Friday, February 19, 2010

I Love Fridays!

Avee learned about teeth this week. Holy moly! She is on fire about keeping her teeth clean and eating healthy. She's always been an excellent brusher, but now she's going after those "little bugs that hide" armed with floss and a mission.

Bo brought home bags of popcorn that the older kids at school sold for Haiti. Avee held her bag up and asked, "Is popcorn hellfee? Oh yeah, it is. There's nothing on it. If there's stuff on it, then it's not as hellfee."

From the bathroom Bo replies, "Well, that's true. But everything tastes better when you put unhealthy stuff on it."

Dang that's funny.

I had Avee's parent-teacher conference at preschool. I love those conferences. There was one drawback though. I hadn't eaten all morning because I went straight to the grocery store and from there to get Aves and after feeding her lunch, took her to her afternoon preschool, then rushed Bo's forgotten lunch to him just as he was walking into the cafeteria, then zipped over to Avee's conference. I did grab an apple though. Well, Me+Empty Stomach+Running Around+Fibrous Fruit = Not Pretty.

Halfway through the conference I started praying for all parties involved. It made for a less than enjoyable experience for me, but I can say that we all made it out alive. So, that's good.

TMI? Yes, I think so.

Anyway. I made the comment, "Aside from the very poor practice of comparing your children, I am pretty sure this conference is going to go differently than Bo's, two years ago."

Avee's teacher looked at me kind of funny and said, "I don't remember a lot, but I do remember Bo being quite smart and doing very well on the evaluations."

That's when I kind of looked at her funny.

Of course I think Avee's smart. But she does what she wants, when she wants. And that has left 13 and 14 interchangeable, the letter J left out of the alphabet and "shiny" rhyming with "cloud".

Her feedback form was almost identical to Bo's. Probably a few more notes of "and then some!" or "and backwards!" even. When the teacher pointed to the part about rhyming and how Avee scored perfectly and also made up her own rhyming words, I asked her to repeat it. It wasn't even 2 months ago that I had a crazy an unproductive conversation about rhyming words. And now she's setting the curve? Seriously.

It's me. I make my kids think, "You're on my toe" is just one of those things people say, and that counting in order is optional. It has to be me.

In other news...
I have no other news, but I feel compelled to write more.

Recently I moved to a cash only system for budgeting purposes. It's done a few things. It's made me very aware of how much I nickel and dime with a debit card. It's removed all motivation to go to the store to "grab a couple of things", and I usually end up spending $70. I realize that I have to get the money out of the envelope, I have to be sure it's enough, I have to make sure it won't leave me high and dry for the rest of the's been very good. So far. I started yesterday. Just kidding.

I also wanted to grab a hamburger at McD's for Avee, her friend, and Daniel so that I could have time to put away the groceries and change my clothes before I had to run them to their other school. I really had to stop and weigh the pros and cons because I had to think of what envelope it would come from and if it was worth the $4.78 in cash I'd be paying.

It's just insane to me that I would have swiped the card for $13.78 without batting an eye, but making it tangible cash has made a difference.

It was totally worth the $4.78 by the way. And it came from my "Incidentals" envelope. If you were wondering.

I'm so glad I didn't stop writing earlier....


Super L said...


Super L said...

FIRST! Woooooo! This is my first first? FINALLY, living half way (all the way?) around the world has paid off.

Now I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh, yeah. I did that cash in envelopes thing for a while. It was great, and worked really well. Until I lost the envelopes.

I think you have to be more responsible than me to use that method effectively.

Klin said...

I love Nobo's posts! I wish I had written down the amazing things my kids did. I sure love reading about your kiddos though.

Avee = curve thrower = my kind of girl!

Rebecca said...

crackin me up.. as always.. cash only.. you go girl.. I did that.. yah..didn't play out well.. I kept getting more cash.. see the problem. totally glad you have an incidentals envelope..those things can happen. As for your brain children..who says 13, has to come before 14..ha ha.. I try to keep from laughing to hard at PT conf. I can't take them to seriously cause my kids say the funniest stuff.. right there with ya! :)

InkMom said...

My kids never do for me what they will do for other people, either. Somehow, I tend to bring out the worst in them.

I've got one kid who, I'm certain, sees me as his biggest obstacle to Complete and Total Domination of the Entire Universe. And some days, he looks at me and says, "I can take her." Those days are GREAT.

Plain Jame said...

I seriously had a "crap I have to pee" at my first ever PTC this week. All came out well in the end though. AH - I kill me. puns are wonderful.

What a very clever thought process on using cash. I will have to consider this (before rejecting it for it hindering on cramping my style...) Seriously though.

mycurlyhairdays said...

Oh the cash only system.
It IS so weird how you don't even think about it with the card, but seeing the actual cash leave your hands makes you think twice! Or thrice! Or... whatever is next!
PS Glad you survived the PTC!

portuguesa nova said...

I cannot get an ATM card in Portugal until I have some resident card that was supposed to be here in March and has not yet arrived. For this reason, I have subsisted on only cash for over a year now. It is crazy, crazy, crazy how differently you spend.

I am in desperate need of some clothing, so at some point I am going to need to bring plastic with me somewhere, because if I find something that actually fits, I will buy ten of said item, but other than that, I think it's gonna be pure cash from here on out.