Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All Things China

Bo would like a stepmom. He didn't even know what a stepmom was, just that he didn't have one and some of his friends do. When I explained a little about divorce, he couldn't be bothered with the details, and basically gave me the 5 year old equivalent of, "So anyway, could you get on that?"

I so get it though. I'd love a wife.

Our friends moved on Saturday. They are moving to China. This is sad for us, but good for you. Because who doesn't love to read about a good overseas adventure? No pressure L.

Their son was in Bo's kindergarten class and in his class at church. So, Bo's been obsessed with China lately. How big is it, what do they speak there, what do they eat, how long it takes to get there, what time is it there, where their North Pole is....

So, this obsession has led to a couple of interesting conversations.

First, a couple of weeks ago Super L was here briefly and Bo was quizzing her about his most recent questions about China.

Bo: How big is China?
L: It's REALLY big. The city we are moving to has more people than Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, all put together.
Bo: How many people?
L: 15 million.
B: In China?
L: No, in China, a billion.
Bo:So, how many people will live there after you move there?
L:(without skipping a beat) A billion and five.

Then, last Saturday we were in the car, and again, it was all about China from the backseat. Nonstop.
Bo asked whether China had a North Pole and I explained that there was just one North Pole for all the countries, everyone had the same North Pole.
He countered, "Uh, I don't think so mom, I'm pretty sure there's a North Pole in China because pretty much everything we have is 'Made in China'."

Sometimes I wish the people I work with were at least this smart.
Wait, did I say that out loud?


MommyJ said...

Oh My. Where did you find this boy? He's truly hilarious. And intuitive beyond what ought to be allowed in five year olds.

Once, I bought a wooden bowl at a flea market in Hawaii. Not because I felt like I needed a wooden bowl from Hawaii, just because I liked the bowl and it was really cheap.

When I got back to the house where we were staying, Josh picked up the bowl and peeled off the "Happy Hawaii" sticker on the bottom, to reveal another sticker that said, "Made in the Phillipines"...

I was totally impressed with the authenticity and fine craftmanship of an item some little street vendor claimed to have carved himself.

That story has nothing to do with anything. The end.

Lisa said...

I think Bo is right! The North Pole was made in China. It says so on the lable.

Lisa said...


Code Yellow said...

Your commercial jingle(s), true talent.

And your Bo? Truly brilliant. Wow. He's a crack up.

Super L said...

Hey, looka me! I'm famous! Is it dumb that I get all excited about being featured in a Nobody post? No, it is not. It is exciting.

Man, we're going to miss Bo. Lemmy has asked about him at least 6 times in the last two days.

Also, I considered making the Nobody throw up joke myself, but decided to leave it to you. Way to be right on top of things, Nobody! Now when are you moving to China?

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Everything is made in China, except Bo! Let him know that!

Millie said...

It's me, the Holiday Armadillo!

Tori :) said...

Well, if Bo's stepmom was a cool as my step-daughter's stepmom, he'd be one lucky kid.
There's only one North Pole?

Charlotte said...

Plus all the toys we GET from the North Pole say "made in China". I think China and the North Pole must be the SAME PLACE.

ucmama said...

Wait! Santa's Chinese?

Klin said...

"Sometimes I wish the people I work with were at least this smart."

Never read a truer statement.

I'd like a wife, too. My house would benefit. But I am not sharing my hubs and he is not sharing me. Maybe I just need a maid. Bo could call the maid step-mom.

Agree with Tori's comment. :D

No Cool Story said...

A billion and five.

Tori would make a great stepmom!