Monday, November 26, 2007

You May Wish For More Regular, Succinct, and Having-a-point Posts

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack.
Sorry for the long absence. I didn't plan it, but I really did think tales of saggy pecs would keep you for a week or two. Guess I was wrong.

We went to Missouri for Thanksgiving and we had a great time. I may make it well into my 50's without ever having made a turkey or hosted Thanksgiving. My sister is a superb hostess and amazing cook and with my mom 3 blocks away, my perfect role is that of eater and feeder. I did a lot of both.

Some highlights: On Thanksgiving day, Bo's cousin introduced him to the wishbone and together they pulled one apart. Bo got the bigger end. With which he promptly sliced his finger. I guess he didn't wish for the winning piece to not hurt him. Is it irony to be in love with Spiderman, break apart a wishbone, wish that there be no spiders, and promptly get cut by the wishbone? I'm not really clear on the definition of irony, but that seems like it should be.

My sister's mashed potatoes.

My sister-in-law's cheesecake. J, in his very J-esque way, walked past it and took a small sampling and kept walking. As the taste hit his buds, he spun around and went right back to the pan, while loudly exclaiming in what could have been insulting surprise, "WOW! THAT is good cheesecake!"

Thanksgiving Day was Bo's half birthday. He heard the word "cake" in reference to cheesecake and he was sure that the cheesecake was for his birthday. I did not correct him. Less work for me, right? Typically, while I think it's a cute idea, we haven't ever really acknowledged half birthdays. Less work for me, right? But, Bo has been obsessed with being 4 and a half. Since he was born in the 3rd week of May, I just told him (months ago) that he would be 4 and a half at Thanksgiving. We were both delighted to learn that it was actually on Thanksgiving Day. I don't know why I was delighted too. I just was.

On Friday we got to go to a Blue Man Group concert. It was really good. I wasn't sure how enjoyable grown men dressed in blue who won't talk would be. It was so good. We left the kids with my mom and went with a few of my siblings. I was so excited about leaving my kids I even put lipstick on and combed my hair. I think one of the blue men totally noticed me.

On Saturday just before we headed out of town we went to this little Greek restaurant where the food was UH-mazing. I realized I was way more into the food than is socially acceptable when the waitress started clearing plates but didn't touch anything within the radius of my arm's reach. I think she was afraid she'd get bitten. As she should have been.

Today we're back and I keep finding my nose pressed to a cold round stone that keeps turning. Very unpleasant.

Bo is sick and home from school. Danyo has only woken up to eat and periodically scoot around the living room since we got home. He is catching up on a week of missed sleep because he was more interested in crying and being held. Wide awake.

Avee is still in diapers and a pink cast. My sister has hardwood floors so Avee had to modify her prance in order to stay upright. It was pretty funny, a rhythmic chink-clunk-BOB. She had to get a grip with her toes that stuck out from her cast, but couldn't resist the clunk her cast makes on the ground, so she fit it all in and managed to make her gimpy bobbing up and down look completely adorable.

There is nothing adorable about the way I walk. Ever. When I was in high school I performed at a piano recital that got video taped. I watched myself walk right up to the camera and then veer left. I was horrified when I saw the footage. I had on a pretty cute dress, I had a great figure, my hair was long and luscious, without stating the obvious, I was pretty stunning. And then there was the walk. My feet both just pointed out in opposite directions. If ducks were 5'11", wore blue dresses and had long red hair, that is what they would look like. It was very sad for me to see this about myself. I tried to correct it, but much like thinking a stiff back and butt sticking out was the key to beauty making myself walk pigeon-toed didn't fix anything. I have a hard life guys. Well, I saw a snippet of footage my brother took after the BMG concert and saw myself walking. Picture, no sexy blue dress, a short-not-so-red-anymore haired woman who looks like she ate the hot 16 year old me, STILL walking like a duck.

Yeah, as soon as I finish this pint of Phish Food, I'm totally going on a diet. And learning how to walk...unduckish.

p.s. these pictures were taken by my SIL Cyndi who is an amazing (self-taught, no lessons, thank you very much DAD) photographer. She also reads this blog, so you can tell her what a great photographer she is if you think so too. I've already told her like, infinity times.


Beckie said...

HA HA! Sounds like you had a great holiday! I apperently am your complete walking opposite, I was extreamly pigeon-toed for most my life....I heard non stop "Point your toes out!" whenever I would go any where with my mom! It may not be as obvious any more, but my mom will still comment on it! Next guys are spending it with us!!!! (if we're here ;) )

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Did I miss Avee getting a cast??

