Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On Gay Marriage and God

For the most part, this blog is without bipartisanshipfullness, strong opinions, a lot of religion, etc. I don't do it deliberately, but since I mostly write about my kids, there's not a whole lot to say about politics and religion.

Until now.

On the way to preschool Bo asked me what would happen if a girl married a girl or a boy married a boy. Quickly I had a preview conversation in my head and opted out on introducing the word "homosexual" into my 4-year-old's vocabulary. Who knows when that would come back as a "what the hay-oh?!" at the dinner table? I took the cowardly route and said, "I'm not sure Bo."

So he came up with his own answer. As he often does when I'm not on the ball enough to answer his endless questions.

"Well, I know. You'd just have to say, "Girl, yoh married to the wrong pohson, you need to marry a boy if you really want to be married. Besides, who will be the dad if you marry a girl!"

People can say we indoctrinate, but I contend, some just come already wired.

On religion; Recently I started enforcing a rule that the kids can only watch church movies or Veggie Tales on Sundays. It was my hope that they'd be annoyed by the restriction and opt to watch nothing.

Instead, Bo spent most of Sunday trying to work out a way that Spiderman and Venom could be churchy. "How about if the movie has someone named Mary in it? Then can it be a church movie?"

A few years ago I got these bible story videos at a garage sale. It was a definite highlight when we discovered that Kathy Lee G!fford sings the intro song on all of them. They are very...
interesting. But the kids love them and they do tell the stories I'd like for them to know. Bo's favorite about a year ago was David and Goliath. He couldn't get enough of it.

Avee discovered it on Sunday. The second the finale song starts to play, she's begging to watch it again.

Only, she calls the video "god".

We have no idea why.

On Sunday, after watching it once, J couldn't get the video to rewind so he popped in the one about Jesus' miracles instead.

Not a good idea.

"I waaaaaaaant go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-d, Avee not wike Jeeeeeeesus, take out Jesus, I want god!"

You can probably understand why we took our time doing as she asked. It's just funny to hear a two year old wail, "I neeeeeeed gooooooooooood."


Tori :) said...

We watch "Jesus" movies on Sunday too. Except my kids like the one about "Joseph." Until I compared Joseph to Taj- spoiled rotten by his dad. Sei got pissed. :P
ANyway.... Avee is a cutie and Bo is so wise.

No Cool Story said...

Oh boy.
"Girl, yoh married to the wrong pohson"
"How about if the movie has someone named Mary in it?"

You guys need to have your own sitcom.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Is Avee really a Jew?

I'm lucky if I can get my husband away from his football games on Sundays. Good for you. :)

Beckie said...

How fuuny...I like BO's idea. IF I can find I way to justify it, I'll probably do it. Yeah who is the daddy? You surely can't call them daddy...what a wicked smart boy.
You might want to tell Avee, that things like that won't fly in church, you guys might get some pretty weird looks on Sunday! I would probably pee my pants if one of the kids said that!

Beckie said...

Is ot wrong that when Ben says, "Girl, yoh married to the wrong pehson." I totally hear it in ghetto fabulous speak...he just needs to tsnap his fingers in a z pattern! LOL

TheVasquez3 said...

hysterical! i agree with NCS y'all need a sitcom.

BTW what's up with Avee's leg, any new news? is she walking yet?

Rebecca said...

hysterical.. and I must add.. the peta spelled out in bacon.. TMM about made me pee my pants..

I am with beckie.. two snaps and a head thrust.. girl.. you know it.. Avee reminds me of Reagan shouting.. in the theater at Evan Almighty.. "Thats Jesus Christ" everytime the Evan character came out .. in her defense looking a lot like JC. (is that bad to abrv.) Anyway, bo is to smart and avee is too cute.. can't wait till danyo starts talking.. a three ringed circus fo shoo.. and thats snappin'

Suzanne said...

It sounds like Bo has it all figured out! :) We've tried to modify our t.v. watching on Sunday too, but nothing and I mean nothing will make hubby stop watching his beloved Simpsons. ***sigh***

Bryner Family said...

You guys are hilarious and I agree, your daily life is 10 times funnier than any sitcom on right now! We do the church videos on Sunday too before church and then after church, I let them watch "America's Funniest Videos" because they love them. And Ben loves them, so what can I do? :) Speaking of those great church videos you got at a garage sale... I still have a bunch of them!!! Sorry! I totally forgot they were yours until after you moved and Jill asked to watch one. Next time you're here or we're in Iowa, we'll give 'em back. :) Gotta love Kathie Lee!!!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Ben, you are right on, man! And there is absolutely a difference between indoctrination and knowing what's true from the get-go.

I neeeeeeeeeed goooooooooooood. I don't think I'd ever change the videos if I could listen to that from a little girl indefinitely. Way cute.

I really like it when you get all controvershul and stuff.

glittersmama said...

I love the way that you use "yoh" so I can actually hear in my mind what was said. It makes your stories twice as funny.

Thanks for the laugh!