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Today was a great day. The best part about today for me, is that it's Thursday. I still have 3 more days of J home and general responsibility shirking. Yeehaw!

I was reading some of my old posts the other day. If you think I'm wordy now...sheesh! I walked away from those old posts (old blog) with three main thoughts. 1. Boy I'm long winded 2. Wow I had a lot of time on my hands and 3. I am SO glad I started this blog. I love having the reminder of how Avee was behaving at 13 months, things Bo said when he was almost 3, etc. They are such different little people now.

My computer speakers don't work. This is very annoying to me. Very.

I got an Ipod Touch for Christmas. We are running away together for New Years. I'm so in love.
If you are worried about the lack of apostrophe on "Years" then you should probably get a hobby. I can't decide if it needs one or not. I mean, how do you properly conjugate a fairly made up phrase? I don't know.

Danyo got sick yesterday. Mostly it consisted of a verrrrrry early morning yakking which J dealt with (he's all kinds of awesome, yes he is) and then he was just moody and bossy and not quite himself for me all day. Aside from being sad that my little pumpkinface didn't feel well, I got a big kick out of sick Danyo. He would throw his little hand at me with his tiny little finger pointed and even though he doesn't say it, he's wishing he could say, "Don't mess with me momma, I am sick and I'm not going to put up with it." This response came after I would say things like, "Are you hungry?" or "Do you need a diaper change?" We all kind of laugh when he does it. Which just incites more scolding. He usually only does the hand fling when you tell him no. But when he's sick, looking in his general direction, gets him mad.

Then we went to some of our friend's house for Christmas Eve dinner. It was nice and enjoyable and relaxing. Except the part where Danyo barfed all over J. Oh, you thought I was done talking about Danyo being sick? Surely you know me better than that! He got a bath at our friend's house. Danyo, not J. It was gross. Mildly reminiscent of our Wicked adventure, only 50 million times less disgusting for me.

This morning my kids slept in. What is that!? Avee has decided that she belongs in our bed and as it has been discussed before, I'm a sucker for 5 am bedside midget calls. We put her in her bed, and by 5 am, she's in ours. By then, all matters of business have been discussed for the most part, so it's really not that big of a deal to me. Plus, she's so afraid of getting kicked out, she takes up like 8 square inches of the bed. It's a little bit sad, but I like my space, so I let her "sneak".

Anyway, last night I told her Santa would look and if he didn't see her in her bed, he wouldn't leave her presents. She said he could look in our bed. I told her he wouldn't. So she agreed, she'd stay in her bed and she'd also wake up and give Santa a hug when he peeked in on her.

Bo left half a piece of cheesecake for Santa. Somehow Christmas Eve got away from me, and we didn't make any cookies. It's all good, he trotted out of our friends house with an entire piece of cheesecake in hand, and in true Bo fashion, he didn't finish it. I tried to convince him to leave the remainder for Santa, but Bo really wanted it in the morning. Finally just before bed he decided Santa could have it.

Santa ate it.

Like a pig.

And left a note. Bo wanted to write a note back that said, "Deaw Santa, I'm glad you liked the cheesecake, and I'm pwetty glad you ate it, but I kinda wish you hadn't because I weally wanted it."

I thought it was funny, but decided the correspondence with Santa should come to an end.

For Christmas I got an Ipod Touch. Oh wait, did I already tell you that? Well, whatever, we are so in love, it's hard not to keep talking about it.

Bo J We got Guitar Hero for the Wii. Danyo got three stuffed puppies and a package of tic tacs. Avee got some dolls and accessory crap, J got some books and shirts and will sometimes get to hold my Ipod. thatswhatshesaid

I got an Ipod Touch.

I also got an Iowa version of Montezuma's Revenge. But I don't know what they call it here.

I just talked to a lady who named her first child after a word she couldn't pronounce correctly when she was a child. Not even kidding.

I have to work tonight. But it's all good because instead of making $4 an hour, I'm making $6!!!

P.S. SARAH L: You get what you get and you don't throw a fit. :)


Adolescent Family said...

Mewwy Cwistmas Nobodys! We got Rockband 2, we will have to get together and show our skills!


Klin said...

I wish I could recount our Christmas as well as you do.

Merry Christmas!!! Sorry you have to work. Waaaaay sorry about the Iowa version of Montezuma's Revenge. That's bad here in Utah.

omar said...

Mmmm, i-anything... Merry Christmas!

omar said...

Except for iditarod, I don't care much for that.

Howertons in Iowa said...

I love that Santa ate the cheesecake with no shame. None what so ever. I read that out loud and we (Cory and I) laughed out loud.

you still funny.

Merry Christmas from the Howerton's.

Super L said...

Don't worry, we (meaning us, the in laws, my fam, and anyone who is unlucky enough to come into contact with us) are on round two of the throw-ups/montezuma's revenge mess. So you have a couple weeks of fun to go.

You're welcome.

Tori :) said...

YAY!! Merry Christmas!!

I've been sleeping with my iPod since my bday. Don't tell Sei...

S said...