:: drooling over Phish Food ::

Barnecked Lady said...

I don't think a post has gone by where i haven't laughed or had to look up a word. lol.

The Turmanators said...

Oh, gawd, the line about the Blue Man guy totally noticing you killed me. If you weren't way the hell in the midwest I would stalk you as a friend. BTW I would love to see them. Cool?

Geezus...I need a Sis-in-law like that. I did all the cooking (Shhh...I secretly enjoy it) and would love to have someone else do the grunt work for a change.

LOVE, LOVE all the red hair. You have such cuties!

S said...

I guess that sums it up nicely....... my house is bigger...but I miss everyone. And SIL you ROCK! That same SIl that ROCKS peeled/chopped those beautiful potatoes I mashed:)

No Cool Story said...

And here I was about to compliment you on your picture taking skills. Oh well, less work for me, right?

I bet the waitress didn't see you with your lipstick on and combed hair, or else she'd had been as impressed as the BMG.

You're so lucky to have Thansgiving at your sis S and have fun with your mama. Did I ever tell you they make the bestest taco salad ever?

PS: Did you sign Avee's cast for me? Make me sound cool, mmmkay?

glittersmama said...

So glad you're back. I've missed the randomness. You're 5'11"?? Why is that fair? Can't I have like 4 or 5 inches? That would make these 20 extra pounds look a lot better.

And the pictures are awesome. I especially love the Danyo smile.

Tori :) said...

Woo hoo!! What a great holiday!! I'm glad you had fun. The food sounds yum. My 1/2 birthday was Nov. 11. Just so you know...

Sei went as a Blue Man last Halloween. Just sayin'...

TheVasquez3 said...

i love love love the way you write!! i am glad you are back. i missed your bloggy goodness, though the saggy pec story held me over pretty well. i am STILL laughing about that one!

oh and SIL the pictures are truly beautiful!!

Rebecca said...

I agree with Beckie.. next year its a Texas Thanksgiving.. I even volunteer to cook!! Glad you like the BMG.. I was a little wary myself.. but it was fun!! The kids look adorable.. Avee is so grown up and well danyoo.. what can I say.. he is too cute!!
Duck walk and all you are good by me!!!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Today we're back and I keep finding my nose pressed to a cold round stone that keeps turning. Very unpleasant.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is the best way to put it I have ever heard.

And I was marveling at the photos all the way through. Truly amazing. 'Course, when you have adorable subjects...;)

MommyJ said...

I love, love, love the pictures! Your kids are so cute. I'm jealous of all the highlights of your thanksgiving. sounds very fun.

Breit Mama said...

So you were in Missouri again and didn't waddle my way? hmmmmmmm

EarthBint said...

Danyo looks a little like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes in that picture :-) I wish I could have come to Thanksgiving there, they don't do pumpkin pie in England...
Your kids look so different! Has Avee had her curls chopped off? Those pictures are amaaaazing!

jenj said...

Hey Red,

I blog--everyone blog and we all smile and laugh--Beautiful pics, compliments to the gene donors and the photographer! all the talk of food and sweat is enough to make me want to exercise..have fun sweating, wish I could join you!
I'll call when I'm done shopping--if you'd ever send me your number-xoxo--and invite to dinner is always open--especially if you cook!

Luisa Perkins said...

Glad you're home! I wish someone would invite us to T-giving, so I didn't have to cook. Luckyyyyy!

I fluffy red heart The Blue Man Group. They are awesome.

Suzanne said...

"Today we're back and I keep finding my nose pressed to a cold round stone that keeps turning. Very unpleasant." Oh my goodness, I love your subtle humor Angela!

The pictures are darling! The one with Avee has perfect lighting so you can really see her eyes!

I walk like a duck too. And run like a duck. Every once in awhile hubby will quack behind me when we're walking. That's true love, let me tell you. (Otherwise, he'd get clobbered!)

I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday! :)

Kikibug said...

You are THE FUNNIEST person alive. That is all there is to it. I linger here often but don't post, it just makes my day.
I was thinking the pictures were AMAZING and I was just about to comment on your skeels, so Cyndi.. GREAT JOB!
BTW: I have never noticed that you walk like a duck..even though the story was so FREAKIN FUNNY!

The Blue guy called me and asked for your number.

Cyndi said...

Thanks for the compliments on the photos everyone. Angela, your kids are the cutest which always makes the photos look good. And what waddle? I didn't see a waddle. I did see one of the Blue Men wink at you though!! :)