Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Real Boss

Mom: Turn off the tv please
Avee: No! I watch SpushBOB!
Mom: Nope, you may not watch Spongebob, turn it off.
Avee: (turning off tv, but coming into the kitchen to continue the fight) You NOT the boss Mom!
Mom: Nope, I am the boss. I waited a long time to grow up and be the boss. I'm the boss now.
Avee: You! Not! THABoss!
Mom: If I'm not the boss, then who is?
Avee: Avee's the boss. Me. My am.
Mom: Ohhh. I don't think so. Bosses have to be able to go potty in the toilet. Bosses don't wear diapers, only babies do.
Avee: Oh! Das right, my aaaaaaaam a baby!

15 minutes later...

Avee: (sweetly) You being nice mom?
Mom: Yes Avee, I'm always nice. Are you being nice?
Avee: Yes, my nice too. You are being nice?
Mom: (oblivious) Yep!
Avee: Okay! I go turn on Spushbob now!

Sneaky little...


Millie said...

*ahem - we have Spushbob on right now*

Roz used to call him "Buh Bob" and I thought I would die, it was so adorable. Now she can talk. It's so sad.

My children have all had delusions of boss-hood... I like your "I had to wait a long time" philosophy. I might have to use that sometime. :)

Amy said...

At least she doesn't think daddy's the boss.

Barnecked Lady said...

lol... I love that girl!!!

No Cool Story said...


Sketchy said...

That determination will take her far, I'm telling you.

PS: Nice try on the potty-training angle.

Julie said...

Oh brought back some very painful memories of my oldest. He used to ask me, when I would give him choices, and inevitably he wouldn't like the choices, "When do I get to decide what the choices are? When do I get to be in charge?" He hasn't changed at all. He'll be 12 in May. (sigh)