Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coloring Elitist

Today one of Bo's friends came home with him. I was struck by how young he sounded when he spoke. And I realized I've gotten used to hearing Bo talk like a miniature 42 year old man. With a bad buzz-cut in place of a combover.

As Bo's little friend stood right beside me, I started looking through Bo's papers from school and came across a coloring page of a dinosaur.

It was colored like crap and this really bothered me. I don't like it when Bo does shoddy work, even if it is a silly coloring page. It just says "I'm lazy" and that's a trait we pride ourselves on hiding from the general public.

I held it up.

With an obviously condescending voice I asked Bo, "What is this all about?"

That's when Bo's sweet friend turned to me with big bright eyes and declared, "I cuh-wered it fer Bo!"

Uh. Er. Ahem. Right.

Carry on.

And yes, Bo knew exactly what I had mistakenly though and laughed at my faux pas.


ucmama said...


Heffalump said...

I'm sure that little boy's Mommy loves his coloring even if it is sub-standard.

omar said...

I bet that other kid is playing Mendelssohn concertos on his violin in his spare time.

I'm just kidding. Lazy coloring bothers me, too. As long as you're not pushing your coloring expectations on other kids, then I see nothing wrong.

MommyJ said...

"...and that's a trait we pride ourselves on hiding from the general public."


Tori :) said...

MommyJ stole my exact comment. lol

Charlotte said...

I hate bad coloring, too. Make them color it over and over until they get it right. OK, maybe not. We are way too busy hiding other traits from the public to care about lazy coloring.

S said...


Adolescent Family said...

Have Avee show him some of her skillz. I don't know anyone who colors better! :)

Cindy said...

I must admit that sounds a little like me. Not now, but in 3 years...I would be the one who would make him color it over again.

I would be the crazy perfectionist mom!!

Yvonne said...

Oh how I miss those days when Kyle brought coloring home ; )

Code Yellow said...

Heh. Gotcha!

The best is that Bo knows. :)

I've been having an interesting time in our Primary with a family of kids who seriously do NOT like coloring or drawing. It doesn't interest them or keep them busy in the least and even when you give them ideas about what to draw or color, they just don't care to. They're not rebelling or anything, it's just not in their make-up or something. And here I thought all children could live on a ream of paper a day and call it heaven. Wha?

42 year old with a buzzcut instead of a combover is the best description. evoh.

Klin said...

Laughing out loud and trying to explain to the fam why.

Sarah Tilley said...

henry's one of those kids who doesn't give the tiniest crap about coloring. i could stand over him with a whip and still not get him to pick up a crayon. seriously, i'm just happy if he takes enough interest to scribble one or two lines across the page.

Anonymous said...

i have one perfectionist colorer and one who sees blue pigs and brown skies...i try to see the joy in both of their styles.

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Elitist is the correct word! (0:
Glad you didn't say a whole lot more, though, huh?
I bet Bo was totally busting a gut!!!