Friday, January 4, 2008

Reason #43 Why

I could probably never be a real Iowan:

They chose this dude.

I'm not bitter, I'm not a sore loser, but I am kind of embarrassed to be living in the state that did this.

Is our future president really supposed to be picked because he's quick-witted, tells a good joke that keeps him from answering the real question, plays a guitar, and wears a bible strapped to him like a bullet-proof vest? Does the "aw shucks ma'am, tweren't nothin'" campaigning REALLY work? I'm embarrassed that it did here.

I'd like to know of someone who voted for Huckabee voted for any real reason besides his self-espoused humility or great moral fiber. Or because he's not mormon. Are we so dang backwards that we'll choose an ignorant and consistently dishonest "nice guy" because at least he's not a religion we don't believe in?

Something that rankles me about Huckaboo's dishonesty is, he delivers it in such an innocent, "I'm just doing the best I can here" way. The dude was a keynote speaker at anti-mormon conference in LDS headquarters, and says, "I don't know much about the mormon religion, but...." Why lie? Is it shameful to him that he knows a LOT (inaccurate as it may be) and actively worked to convert mormons (unsuccessfully, by the way) back in 1998? I'm not sure why he'd tell such a stupid lie, unless he's really banking on coming across as the poor little bible totin' preacher just doing the best he can against the great evil empire of money and success. And education. But that's another rant.

Did anyone vote for him because they believe in his foreign policy? Did anyone vote for him because he knows where Pakistan is? Did anyone vote for him because they believe convicted murderers and rapists should be released, despite pleas from victims, so that they can go on to rape and kill more? That fact alone makes me sick. Too bad the family and friends of the two women killed in Missouri can't let the Hucksters of Iowa know about every moment of every day that their hearts ache with their loss, which was entirely preventable. By Governor Huckabee.

Obviously, I'm a Romney supporter. But I would vote for any other candidate, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Martian, before I would ever vote for this dude. I'd really like to meet someone who has even one leg to stand on about why they'd vote for this dude. Last night's spiel from his supporters was, "He's a moral man, we need that in our country." Puhlease. Rhetoric is rhetoric. It ain't gonna run this country.

What I'm really ticked off about is that my house is a wreck and I need to be working on it and instead I have to be writing this post about Iowa's pathetic selection. Thanks a lot Iowa.

p.s. I apologize for the excessive use of the word "dude" in this post. There are other options, but this is a family friendly blog.


Big Jay said...

Hey. Don't mess with Iowa.

Just kidding. Huckabee is only ahead of Romney by a whopping 23 delegates at this point, out of over 2700 potential delegates. So everyone can relax.

Other good news. The key demographics that broke in Huckabee's favor were these:

In households where total household income was less than 30,000 dollars/year the votes overwhelmingly went for the Huckster.

And women who lived in towns with a population of less than 10,000 voted overwhelmingly in favor of Mike Huckabee. In other words, the Huckster strategy only worked in towns where an influential pastor could say 'You don't want to vote for the Mormon do you?'

If you go to the website you will see a map. All the population centers broke Romney's way.

Among evangelicals with higher household incomes only 14% were in favor of Huckster. That's a clear rejection of his knifing of Mitt Romney. All the smart people knew what was going on and pretty much rejected it. Trouble is, some of those people broke for Fred Thompson, McCain, Ron Paul, or Rudy Giuliani.

Which is fine.

Everyone gets a vote.

It doesn't say much for Iowa's first in the nation status though. That's probably going to change to reduce some of Iowa's influence in future elections, the fact that a Huckster can knife a decent candidate that way and it work.

Big Jay said...

By the way. I'm never going to refer to him by his name from this time going forward. I will always refer to the winner of the Iowa Caucuses as 'The Huckster'.

MommyJ said...

Yeah. I was wondering how you were feeling about last night. We watched with very morose faces. I don't understand how anyone can "get" the Huckster... he seems smarmy to me. And self righteous. I'm with you... let anyone win... but him. Except maybe Hillary. BUt I think she is the only one below him on my list.

Big jay was encouraging... I hope there is still hope!

Leslie said...

i was thinking of you last night, too. i didn't know huckabee spoke at an antimormon dealie. now i REALLY don't like him. on to NH! down with rudy! :)

thanks for the inside perspective, and to big jay for his info, too. you give us hope for iowa. even though you just got there.

No Cool Story said...

What I really want to know is how you feel about Huckaboo.

No Cool Story said...

Big Jay! YAY!!! I'm not worried yet, not at all :)

Big Jay knows lots of numberings and staticticals but thanks to the magic of Nobody I know understand everything he wrote. Thanks Nobody!

NOBODY said...

I'll also spell summarize wrong in the comments section of MY OWN BLOG.

Beckie said...

Amen, sista! You're preaching to the choir. My mom beleives "Huckaboo"(more like hunk-a-poo)if "of the devil!" It just drives me nuts that he make these seemingly innocent remarks, but really knows that he's planted a seed into minds of uneducated, go with the flow voters. There....and I can't even vote, but if I could it wouldn't be for that guy!

TheVasquez3 said...

poo on huckaboo...seriously it almost made me sick to my stomache!

Kim said...

Did you see his interview on the Today Show???? Three words that describe his campaign: Obama said something about hope & change; The Huckster said "Vote For Me".....what???? I am completely embarassed to live in Iowa at this moment also. Romney won in our precinct, by a landslide!

Millie said...

Yeah, it's only the first primary.

I worry a little because many people jump on the bandwagon after they see who the front-runner is, one of those "I voted for the winner so that makes me a valid individual" things.

Although, who would jump on his bandwagon, I couldn't say.

I think the Dems did it. They know no intelligent Republican would vote for that nerd, so they sent out spies and started a whisper campaign. I can't believe anyone would vote for him, unless they're all fundy like my aunt.

Tori :) said...

I thought about you last nite. Did that sound kinky?? ;)

analiese said...

It's rigged I tell you! Even down here I think people are shaking their heads but I am thinking that is because we don't even remotely understand the campaigns. Ours last for 2 months and even that drives us mental!
Well, good luck, let's hope the loose cannon goes away quickly!

Emily said...

Ha Ha! Okay, I love your blog.

Rebecca said...

wasn't this great man huckster the one who stood the higher ground and wouldn't air his negative ads, but instead showed the press.. some 20 million camera people the commercials he isn't airing. Thats the same as airing them right. What an idiot.. with that being said I am going to show you how I am not going to eat a piece of chocolate cake by eating right now.. right?!

S said...

Big Jay is in da house!!! Boy I can just see the conversations oozing from your state! My vote is for hucka-poo! Kinda like nancy's witchy-poo! LOL

S said...

BTW Rebecca eat away! Add some non-icecream with that too!!! Yum

portuguesa nova said...

I'm neither Mormon nor a republican, but there is something about Romney. ...Man.