Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Week's Review

Hanging Out
He wanted to get into this bin. After I put him in,
he sat contentedly like this for nearly half an hour.

Like his dad, he really gets into his work.
And sometimes can't get out.

United in a common goal: Get the M&M's

Bo, surrounded by several brand new toys, sits and read
the little paperback he got from his teachers.

Avee building an Igloo

How Danyo always looks if you look at him or talk to
him or do just about anything in his general direction.

Hungry Hungry Hippo
Happy Happy Hids

She got the makeup from Santa;
her makeup application skills from me.

Avee sledding with her "best fwiend Say-wuh"

Not wasting time playing with one gift at a time
Just made me laugh



Rebecca said...

love it.. i am first

Rebecca said...

okay that being said.. seeing as it hasn't been said in a while.. I must applaude the juggling skills..(about as good as my spelling) and Avee.. and my Reagan need to hang..somehow that no talking phrase has shown up here too.. the rules still apply !!! Thanks for the videos and cute pics!!

Alicia said...

Your kids are stinkin' cute!

Leslie said...

good gracious, that is a cute baby face. :)

glittersmama said...

That tie makes Danyo look so grown up. I hope you are getting use to the nasty white outside.

No Cool Story said...

Avee building an Igloo = Skillz

Jugglers = Skillz

Avee Makeup-ing =skillz

"Hungry Hungry Hippo
Happy Happy Hids"

I'm glad to see J is out of the kitchen. HI J!

No Cool Story said...

Danyo is so cute! Look at that smile :)

No Cool Story said...

Did Avee get to have a sleepover in her igloo?

S said...

I wanna sleep in the igloo! Please keep talkin that was a great post. LOL

The Condie Seven said...

If those kids are anything like they mama, I can't wait to meet them! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN IOWA?

TheVasquez3 said...

the juggling is AWESOME!

your kids are adorable!! i love reading your blog and all of its bloggy goodness!

Tori :) said...

I am so impressed by Bo's mad juggling skills.
DON'T TALK!!!!!!

No Cool Story said...

Feliz Happy New Year!!

Millie said...

Awwwww. Looks like a happy Christmas to me.

Does Danyo always dress so formally?

Kim said...

Hey are you going to be at Boot Camp tomorrow....I think I am going to...then I have one more excuse not to clean my house from Christmas!

megachick said...

the best part of the video: your sigh and,"it's too late," when ben gives up noodle instead of poodle.