Question? Who bought you that IPOD? and if it was Mr Claus does it have Barry White's complete record on it? OR was it Mrs. Claus with BonJovi/Reba on it? Just wondering. I am glad you got one! I heard they actually make you work out and lose weight. BTW what color is it? You forgot to tell us.
Costco has a whole cheesecake for $12.00 I am going to get one stat in the morning with all pennies and not share one bite just like pink lady.

Code Yellow said...

Merry Christmas!

How 'bout you're "running away for the New Year"? Or is that too long away from your children? Try running away for New Year's Eve. That solves the apostrophe problem. But only if you have a babysitter. And only if your iPod isn't as touchy as it sounds.;)

Henry got a stuffed puppy as a COMPLETE filler ("from Charlie") and it is his FAVORITE thing of the whole day. When is Santa gonna learn?

glittersmama said...

Merry Christmas. I'm going to need a name.

Millie said...

Glad it was a fun Christmas! :)

What did the lady name her kid? I'm all curious.

rychelle said...

We still have more cheesecake if needed and...I made a ton of cinnamon rolls, I should have given you half the dough...I ended up with about 40!! Anyways, I'm sorry that Danyo is still hasn't hit us yet...

Cindy said...

I thought you were going home for Christmas??!??!

I feel like I haven't seen you in a while...I am glad Santa was good to you and your family!

Merry Christmas!!!

Sketchy said...

What was it again you got for Christmas some sort of pod type creature? I forget...

Anyways, its not about me so I didn't really pay attention.

I really do think you should have let Bo write that note, think of all the notes through the year that could have been exchanged and blogged about! I am giddy at the thought.

Mer-we Quismiss!

(is that anything close to Nobody vernacular?)

Heffalump said...

Glad you had a good Christmas other than Danyo being sick. My son threw up on me in the bread aisle at Costco once...on my birthday.

Charlotte said...

How good do you have to be to get an ipod touch for Christmas? I mean, do you have to be good all year long or can you be extra good the last two months and make up for the rest of the year?

Sarah said...

ok :(

Nobody said...

Adolescent Family: Woohoo! We'll be over tomorrow. :)

Klin: Thanks! :)

Omar: I agree i-anything. Except iditarod. I have no idea what that is. J had to tell me. And he didn't even have to look it up. :)

Howerton: Heya! Thanks. I hope you are having a great holiday!

Super L: Yikes! Sorry for you! Hopefully we are done now. Now Avee has strep though. :(

Tori: I would have thought that was weird just three short days ago. Now I totally get it.

S: Yes, Yes, it has Bon Jovi on it. Barry White can hang out around July at the Walmerts waiting for lame-oh last minute purchases. It's silver. Did you really want to know that?

CYM: I love it! I think this is the first year that Santa has "learned" around here. That really was all that Danyo got. And it was only two of them because they were buy one get one free.
He needs a toy vacuum, but I can't bring myself to pay more for a dang toy than we did our own vacuum. Yes, we have a cheap vacuum. :)

GM: Thanks. And you're welcome. heh.

Millie: I'll email you, I can't write in on my blog, it's too obvious and I like to keep my "making fun of people" anonymous.

Rychelle: I'll be right over. :) I should have gotten some cinnamon roll dough from you. We ate...uh...I don't think we ate. Did we? Oh yeah, left over Mongolian. :)

Cindy: J's worked messed everything up for us being able to go anywhere. Oh yeah, that and jury duty. And it has been too long. Wanna watch my kids? We can see each other when I drop them off....

Sketchy: Pretty darn good! Sounded just like one of my kids. Although, I think Avee's speech impediments are just because that's how she hears Bo say it. Ipod Touch. It was an Ipod Touch. :)

Heffalump: I hope you left him at Costco. Heh. I bet you've got some stories girl!

Charlotte: Here's the trick: On Christmas Eve, knowing your husband hasn't gotten you anything because he's "no good at thinking of gifts" turn to him sweetly and say, "I think I'll just go get a real ipod since that cheap RCA thing didn't work out so well, would that be okay?" And then bat your eyes a little and if you're lucky, he'll say, "Get a big one if that's what you want..."
So I did. :)

Sarah: Last night I was lying in bed and I thought, "Man, my note to Sarah sounds rude, I should go take that off" and this morning, there was your comment. And I made you FROWN. Bad Nobody, BAD BAD BAD.

No Cool Story said...

What I really want to read more OF is Danyo's sickness.

No Cool Story said...

You got an Ipod Touch?
Dude, score.

I think it's nice of Bo to leave that cheesecake for Santa even though he wanted it.
I hope Santa appreciated the sacrifice.

aubrey said...

where did you get what you get and you don't throw a fit come from? ava's ballet teacher says that to the girls when passing out dancing scarves and ava thinks it is the best phrase ever. i noticed on facebook you added the ipod application. very chic and cool! i got a new phone..but only because my old one was stolen. so nice.

i'm glad you had a nice christmas..sorry about all the barf.

omar said...

You get one free unsolicited iPod Touch tip. (The rest of the unsolicited tips will cost you $3.99 each.)

Grab your camera, take a close up, vertically oriented photo of each person in your family. Sync those to your iPod's photo library. Then download the free app called "Scribble." I don't make many guarantees, but I guarantee that it will be enjoyed by the entire family.*

* - Omar will not be held liable for any lack of enjoyment on the part of any family member.