Monday, November 12, 2007

Go Bulldogs

Bo is given the ball to dribble. Although he is right-handed, he dribbles with his left (I'm sure that's some sign of genius, isn't it?)And although he is 3' 5", he prefers to dribble 3 inches off the floor.
It took him a full minute to get down the court. See those two coaches alongside him? They are patience personified.
This is his aggressive defense stance. See that other team shakin' in their sneakers? Interestingly, the same pose is struck on the other end of the court when his own team is making a basket.
And some footage that captures my little Bulldog so well. At first you might think, "awww poor little guy fell..." keep watching.


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...


I love tiny kids playing basketball. It's like futility personified. Bo looks super cute.

PJ said...

How fun

How cute

BTW, "patience personified" would be a great title for a blog.

Beckie said... should totally know this...the floor is nice way to cool off...when you are working up a sweat running up and down the court. I'm sure you've seen plenty oh NBA-ers take a dive just so they can cool down there body tempratures with the help of the floor. GO BO GO!!!! Run like a palno bear was after you!

Beckie said...

k I apparently have a spelling problem today! Please ignore.

No Cool Story said...

Well, at least he has game.

No one knows what kind of "game" Bo has, but he's gots it.

"Run like a palno bear was after you!"
I've heard Palno bears are the worst.

Tori :) said...

The other team was SOOOOO slow Bo had time to take a nap. Awesome!

Leslie said...

i love that he didn't even wait around to see if he made the basket or not. and who in the world are those coaches. people like that amaze me. aren't we glad there are people like them? cuz if moms were coaching, i think there'd be a whole lot more yelling.

Barnecked Lady said...


omar said...

I saw a couple of traveling violations in that video.

You know, deception is pretty big in sports. I also think he might be onto something, with the whole "lie down so that your opponent doesn't think you're part of the play, get yourself open, and drive down the lane" play.

Also, I don't know how many times my old basketball coach had to yell, "HANDS UP ON DEFENSE" to us. Looks like he's already got that down!

Methodical wormer said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love the stop to lay down a take a quick break. Jumping up and down like that and defending your own team is hard work!

glittersmama said...

I thought he was trying to draw a foul by flopping like that!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Things liek this are the things that tell me there si SO MUCH going on in little kids' heads...How they see the world and the goals of games is so different. And a lot more fun probably.

So cute.