Sunday, May 31, 2009

Conversation With My Mom

A short phone call.

My Mom: 73 and gorgeous. Homeschooled 9 children for at least 2-3 years each. Did not allow a tv in our home when we were growing up. Video games were punishable by death (to this day I still look around and break out in a cold sweat when someone hands me a controller). Hilarious.

Me: You know.

10:30 at night, on the phone.

Reason for call:
To see if I thought she could "pull off denim", even though "it's not technically in style anymore".

Snippet of conversation:

My Mom: Well, I guess Adam Lambert is gay.
Me: (thinking the name is vaguely familiar but not sure why or how, and after a long pause): I don't know who that is Mom.
My Mom: (exasperated with my ignorance) Okay, Dad.
Me: I still don't know who you're talking about.
My Mom: He's the kid who almost won American Idol, it was the upset of the century, he lost by one point!
Me: Oh yeah, hmmm, I think I could have told you that after Joel showed him singing Ring of Fire. Was that him, singing Ring of Fire?
My Mom: I don't know, I don't watch them singing.
Me: What?!
My Mom: I don't care about the singing.
Me: Well what on earth do you watch that show for?
My Mom: I just watch them get introduced and flip to something else. I like to hear what the judges say and then see the results. Everything else is just so modern, why would I watch that?


To summarize: My Mom makes fun of Me for not knowing who Adam Lambert is. My Mom has too many other shows to watch, to actually watch the whole American Idol show, and the reason it's even on. My Mom calls show "too modern" after making fun of Me for not knowing contestant's name.


ucmama said...

WHAT!?! Denim isn't in? I'm sorry, I'd comment, but I have to go clean out my closets now.

P.S. Thanks for watching my kiddos. Sass was mad I took her back.

Rebecca said...

seriously.. denim is always in, that is cute she called to ask.. at 73 if she wants to wear denim.. she can rock it..

omar said...

I thought that was one of the benefits of being a senior citizen, that you no longer have to concern yourself with what's "in." I was counting on that (and the discount golf).

Tori :) said...

ucmama stole my comment. The whole "denim isn't in" thing has me stressed...

Your mom didn't allow tv in the house, but now talks about soap operas like they are real life and knows who Adam Lambert is?

InkMom said...

Denim's "in-ness" depends wholly on whether or not it is covered in spangles, sparkles, bedazzles, or anything with any sort of reflective surface.

Or ruffles.

Other than that, she's probably okay.

InkMom said...

Adam Lambert is gay?!?!?

Heffalump said...

I only know who Adam Lambert is because of Anniethologie's Whooz Ur Daddy Macheen. Otherwise I would have no clue.
Your Mom sounds pretty hip, but I have to wonder what changed her mind about having a TV...

ucmama said...

I'm sorry Tori, I didn't mean to steal your comment- just borrow it. I'm done using it now if you want it back :)

InkMom - what about denim and leather? and/or lace?

Mrs. Organic said...

It sounds like mom is making up for lost viewing time.

We get calls from Mr. O's mom telling us what shows we should watch for the week - who needs TV Guide?

S said...

Tori stole my comment.

I am here to concur that this conversation is 100% accurate,correct and totally real. I have these conversations with her ALL day long. She keeps my ab mucscles tight :)

Plain Jame said...

I can totally relate to her - I am far too busy to watch the fillers! only difference is that I hated adam lambert and think he's the son of satan.

Denim is hot on our grey haired friends - jay leno has made that clear. it's just a massive faux to wear denim to church.

Plain Jame said...

PS - I think it was complete serendipity that we both were just on each others blogs commenting at the same time. freaky.

Klin said...

I still wear denim. I just call them levis. It's all in how you phrase it.

Your mom sounds like my kinda gal. I love those who can make me laugh at life.

I didn't know who Adam Lambert was, but remembered hearing his name somewhere, until you told us on your blog whilst sharing your convo with your mom.

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Your mom is the best!
She is totally hot, just like you! (0:
Even though you don't watch American Idol!!!! Me, neither, actually!

Code Yellow said...

With the right color of lipstick, even out-of-style denim goes. I'm surprised she didn't already know that.

I think it's hilarious that she called you "dad" for being clueless about American Idol. She is fun.ny.

Charlotte said...

I was going to say something, but I only had stolen comments and didn't want to get got in my thievery. Plus I'm busy being concerned that there may be an age limit to denim like there is for ability to use technology. I can't do polyester!! So, anyway that is why I am not saying anything.