Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Say Boring Like It's A Bad Thing

I'm baby hungry for the first time ever in my married life. I have to qualify that statement with "in my married life" because when I was 16 I was sure I wanted a baby. After all, my Flour Sack Baby, Gabriel, was the best cared for baby in my Family Development class in high school.

Looking at pictures of my friend's little baby girl pert'near done me in yesterday. Second to wanting a little baby girl, I want to be in her hand-me-down line.

I feel like I could do it right this time. You know, having a girl and all. My memories of Avee's infancy and even toddler years are so hazy. I think never knowing which end is up will do that to a person.

Today my little angel boy came home with a gold seal on his shirt. Some other kids were making fun of a classmate and he stood up for the boy and told the other kids to stop. I got tears in my eyes when he told me this. There are so many things we want for our kids to do and be in life. For me, being kind and helping the underdog is probably one of the most important things I want for my kids.

This is especially tear-envoking for me because Bo tends to be, shall we say, matter-of-fact when it comes to emotions and feelings. You know, like a boy. If someone's annoying him he tells them to be quiet. If someone's boring, he tells them they are boring. If someone says they only time they've been out of the country was when they went to Colorado, he buries his face in his hands and sighs loudly. He isn't exactly....considerate.

He also, in the past has been somewhat timid when around a lot of other kids, and definitely more of a follower. I think his teacher this year has done a lot for his confidence and really teaching, encouraging kids to be nicer, more thoughtful. This all makes me very happy.

But even if this did make me cry, I'm still not the biggest baby in our family.

Last night J cried while reading to the kids, "I'll Love You Forever". I was at work. All three kids were sitting on his lap, snuggled up as he read to them.

When he told me about this, I laughed heartily. He said all three of the kids kept looking at him and Avee said he sounded like a grandma. I was SO eager to hear Avee's version of the story this morning. She did not disappoint. She's kind of a heartless little 4 year old, the way she was kind of laughing about it. I don't know where she gets it....

Now I have to call J and make sure he's okay with me outing him on my blog like this.

He says it's okay. He also said this post was boring. Tomorrow I'm going to blog about how much he cried when I punched him in the face for calling me boring.

I think that's pretty much all I have to say. Dang. I hate it when J's right.


Carrot Jello said...

Dude, I was going to write a post about that book.
Can I quote you?

Kristi Clinger said...

Good for Bo! I would have cried if my child told me that.
As for the book, I did the same thing with my two girls several years ago and they thought someone was dying. It was funny to hear their interpretation when talking to Eric.

Barnecked Lady said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! Oh hey is it over? JK
It was not boring, he was just trying not to cry again! LOL!

Cindy said...

yeah for BO......that is awesome!!

I know the fever. I have some going on around here...and it is not jus me...sigh:)

Heffalump said...

Babies are awesome, and I highly recommend them.
Also, I think you need to try harder to be boring. If this is boring, then I really suck at blogging.

Super L said...

Hey, me too! About the baby hungry stuff. Except for the actual wanting a baby part. I want to HOLD babies, and snuggle them, and smell their heads, but I don't really actually want to give BIRTH to another kid again. Sigh. It's a quandry.

I might have to mock J a bit next time I see him. (and that will be?) Because . . . Love you Forever? Really? That's a seriously creepy book. But hey, whatever floats his boat . . . :)

I cried watching the Little Match Girl with the boys last week. They were worried about me. Of course, they also didn't realize that the girl was dead, but hey.

And HOORAY for Bo! I always knew he was a hero.

This is a seriously long comment. Sorry.

Charlotte said...

No baby hunger for me. No way. No how.

I have a confession to make, that book makes me cry while simultaneously creeping me out. That takes a special talent in an author, no?

Sarah Tilley said...

oh, is that the book about a psycho mom who stalks her grown son and sneaks in through his bedroom window in the middle of the night while he's asleep?

yeah, i'd laugh, too.

and you're not boring.

glittersmama said...

Just thinking about that book makes me teary.

I love that story about Bo. I've always hoped that my child(ren) will be strong enough to do the same.

Rebecca said...

you raised a great boy.. and his teacher may have helped..but you laid a foundation for right and wrong.. way to go bo.. way to stand up for the underdog.. I love that in kids.. when they act on it!! As for boring .. you lost me a baby..blah blah.. baby.. haha.. kidding.. you make cute ones.. can't wait to see the next one!!! As for the book.. I am with Charlotte I cry every time I read it and yet there is a weird creapy aspect to it.. try and over look.. but a sweet message that always.. I mean.. ready it too often and yet always always cry.. as for J.. crying cause he gets punched.. now thats funny and not boring!!!

omar said...

Nice work, Bo.

I've actually banned anyone from even saying the words "baby" or "babies" out loud in my house.

Emily said...

I'm baby hungry for another red-headed Nobody too. . .

I love that book too - It creeps my kids out though. The boy growing up to be a full-fledged adult and the mother turning old and gray at the speed of just a few pages is too traumatic for them.

Klin said...

It's NOT boring. You can always get a smile out of me.

I want to hear Avee's version. I need a good laugh that will bring me to tears.

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your kids. I will share my 13 month old you might change your mind. He is teething and sick right now and I he is doing that whole baby swearing thing regularly that I first found on your blog.
I don't mind so much cause I know he is the last, and possibly the cutest...depending on how exhausted I am.
Your posts are never boring.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Is it bad that I'm laughing at J for crying over that book? I'm thinking I oculd never earn a gold seal for my shirt. But I'm really only laughing because two nights in a row during December our children had to deal with a crying reading parent. Sappy holiday books. The boys were quite perplexed. I'd love to hear Avee's version.

And can I just say the header for your friend's blog is adorable...I love that she has three boys and a girl for some reason. ;) I have some serious wardrobe that I will pass on as well...should you decide to act on your baby hunger. What better reason to have another than that you are in a good hand-me-down line?