Monday, May 11, 2009

How I Know He'll Find Success In Life

Exhibit A:
(some random conversation in which the swine flu is mentioned)
J: (very proud of his homemade joke) Yeah, the swine flu the other white flu.
Bo: Uh, Dad---I'm pretty sure African Americans can get swine flu too.

Exhibit B:
J: (sticking his head in the van where all the kids are sitting) Who wants to ride with me!?
Bo: I do! Oh wait, no. I want to stay here with Danyo.
J: We cantalk aboutthe electromagnetic spectrum... ♫
Bo: Really!? Okay!!!

Exhibit C:
(First thing this morning)
Bo: Mom, I went poop this morning.
Me: Okay.
Bo: Uhhh. A lot.
Me: Are you okay? Is there a mess? Are you clean? What's wrong, why are you telling me this?
Bo: Well, it's just that, it seems like it has to be diarrhea since there was so much.
Me: Oh. Okay.
Bo: Soooo....
Me: So what? Are you feeling yucky?
Bo: No.
Me: Well, what's the problem then?
Bo: Well, my teacher said if you have diarrhea, it's probably swine flu and not to come to school.
Me: Ohhhh. Right. Pretty sure you're okay. Is there another reason you'd like to stay home?
Bo: No. I just don't want to get in trouble for having swine flu.

I bit my tongue because I'm trying not to be so sarcastic with or around Bo all the time, but I really wanted to say, "I'll write you a note that says, 'Please do not give Bo detention for having diarrhea or swine flu, he didn't mean to'."
Bo picks up on my derision of the school and that's probably not a good thing. Since he repeats everything.


Coordination Queen said...

What a funny little boy! How do you keep from laughing all of the time?

MommyJ said...

He is funny.

Did he really get excited about the electromagnetic spectrum? Is he even six yet? That's hilarious.

Mrs Lemon said...

Love the imaginary excuse note to school. It's Bo and it's his school - he will probably get detention if he passes gas in another boy's direction

Tori :) said...

J freakin' cracks me up. How do you make those song note thingies?

Bo is rad.

Adolescent Family said...

SO FUNNY! Its a good thing you have this blog. I am really gonna miss you guys! :)

Mrs. Organic said...

"The other white flu" - I love it! Your kids cannot help but be hilarious with the two of you in their gene pool.

Plain Jame said...

Classic. I love how he got all giddy over the electromagnetic spectrum.
Do you sell tickets to his standup?

Klin said...

"'Please do not give Bo detention for having diarrhea or swine flu, he didn't mean to'."

Best note evah!!!

Mycurlyhairdays said...

Ok, totally thought you were talking about how you know J will find success in life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swine flu! Gotta love it!
Yeah, I have to be careful with my sarcasm, too.
Love it when the kids repeat EVERYTHING we don't want the neighbors to know.
Oh, wait! Strike that and don't ask them any personal questions!

Sarah Tilley said...

"i'm pretty sure african americans can get swine flu, too."
this post made my day. thanks!

Code Yellow said...

Bo's smart - he knows that at his school he'd be in trouble for HAVING swine flu before anyone was worried about him DYING from it. :)

I can't believe the electromagnetic spectrum can top M&Ms as an incentive.

These kind of conversations are the best part of momhood, I think.

Rebecca said...

the other white flu.. so funny.. and note to school.. love it!!

ucmama said...

Bo rocks!

Sorry, I would leave a better comment, but I left all my funny over in Carrot's comment section.

I will visit here first next time.

shhhhh! Don't tell Carrot!

Sarah said...

6 days to wait, but worth the wait..

Sars and Swine flu walk into a bar,

The bartender says, we don’t want your kind in here.

Sars and Swine flu say, “We just came in for a couple of shots.”

No Cool Story said...

I know that whenever anyone mentions the electromagnetic spectrum I am ALL EARS.

I also hope he doesn't get detention for having the swine flu.
Good luck Bo!

Carrot Jello said...

Next time I feel like ♫ talking about ♪ the electromagnetic spectrum... ♫ I'm totally calling your house.
Yeah, THAT sounds like fun.

ucmama said...

NCS, is that kind of like how Super Happy Girl is all teeth?

Physcokity said...

Hahaha love the Bo'isms.