Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Photo Shoot, Nobody Style

It's time for the posting of Bo's new violin song. I waited too long to record this because he's anxious to move on to his new song and feels like playing last week's song is beneath him.

Plus it was half an hour past his bedtime. Reviewing the footage of what I've recorded, reminds me that sometimes I am a crappy mom. Saying the word crappy in front of my kids is the least of my offenses.
He was sick of making mistakes, so his solution to the problem was to play it fast, with no regard to timing. So here's (Impatient) Lightly Row.

And lest you think I sugar coat things on my blog...
A video I like to call "Behind The Scenes"

Last week Avee got in the mud. The girl who won't wear long sleeves because that's not a princess sleeve. The girl who hasn't worn pants since the Bush Administration. The girl who thinks talking in a voice higher than her natural voice makes her sound cuter. The girl who's stolen every tube of lipstick, lipgloss, lip luster, lip plumper, whatever, that I own. The girl who has designated all our positions in life, to maintain her status as Princess....
wouldn't stay out of the mud.

But she got a little on her face.

When I pointed it out to her, naturally she wanted to see it:

This face made me laugh for a good 6-7 minutes.

And finally, the baby. The sweet little pudge-wudge who isn't as much a baby as I'd like to think.

His one sheer joy right now, is "being" a big kid. Sitting with the bigger kids. Sitting on them. Playing with them, playing near them. He is so thrilled to be able to possibly pass as one of them. I love catching that look of achievement on his face. It's the same look he has when he goes down the stairs upright.

But I love his dirty looks even more.

I managed to catch one on film. I believe at this particular moment I pointed out, in front of all the cool kids, that his poop, did in fact stink. And that it needed to be taken care of. Unfortunately, by me.

In this first photo, is the ever-so-slightly raised eyebrows, combined with the relatively expressionless face. This particular look I did not discover until I was well into my 13th year, and it was not honed until sometime around my third wedding anniversary. It says, "I'm not even going to dignify that with a response"

When I persist in calling him poopypants and baby talking to him and assure him the dignity of a response is not needed, just 2 minutes with some wipes and a new diaper.... I get the full dirty look.

It's awesome. I think he might be flashing some gang signs too.

Upon further review, I'm noticing a striking similarity to the photo of Avee, looking at the dirt on her face. A little less "dirty" with the eyes and a little more "skeewompus".

Who knew I could have so much fun exploiting my children on the blog?

Heh. Pretty much everyone.


Rachelle said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! too funny. they each of such personality... just like their mama! :) thanks for sharing. loved the gang signs...word. LOL!

MommyJ said...

Oh holy hilarious. I love your kids. And I don't even know em. At least not for real.

But then, who says blogs aren't real?

I loved Bo's song.

And I love all the red hair.

Klin said...

Bo gets an audience every time I play his videos!

I didn't recognize his song, but I don't know it by title either;)

Avee was just giving her hands a mud bath so they would stay soft like a princess hands should be. Love her crossed eyes. Is that a new look for princess-esque little girls?

Danyo- I'd give my mom dirty looks for telling me my poop stunk, and I'd flash some signs if she did it in front of others, too. Glad your gang sings were clean;)

rychelle said...

Cute pictures. Will was by me when I was reading and when we got to Avee, I asked who that was and he screahed, "A-VEE" With a very high pitche long""E" sound.

Tori :) said...

Avee and Livie could hang. They wear the same dresses and like the mud.
Danyo has definitely perfected the look!!!
Bo played that awesome. Seriously. I'm impressed!! I liked the meltdown video best.

Suzanne said...

Your kids are so cute!

"playing last week's song is beneath him" What a little achiever Bo is! I never even thought of starting my kids on musical instruments at that age...or now for that matter. I guess I am uncultured! ;)

I love that Avee is all girly, but still loves the mud too. And Danyo has changed so much. He really does look like a bigger boy now, but it's funny how the youngest is still the baby.

My 6-year old is still my baby, sad but true. Luckily, that will change soon. But it's going to rock his little world!

So, if I speak in a higher pitched voice, will people start treating me like a princess too? ***taking notes*** ;)

Have a great day, Nobody!

Plain Jame said...

Oh my gosh, I know that song by heart from hearing my sister play it on her violin for (what seems like) 80 years.
It's probably suzuki or something, I cant remember what book it's out of - holy cow the memories are flooding back. I wish I could remember the name of that song - I'll probably smack myself once I think of it.
Going to go drive myself nuts trying to remember it now..

Camille said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are adorable! But I'm sure you knew that already.

Barnecked Lady said...

OMGOSH! So funny! Braxton and I were just checking out your blog, and he was Mr. 20 Questions about your kids. How old are they? How tall do you think they are now? Man we haven't seen them in years. How can Bo play the violin so well? etc....etc....
Next visit you must bring the whole family.
Avee's cross eyed face made my incision hurt I was laughing so hard. Love the stink eye on Danyo too. Awesome!

No Cool Story said...

Uh, excuse me, we don't say "crappy".
Bo is really good on the violin! Seriously. Soon he'll be able to go on tour with Omar.

I think Avee was the one flashing gang signs!

omar said...

I'm concerned for your children, with them being raised in gangs and such.

omar said...

I should have said, "...and whatnot." I don't know what I was thinking.

ucmama said...

My kids came pre-programmed with dirty looks. Did I spell programmed right? It looks weird. Like your kids.

ucmama said...

Hey, hey! Just stopped by to say that your kids are awesome, your blog is hilarious, and your hair looked great the last time I saw you.
So there.

ucmama said...

stopped back by, I mean. I just don't know how to quit you...

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Oh the looks! Your kids have got them down. There is nothing like that! I am glad you got them on film for them! When their kids start doing it, you call pull them out!
I agree, your hair is super awesome!

Rebecca said...

love the video, and your behind the scenes.. so we don't worry! Love the pics.. the cute expressions!!! love it all!

Physcokity said...

Gang signs? Pretty sure Danyo was working on some sweet rock band/guitar hero/air guitar moves. I kid you not. Look at the boy's hands all ready for fret work ;)

Charlotte said...

Your kids have those looks down pat! They will be on the cutting edge of inventing new dirty looks by the time their teenagers. Little dirty look prodigies.