Monday, March 3, 2008

My Only Shortfall

Tonight I was talking to Avee about her upcoming birthday. While Bo is obsessed with ages and birthdays, she seems like it couldn't be humanly possible to care any less.

I tell her she's going to be 3. She yells at me that she's just 2.
I give up.

Ironically, I broached the topic again tonight while changing her diaper.

I thought I'd introduce the idea of a cake and maybe having some friends come over to help celebrate. Maybe then she'd allow a birthday, maybe then.

She was open to the idea. I asked her what kind of cake she wanted. Since she's been pretend playing with Dora most of the evening, I suggested Dora. She nodded, that might be acceptable. She said, "How about Boots, how about a Boots cake!?" I immediately love the idea of a monkey cake. She's always been our little monkey, it seems fitting. So I say enthusiastically, "Do you want me to make you a monkey cake!?"

She chuckled.

She's not even 3 and she chuckled.

As she's chuckling and chortling she says, "You can't make my cake mo-o-o-om!"

It's almost as though she remembers....


Sals said...

hmmmm...I was waiting for you to ask for some more 'retarded' looking faces since I remember pulling some pretty retarded ones with you on occasion!:)
This post totally cracked me come little girls act soooo old...the other day Mike was at home with the kids and had put Jake in his bedroom for being naughty...and of course he just wandered out pretty much straight away because Mike was in his own little world on the PC and Layne came into Mike and said: Dad, Jake is out of his need to go and deal with it...that's your job!!!
SOOOO funny!

Sketchy said...

Man that was one cliff hanger! I so wanted to post because its been a long time since I was anywhere near top 5 posting and I admit I was alittle overly excited about the prospect. But I couldn't resist the cliff hanger...what? What does she remember??? WHAT?

Now see if only I'd known how empty my life was a couple of years ago I would have found you then. And I could have proceeded directly to the commenting.

PS: Did the cookie/cake taste good? Then that's all that matters.

PPS: Who's making the monkey cake?

Sketchy said...

And you know what is really sad (beyond me not having read your blog a couple years ago?) one of my kids did that, complaining about getting older, and I can't remember which one. I have mommy amnesia. I think it was Grant. Let's pretend it was Grant anyway so I won't have to feel bad.

Tori :) said...

Taj asks for a "new birthday party" like every week. He doesn't quite get it....

glittersmama said...

What a sass. Does she take after her mama?

Kim said...

didn't know that her birthday was coming up! We can't wait to celebrate with her! Funny story about the cake....looked at your blog from years ago and smiled at all the little pics of B :)

S said...

sniffle*sniffle I don't want her to be three, can't you just leave it alone!

TheVasquez3 said...

if turning 3 takes the sass out of that kid let her stay 2 forevah!

a chuckling 2 year old? priceless!

Physcokity said...

she's a little sass muffin, but those make for the best stories.

Traci said...

I can't believe - three! - already! And then again, are you sure she's only three? That girl...(smiling and shaking my head) she's got every one of the numbers you've ever had. :)

Barnecked Lady said...

Im sending you a pic of no fail monkey

Bryner Family said...

Hee hee! I remember that cookie/cake and it DID taste good, so that's all that matters. :) Good luck making a monkey cake! I made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for Jill when she turned 3 and she said, "It's a DORA cake! The frosting looks just like her hair!" My kids are easy to please! :)

NOBODY said...

Sals-"You need to go deal with it" is classic!

Sketchy-Cliffhanger? Really? You flatter me. I haven't seen you this close to the top in a long time. You look good up there!

Tori--Bo's the same way! Only, now that he's discovered new holidays, he asks for them. EVERY Monday he asks, "Is it President's Day today?"

Glittersmama--absolutely not! I don't think I was ever nor will ever be as sassy as this girl!

Vasquez3--turning 3 is always hard for me. I feel like that is officially exciting babydom. :( No me gusta.

T-I have a lot of numbers too!

Barneckedlady--I cannot BELIEVE you just used "no fail" in the same sentence as cake, while talking to me. You were a witness to last year's no fail! Thanks for the pictures though, I actually think I can swing those cupcakes!

Brandy--Your kids ARE easy, I can't believe Jill did that. That's hilarious and darling all at once.