Monday, February 15, 2010

This Is Starting To Become A Habit

So anyway.

I hab a cold. Colds aren't that big of a deal, but I also managed to be scheduled to work all weekend. I hated it. I was sneezin' and blowin' and waterin' and runnin'... It weren't pretty. I also complained a lot. If you called me right now, I'd probably complain some more.

J's gonna be so bummed when he comes home and sees that not only has nothing been done to improve our living conditions, it's actually been worsened. I should really look into having live-in help. Do you think they'd mind sleeping in an unfinished basement on an air mattress? And get paid in chocolate chips. I always seem to have plenty of those.

On Friday J took the day off and we spent a lovely morning together getting a couples massage and going to lunch. It was really wonderful to have all that time together. I realized afterward that I didn't think about/miss the kids once. That's pretty remarkable. I'm a little bit obsessive. It also means I have really great friends who take care of my kids. That makes me happy.

When Bo was a few months old J and I went on a date to a movie. Actually, I have no memory of how old Bo was. He was young though, and it was our first date alone since having baby Bo. About 40 minutes into the movie I whispered to J, "I miss Bo so much! Do you?" J leaned back and asked, "Who?"

I've learned a lot about the difference between men and women since that day. Now I laugh at the girl who asked the man who was watching Matrix Reloaded if he missed his infant son right then.

Bo's actually at a movie right now. I can't wait until he gets back and I get to hear a six year old's recap of a 2 hour movie that was inevitably over his head. Actually, there are few things more painful for me right now, than listening to him recap a commercial or a SpongeBob episode he watched. I really really really want to tell him, "I don't care, please don't tell me about it." Sometimes I mutter it just to make myself feel better but I can't bring myself to say it to Bo. It feels like I should be able to say, "I have no interest in this" but it also feels like I will somehow damage his psyche or some other thing I can be blamed for later in his life. So I suffer in silence.

As if I've ever suffered in silence...

This morning Avee made us all wait for her while she ran back upstairs to get her cell phone. It's one of my old ones. She explained to all of us, "It might bring, so I need to have it with me." Later she confessed, "It's just a fake phone, it never brings." I love that she says bring. She also still says "wipe" for white. It's my very favorite. Only, she knows it's actually white, but that I love it when she says wipe. So she does. Somehow, her saying it purposely like that still makes me happy.

I really wish I could sleep right now.

The other day back we went to my friend's house again, the friend with the little play mouse that Avee stole. Avee saw a new green mouse and accused my friend, "You didn't TELL me you had green mouses!" I think Avee was annoyed she wasted her time stealing a plain gray one when there were more colorful ones to be stolen.

The upside is, Avee did NOT steal again. She did ask to borrow one, which is what Sherry had told her she should do, so that's progress. I can not IMAGINE having some of the nerve this girl has. If I had gotten busted stealing from someone, I would probably never show my face to that person again. Not only did Avee happily go there again, she griped about the previously limited thievery options, and had the nerve to ask to borrow a mouse. I think Sherry's child correction skills and toy mouse supply might be the solution to all my parenting quandaries.

Bo's home. Let it begin....


Sara said...

Nobody, is it inappropriate for me to declare that I love you? Considering we have never actually met, I figure, you won't have me charged with stalking. Maybe. But I do. I love that you have the courage to say that you can't listen to your 6 yo go on and on in detail about something. I have been known to grit my teeth to prevent myself from screaming in agony when the minute recapping has gone on for what feels like forever. Interspersed with long "ummmms" (-those are usually followed by a repeat of the sentence that was just said...) I love my son, but I am so with you on the "I don't care. Please stop." And I laughed out loud when you could be heard in the video saying something like "No way" or "Oh, really?" - Were you actually listening or was that an automated answer? :)
In any case- I've said it before - you are hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh. :)

Adolescent Family said...

"The other day back..." HA! I love your covertness. I think Bo has grown a foot since June. I love how Avee decides she doesn't need you after all since Bo is hogging your attention :)

Cindy said...

You make me laugh. I remember shortly after Parker was born Ben and I went and saw Pirates 2. i left my 2 month old boy with my parents. I called twice on the way there and once when we got there. I also asked Ben in the middle of the movie if we could leave and if he misses his boy. He looked at me...rolled his eyes and said, "Wh...umm..." and continued watching. It must be a guy thing.

And BO....future movie critic!!!

Barnes Blog said...

That's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Sarachid said...

This is awesome Bo is like a super confusing movie untill the end when it all comes together.. Thanks for sharing the video

Klin said...

If you way of suffering silently is blogging about....then I love it.

"she griped about the previously limited thievery options," had me laughing and crying. Hubs had to hear it. He loves her. Who doesn't?

Sarah Tilley said...

i have actually told henry that i have no interest in some things that he likes. does that make me a bad mom?

also, i have suffered many, many times as henry "umms" his way through a story and i have to tune it out so i won't go nuts, and throw him a few yeahs and uh-huhs so he won't be sad that i don't care.

and i think it's cool that you'd miss your kid during a movie, 'cause i do that sometimes.

Carrot Jello said...

You know I love you more than "Sara", right?
You better step off Sara.

Evan said...

Umm, I feel I may have to speak up upon Carrot's unfounded claim. Clearly, I love Nobody more - proven by how I commented first. So, nice try.
Now back off before I give you the plot of Percy as well - in even more detail.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Oh! Bo's voice! It's adorable - there's so much more of him coming out now than when I was there. Hilarious.

Have I never told you that one of my favorite memories of Syd is her telling Jordan that she was not going to listen to him tell her about Sonic the Hedgehog. Ever. So he changed it up to something else and she said, "Nope. Not interested in that either." He switched back to Sonic, and so on, about three or four times, completely undaunted and she kept just saying, "Jordan, nope. I'm not interested. I will talk to you about anything else." etc., etc. I was dying because we were in the car and I think he figured she was a captive audience. Then she turned up the radio and drowned him out. And his psyche wasn't damaged in the least. :)

That said, I'm glad you let Bo talk Percy. He is a riot. And now I defitly don't need to see the movie.

Sara said...

And just for the record - I am actually commenting above, not "Evan" - apparently I had been logged out. (Hey, I never claimed I was smart...:)