Sunday, December 2, 2007

6 Months

Dear Danyo,
All sorts of cliches pop up in my mind when I think of how I feel about you. I can't believe you are already six months. I can't imagine my life, our family, without your sweet presence. Your smile, your sweetness, your tiny voice forcing out "words", your hard-to-earn laugh is music in my ears. I love you in the nearly inexpressible way that so many mothers in the world have loved their little babies.

I love you bigger than the state where you were born.

I love you deeper than Johnny Cash's voice. Your dad has been listening to or singing his songs for weeks on end now, and I'm certain I'm an expert on just how deep his voice is. I love you deeper.

I love you more than all the new stretch marks you made me get and the insane number of pounds I have gained since I innocently started this venture into motherhood.

I love you more than the hours and hours of lost sleep I have acquired in the last 5 years

I love you more than the freedom I could have.

I love you more and more every day.

I love you more than the caffeine and broccoli I've had to give up for you. You have no idea how deep of a love that is my boy.

I love you when you wake up in the morning and lift your little bald head up with a big smile to see what great adventures await you; what great objects there are for your chewing, sucking, and slobbering pleasure.

I love the ever-present drip of drool waiting to drop from your chin.

I love your gasping intake of air let out in a squeal when you get excited.

I love how your sister loves you.

I love your scootin' and rollin' around the living room "ring" like a boxer waiting to land the next big blow. A boxer who can't walk. Or punch. Or chew food. Or get untangled from the Nintendo cords.

I love the double dimples on one side of your face.

I love the endless possibilities of who you will become.

I love who you are already.



Cyndi said...

He is the happiest baby I've ever seen - seriously, I've never seen a baby smile as much as him. His whole face lights up when he does. Happy 1/2 birthday, Danyo!

No Cool Story said...

My heart goes :) :) :)

Feliz medio cumpleaƱos cute baby!

S said...

MAN OH MAN he sure comes when he is asked. that pic of Bo looks EXACTLY like J wit red hair. it was like a before n after shot.....

MommyJ said...

He is so stinkin cute. And much more mobile than my one month older than Danyo Henry. Henry rolls a lot, but he doesn't even try to crawl! I think I have him conditioned to think the only thing he does on his tummy is sleep. I love it when babies breath really hard when they get excited.... like that alone is enough to propel them across the floor.

Barnecked Lady said...

omgosh so cute!!! I can't believe how big he is!!!! I can't believe that Bo looks exactly like J in that pic. what the crap!!! I've never seen it before.

Methodical wormer said...

Thanks for the video. I really did need that!

Suzanne said...

Oh Nobody, this is such a sweet post, but not as sweet as your little guy! He is so much fun to hold! :)

Bryner Family said...

Wow, he's getting so big. I love his smile. When I saw that pic of Bo, I immediately saw J too! It's defintely the expression on his face. How fun! I always hoped my kids would look a little bit like me but so far... not really!

Carrot Jello said...

I was thinking my baby was a genius because he could scoot/crawl.
WHATever Danyo.

glittersmama said...

Can Danyo work the etch a sketch already?? He has serious skills!

I loved this post. And your baby's big smile.

wendy said...

HE's the kind of baby that makes me rethink my "I'm done" stance!

What a cutie!

Long Day With Short People said...

I echo the above comment. I have been SO done since before I delivered the second Short Person, but he seems so cuddly and jolly that I feel a little pang. Congratulations on 3 beautful Short People of your own.

Sketchy said...

Yay! Danyo!!

Epsi said...

hey, nice quilt! and your kids are cute too... =)

Julie said...

He is SOOOO flippin' cute! I love how his face lights up when you talk to him. (sigh) I can hardly wait for this baby of mine to be born so we can get on with the cute smiley stuff.

Amy said...

That's sweet and all but....there's nothing bigger than the state he was born in!

megachick said...

not that i don't sympathize, but how can you 'acquire' 'lost' sleep??

i love the pic of the two boys. and bo looks so mature!