Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

This weekend I had the pleasure of toodling around town with Bo. Do any of you toodle? Is that a made-up word? Well, let me tell you---you're missing out if you don't toodle. I had such a great time with Bo. He is a delightful boy. And that's largely because I am his mother and find his idiosyncrasies charming and endearing. Not at all annoying, like the little girls who's necks he tries to lick may think.

Bo is an easy-going kid and easily gets kind of crowded into the background by his much more demanding and needy siblings. It is hard for me to not let him just chill out in the background. It's easier for me, but it's not fair to him. Running errands around town together reminded me just how delightful he can be. I love conversations with him. He has one frustrating habit that he came by completely honestly. He will "start" a conversation in his head and then "end" it out loud with me. I will have no idea what he's talking about, where he's coming from, what he's referring to. I'll have to ask 7 different ways for clarification and THEN we can have a coherent conversation. J has been known to blurt out, "Isn't that a great idea!?!" after long minutes of silence at the dinner table.

I know, hard to believe there's even a second of silence in this household, huh? I may have exaggerated how long it was quiet before he blurted that out.

After 2 hours of running around, Bo had had enough.

I looked at the digital clock on the dashboard and said, "When it says six-thirty-three, we will be home." That was after I said, "We'll be home in five minutes" and he counted to five and said, "We aren't hoooooome yet!"

So, he started chanting the time, over and over. 6:28 then 6:29, and then came the devastating 6:30. It broke my heart. It took me a few seconds, well, about 34 to be exact, to realize how devastating it was.

My little baby doesn't say "sirty" anymore. He didn't even really say sirty, he'd say, "Sohty". It's all fading much too fast. He says "thowty". I have to be grateful for the marked absence of an R in that word, but I can't help but to mourn over the sudden appearance of the TH blend.

Please take a moment to mourn with me. My baby who will be 5 in exactly 1 month is losing his speech impediment. No one told me how hard this would be.

Nextly. I may need to remind you at this point that I am a mommy blogger. The dreaded mommy blogger. Because not only did I just type extensively about a 4 year old now pronouncing the TH sound, I am about to embark on an even more menial subject. You thought it wasn't possible. Let me show you....

The other day Avee announced that she is no longer 3. She didn't even last a whole month. When I asked her how old she is, I expected her to say 4--like Bo. Or 9, like her bff. Or any number that would make her the big girl most little girls want to be. She said two. And then she showed me with her little fingers, in case there was any misunderstanding on my part.

I found this completely hilarious with a side of adorable. I have asked her several times or let her overhear me saying she was 3. Just to get the response, "I don't want to be 3, I'm 2!"

Well, as any good mommy blogger does, I tried to capture the statement on camera. It was THERE that I learned WHY she doesn't want to be 3. It's brilliant, I tell you.

Lastly, a picture for my closest friends who just skim my blog for pictures. I cherish our friendship.

I loved how Danyo was just hanging out in the stroller.


omar said...


It's hard to beat the convenience of pooping in a diaper/pull-up. That kid's way ahead of her time.

Michelle said...

Perfectly good reason!!

The Child Family said...

My favorite video evoh! I think your in trouble though. Especially if she tells Danyo!

Just think, you get to change diapers fo evoh!

That totally beats missing the TH blend.


Rebecca said...

so long th.. it went with my boys backahoop.. its basketball now.. a moment of silence please.. as for that girl of yours.. shes got your number.. if you don't turn 3 you don't have to pee.. see its a chant.. and as for danyo.. I love that he is chillen.. bo is on lookin' and avee is lookin' at the camera as cute as can be.. thanks for the video.. the laughs and the photos..

iowamom said...

It makes me so happy to know that I am not the only mother who finds it too hard to see the vanishing speech impediments...I have been known to strongly encourage Hannah to keep right on speaking incorrectly!

Leslie said...

i think i could eat your baby. he is SOOOO cute. :)

and i never skim your blog. promise. your words are too good.

Barnecked Lady said...


Cindy said...

The video of Avee was sooo cute and funny. Ben and I were both laughing.

No Cool Story said...

Fohstly: Do not google "toodle"

Knowing that you don't mind me: Do not read Urban Dictionary.

Furtherly knowing that you don't mind me evoh: Only read the top entry.

No Cool Story said...

"Isn't that a great idea!?!"

Oh man, that little guy is truly a genius.

Dude, you owe it to the World, you have no choice. You HAVE to be a mommy blogger.
Otherwise how are we going to know all these adventures!

No Cool Story said...

Avee is so smart.

3 does have lots more responsibility, duh!

Amy said...

Danyo is SO big and SO cute.

No Cool Story said...

oh no!!!
I didn't mention Danyo on my last comments :(


Danyo is so cute and big! I love his cheeks.

Lisa said...

Just tell her when she is 83 she won't have to poop in the toilet, either. It's back to diapers.

Traci said...

Ok, lisa just made me laugh...

But again, I just have to express my gratitude that you put your supermodel blogger ambitions on hold, because this is such good material.

Sorry about the TH. Try to keep the R hidden for a while.

(BTW, Henry is my overlooked, and toodling THRILLS him and I'm the one done after two hours. Sad.)

So awesome that Avee doesn't leave you to guess about her Peter Pan idea - hilarious that she articulates it so accurately.

And Danyo? I WANT him, he's so cute.

Tori :) said...

Ditto to Omar's comment. She's a smart cookie.

S said...

Love the new blue thing in the back ground of picture:) Snazzy! Love Danyo....yummy! Omar, Lisa made me laugh. And Red can't get enough of Avee. WE may just be commenting but we actually visit often to watch. She is telling me what to write to that black doll. I think it is all love?????