Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boom Chicka Booms

Avee has picked up some excellent parenting skills from yours truly. Should that be capitalized since I'm referring to myself, a person, a proper noun? I'm not so proper. But I am a noun.

One of the things she does, is to say, "Yeah Been" whenever she hears Bo's voice, regardless of what he's saying or who he's talking to. It's an agreeable, "what you are saying is important and meaningful to me" kind of response. Most of the time she does it when we can't even hear what he's saying.

I have an immense sensitivity to whining or exaggerated crying and so my solution, to preserve my delicate senses, is to send the offender to his or her room to finish up, and then come join us when the wailing exaggerated crying is done. I hated being told as a kid that I couldn't cry. As a dramatic and vocal child, I felt it was my right to express myself. So, I don't necessarily rob my children of that right. I just don't have to listen to it.

Well, this morning I sent Bo up to get some socks and he was yelling down that all he had were church socks, which is totally dumb in and of itself because I'm very on the ball with laundry so he is never without at least 24 pairs of crisp, clean, matched, sometimes ironed socks. Furthermore, what 4 year old has church socks? I mean, give me a break, you wear whatcha got boy! So, I was kind of ignoring him because I have told him all week that he can wear whatever socks are in his drawer, nothing is "church" or "play" or "lay around all day in pajamas" designated.

So, since I was ignoring him, Avee decided to take over. From her booster seat. In her diaper. Covered in syrup. "Yeah Been, yeah! That's right!" When her encouraging, supportive words weren't eliciting the agreeable response from Bo, she went another route and yelled sternly, "Yo can come down now. IF yo done cwying!"

And since we are on the subject of nothing in particular, I ask you, does "Fresh Caught" actually mean, "You're paying extra so we don't have to do anything to clean this up and make it presentable." Cuz uh, next time I'm saving my money and going with Farm-raised, processed, and you don't have to be reminded so blatantly where it came from and what exactly you are eating". They do still sell that, right?

On another tangent note, Avee is obsessed with my deodorant. I know some people probably wish I was a little more obsessed, but I can't be bothered. Earlier in the week I caught her swiping it across her lips. She walked around the rest of the night talking from Dove scented lips.

I told her it wasn't for lips and to please stop playing with my deodorant. She insisted it was for lips, even though she's seen me apply it dozens of times. I said that it wasn't for lips again, so she asked, "What's it fo?" I told her, "armpits." She looked at me for a second, trying to decide if I was being silly or not. She knows where deodorant goes, but what are these armpits of which I speak?

"You mean yo's booms?"
"Nope, armpits, right here."
"Ohhhhhhh. Okay."

Fast forward to today when I catch her in the bathroom again playing with my deodorant.
"That is not for you Avee, it's mommy's. Now put it away and stop touching it!"
"It's NOT for mommy. It's for boompits."

You can be SURE I'll be using that word for a long, long time, in whatever way I can manage.


Epsi said...

You're so funny.

No Cool Story said...

Oh Honey, Your delicate senses!

Now I want to know where Yo's booms are.

S said...

Mom can't go to heaven until Anita and I have mastered the sock thing like you have!
Booms in ya armpits are better than near yo knee:)

Barnecked Lady said...

LOL at S's comment and your blog!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL.

Julie said...

You know what one old, saggy boom said to the other?

If we don't get some support around here, everyone will think we're nuts.

Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Sketchy said...

Yay! Boom-pits!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Stinky boompits.

Does Dove actually work on you? Bella uses it and it smells like floral-scented B.O. to me.

I'm sure on you, it smells wonderful.

Rebecca said...

Love the boompits.. I too second what S said!!! LOL!!!

Tori :) said...

Livie likes to lick my deodorant- not out of my pits, just in case you were picturing that.
I think Avee and Liv could hang. Come to Texas.

EarthBint said...

That is some FUNNY stuff, especially your post :-)

No Cool Story said...

Yo boompits!
Yo boompits on yo knees!

Oh man :)

The Condie Seven said...

Hey girl! I came across your blog via Kiki's. Your children are BEAUTIFUL and what are you doing in Iowa? We need to catch up!

glittersmama said...

ironed socks. :)