Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I've kept the tv off today.

I wondered if we'd make it through. Avee thinks dvdvd's are what supplies the blood to her veins. Bo can't "evoh sink of anysing to do" when the tv is off. I'm embarrassed to admit this.

I imagined us filling the day with playdoh and go fish and painting and reading. I would be mom of the...day. I decided it was time to make this change, whatever sacrifices of sanity I would have to make. I made this decision last night.

This morning Bo cried for 15 minutes and threatened to nevoh eat breakfast, lunch OH dinnoh, evoh again. I asked him who would be hungry if he did that. He got even more mad when he did the math and realized it would be him and not me.

We have had one of the most delightful and pleasant mornings that I can remember having in a long time. I guess it helps that Danyo is asleep and they are getting a little more of my undivided attention. But as usual, the highlight of being a mom, is getting to hear the crazy things my kids say.

Bo was talking to me about his church class and how his friend Sara is a CTR 9. I told him next year, in a couple of months, he would be a CTR 5 because he would be almost 5. We had this discussion for some time when he said, "So, I guess I'm a CTR 4 now?" I told him his class was called Sunbeam, that's just the name they called the class of 3 and 4 year old kids. He had wandered into the living room so I almost didn't hear him say, "Now why do you sink Jesus even wants me to be a Sunbeam? It just seems wee-yod."

Later, I was leaving a message:
Me:"I'd like to come visit you sometime in the next week, whatever works for you..."
Bo: (stage whisper in my face) Does she have KIDS!?
Me: (Glaring at Bo) just let me know and we'll set up a time, thanks!
Bo: I want to go! I want to go! Does she have kids!?
Me: No, she doesn't have any kids.
Bo: Oh! So that means she's not married!
Me: No it doesn't. She's married. She just doesn't have any kids.
Bo: Ohhhhh, so she's SKINNY!
Me: Get over here boy, I'm gonna whoop you...

Avee, ever the optimist, was rummaging through the shelf of dvds and decided on one to come and plead her case with. She pulled it out and 7 more toppled down on her and onto the floor. She froze, looked at me wide-eyed (I think she may have thought she was being sneaky pulling Caillou out) and said, "This is sihw-ee-us!"
It took me another 10 minutes to realize she was quoting Wonderpets.

I have seriously been laughing about something every 15 minutes---I just won't bore you with the little things that only I think are funny. Okay, yes I well. I turned the heat on this morning and Avee has been going around to every vent warming various body parts. One in the living room for her head, the one in the kitchen for her uncast left foot. One in the bathroom for her backside. I think she's evenly roasted now.

I often put Danyo in the corner of the couch and surround him with pillows. About every other day Bo comes dangerously close to him and gets a yelp and a scold out of me. Today I put Danyo upstairs in his crib in hopes of getting a longer sleep out of him. A few minutes ago Bo flung himself onto the couch where a couple of pillows were piled up. He got a panicked expression, looked around the room for Danyo, looked at me and said, "Am I sitting on Danyo?!" Poor sweet boy tries to do what's right, it's just sometimes his body doesn't let him.


Tori :) said...

She's skinny!! That's classic.
I love how I can totally hear them talking thru your post!

Rebecca said...

so cute.. and thanks for sharing all the funny details.. I do the same with my kids.. as far as laughing at what they say and not the tv thing!! :) kidding.. we turn it off at times here and its amazing what kind of comedy hour shows up.. now as for bos comments... oh she must not be married.. and oh she is skinny.. thats hysterical, thats all I can say.. thanks for sharing your funny kids!!

No Cool Story said...

♪♫Frosty the snowman...
With the eyeball... with the corn ♪♫

Oh that was so wonderful!!
How wee-yod to be wanted as a Sunbeam.
She's married AND skinny.
When you threaten to not eat evoh again you go hungry.

So much wisdom from someone so young.

Coordination Queen said...

They are hilarious! I love the funny things kids say, and yours seem to say a lot of them.

Beckie said...

I am a self confessed floor vent junky..have been since I was a kid and I still am. I stid right over top with a big blanket and seal it up. Warms me right up, Avee is a girl after my own heart!

Barnecked Lady said...

I did that too, the heater vent thing, that was when we lived in places that could have heater vents in the floor.
NO T.V??? I have never heard of such a thing. lol.

NCS- How the crap did you get those music notes in there????

Oh we were playing this game last night as a family and Brayden had to act something out his parents did that was funny looking....YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD I WAS LAUGHING!!!!

Leslie said...

i love it. that little dude is so hilarious. how fun to be his momma. :)

Angela said...

NCS--I JUST figured out what you were talking about with Frosty. Let's see, it took me over 4 hours. I didn't even know I had a voice message waiting for me.
Rebecca---that is hilarious! I miss that girl's singing!

TheVasquez3 said...

SKINNY!!! oh man thats is sooooo funny!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I love "This is sih-wee-ous!" That Ming-Ming's little lisp is so adorable. Just like Bo's.

I kind of miss the days when I could prop my kids up on cushions and find them still there later. But not enough to have another one. :)

Methodical wormer said...

Your no TV efforts are awesome! Don't be embarrassed, it's not so rare. Your kids are awesome.

glittersmama said...

"Am I sitting on Danyo?!"

Holy crapamoly. That kid is hilarious.

Code Yellow Mom said...


This post proves that your kids are sweeter than mine. Cal asked me why I have such a big belly and I told him because I eat too much food and I don't exercise enough and because I just had a baby. To which he responded, "You didn't JUST have a baby." GRRRRRR.

Loving the thought of an evenly roasted Avery. :)

Code Yellow Mom said...

P.S. I already had a hypothesis that your kids were sweeter. And that they don't watch as much TV as mine. Not that I'm competing. I just need a reasonable litmus test. There are so few normal parents in my life.:)

megachick said...

"am i sitting on danyo?"

love it. kind of like pooka when she thought she hurt bug, she ran away to her room crying even though i never said a word.

Breit Mama said...

Married and Skinny! Seriously still laughing in an attempt to not cry!

No Cool Story said...

Barnecked Lady: Easy! I'm super smart like that. Nah, you can do it too: Highlight the notes, then Ctrl +C (copy), then Ctrl + v (paste). See? ♪♫♥

Angela?: Hmm, stick with me babe and I'll take you to exotic places.
I am sihw-ee-us.

Lisa said...

Awww, so cute and funny!! My kids watched a lot of tv and they've turned out okay, but look at what you miss when it's on.

Carrot Jello said...

You know, I don't usually go for kid stories, but yours are so darn entertaining.
Especially when you've got kids that say things like hey-oh.

Julie said...

What da hey-oh?!?

Except at my house it comes out as "What da hett?!?" and "Thit!"