Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"I'm not quite that much of a sissy"

On Friday night J worked until about 8:30. On his way home (about a 15-20 minute drive) he hit a deer. Or rather, a deer hit him. The headlight was smashed, his already banged up hood was banged up a little more, and the left side of his windshield completely smashed.

He was okay, and for that we are grateful. Truly.

If you are concerned about the deer or wonder what happened to it, perhaps you shouldn't be reading this blog. I'm just sayin'.

Being the super-efficient and caring wife that I am, I talked down the price on a windshield and had a new one in place by noon on Monday. Despite the $200 chunk out of our bank account, we were happy. Jay had a nice new windshield, worth approximately 5 times more than his entire car, and we wouldn't have to drive him to work in the morning.

This morning he left to the normal and incessant shouts of "ByeILoveyuh, byeloveyuh, byeloveyuh!" from Bo (a whole 'nother post in an of itself), Avee wailing because I wouldn't put Dora in at the crack of dawn because I have to maintain some semblance of sanity for at least 12 more hours, and Danyo cooing and singing just as cute as cute can be.

10 minutes later J calls me to tell me that his unlatched hood flew up and smashed into the windshield and cracked it all over again.

Not even 24 hours old.

I wanted to throw up.

I didn't.

J couldn't get the hood to latch so he drove back home and had us take him to work. We really like the man so that part was enjoyable. Bo wasn't so keen on the hard, hard, work of putting on shoes and as a result got grounded from the computer for the day. When simple tasks stop being insurmountable, perhaps he will get computer privileges back.

When I jumped into the passenger seat, I looked at J's face to try and get a read on how he was feeling. I didn't see him looking like he wanted to throw up, like me, so I thought I'd give him a lead to open up and just let it all out. "Doesn't this just make you want to cry?"

To which he replied, "I'm not quite that much of a sissy, but it is really depressing."

Putting any more money into this car, while beloved and has saved us tons of money (in lack of break-ins, if nothing else) would be silly. So I guess we are in the market for a new beater car.



Camille said...

Oh man, that sucks. I'm so sorry. Good luck in your car search. Btw, I'm so so glad you decided not to give up blogging :)

No Cool Story said...

oh no :(
I'm so sorry, how scary times two.

You all deserve to have some Pho tonight.

Suzanne said...

How scary and frustrating! I'm glad that J didn't get in a wreck when the hood went up because I'll bet he couldn't see. Good luck in your search for a new car! :)

Beckie said...

Those darn deers. I totalled Jasons car while we were dateing, because a deer hit me too! May I suggest a trick...if you are alone on a road or there is a great distance between cars, flash your brights a few times. This un stuns them and bob's your uncle.

Things like that make me sick to. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way!

No Cool Story said...

PS: You can never quit the blog, I'll send a bloddy BEMBLEBEE after you.

Tori :) said...

That sucks- big time! I'm glad he was ok though. :(

S said...

AHH come on Nobody....not ONE PICTURE!! I showed my stuff.....where is yours LOL!! If you have ever given me a J quote to go down in history it is this one!!! LOVE IT! Anyhow I am so sorry this happen, and maybe we can find you one that fits a couch in KC:)

Leslie said...

what a pain.

MommyJ said...

That really just totally sucks. I think I may still be sitting in the car, in tears, if I were you.

We only have one car right now (we sold one... we weren't hit by any large, stunned, animals) but... if I want the car, I have to take Josh to work in the morning and then go back and pick him up at the end of the day. If he takes the car... he has to take a late lunch break so he can go and pick up jordan from school. Total pain in the rear!!!

Sketchy said...

Oh man I would be just that much of a sissy, and probably more. Good luck finding the perfect (perfectly priced) car.

Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, not EVEN. What a nightmare. I would have been bawling. 'Cause I AM that much of a sissy.

Only in Iowa said...

Oh, I am so sorry! That bites HARD!!! Is there no warranty for only 24hrs? I hope the rest of the week is freakin' AWESOME! ;) Seriously.

glittersmama said...

Wow. That really blows. Dang deer. Where are those hunters anyway?

Barnecked Lady said...

LOL!!! OKay first you are talking nonsense about not blogging and then I paint my house for a couple of days and come back to find all these blogs I haven't even read yet...What the???? I can't keep up. Anyways...all I have to say is...It could be worse!!! Want the t-shirt yet?