Monday, February 8, 2010

All About The Bo

You know, I can remember as Bo was getting older, approaching 5, he was starting to leave behind babyish ways and cute little baby words. I distinctly remember feeling very sad about this. I love how kids manage to make me laugh every single day with one thing or another. What I didn't realize at the time, is that Bo would continue to make me laugh with non-babyish things. Fairly regularly.

Yesterday as we were heading out the door to church I said to Bo, "Get your coat on." He balks at wearing a coat, often. It would be weird, except that I hate wearing coats also. He turned to me, and in all seriousness said, "I don't need a coat, I'm wearing a sweater....and I'm a man."

I have no idea what that meant to him, but I enjoyed the remark immensely.

On Friday I took the kids to the store to pick out their valentine's day cards. Danyo, who has no classmates to give his cards to, was the most excited. While we were shopping around, Bo asked me who I thought would win the Super Bowl.

"Who's playing again?" I ask.
"The Saints and the Colts," says he.
"Oh, I guess the Colts then. I think they've won the Super Bowl before."
"Well, that's not any kind of a guarantee you know. I think the Saints are going to win."

Something rose up in me, right then and there. Something primitive, something untamed. I literally had to cover my mouth to keep from saying, "So, you wanna make a bet?"

Because I was talking to Bo. Because Bo would want to know what that meant, what it entailed, what the odds were, the origins of betting, who was the world's best better, how much could he bet, what other things he could bet on, etc, etc, etc.

But let there be no mistake, I genuinely fought the urge to teach my 6 year old about betting, by way of the Super Bowl.

Bo was pretty happy this morning to learn that the Saints won. I thought he'd be really excited to have been right, but he was more like, "Well, that's what I said, isn't it?"

And finally: Last week Bo brought this "Family Wheel" thingy home from school. Lest I feel vain and proud that I dominated the last family art thingy....I didn't even make it into the top 9!

I love who did make it in though. A little glimpse into his heart. I'll just tell myself I'm too big to be confined in one of those circles. As evidenced in the last picture.

Oh yeah, and gratuitous pictures of my preshies:


Kristi Clinger said...

I don't even recognize your kids anymore. They're getting so big.

Mrs Lemon said...

"Something rose up in me, right then and there. Something primitive, something untamed. I literally had to cover my mouth to keep from saying, "So, you wanna make a bet?""

That is the best piece of writing I've read in days. Oh my goodness. That is so hilarious!

Lisa said...

The pictures are cute! Your kids are getting so big! Funny how they do that!

glittersmama said...

It sounds like Bo is like his dad.

How in the world did you get Avee in season-appropriate clothing?

Heffalump said...

I love the pics! And the Bo stories...

Cyndi said...

Is that my Andro in a circle? I love all the pictures! I miss those cute little red-headed kids.

Emily said...

The family wheel "thingy". . . hilarious. Bo totally knows how to get your attention.

I love. love. love. the pictures. Especially the last one. I never saw it before how much Avee looks like J - same eyes, same mischievous smile. . . I miss all your little red-heads.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Nobody puts Nobody in a circle.

Love the photos. With a huge amount of love. And envy for the flower in Ave's hair. Can Jane have it someday, when she gets hair?

It would be fun to know what constitutes being a man to a 6yo. Besides not wearing a coat, I mean.

Bubbles said...

Who's that mini-Nobody in the middle?

Sarachid said...

i love the pictures and the family wheel... i wish I lived right next door to you, the fun would never end..

SAHM Scrapper said...

Wow, Avery is growing up. We miss you guys!

Adolescent Family said...

The mini's are looking so cute! I love that Bo is trying not to laugh. They are growing up! :( now I really expect to hear about prego Nobody soon! ;)

We miss you guys!

Adolescent Family said...

Oh, Code yellow, you make me laugh!

Klin said...

Your kiddos are adorable. I can so see their personalities in your pics.

You are an amazing writer. I wish you wrote my blog posts. Then they'd be better.