Monday, February 18, 2008

Pet Peeve # 6

"Hi Nobody! How are you doing?"
"Well, this is _________. I'm wondering, are you busy tonight?"

What the?
Of course I'm busy tonight! I have 3 children.
Am I too busy for a delivery of a million dollars?
Am I too busy to go into work and take my 3 kids, one of whom has been running a fever since Saturday night, and I can't leave with her daddio because he is taking a class until 9 pm?

Don't ask me if I'm busy. Don't ask me if I can do you a favor, expecting an answer before you give the details of the favor.

Don't call my house at 7:40 AM to ask me those kinds of questions either.

If there's a problem, yo---I'll solve it. But don't try to trick me into being helpful. I've learned the hard way how to say no; even when it feels mean to do it.


S said...

This one is closer to Peeve # One for me!!!

The Child Family said...

Ice Ice Baby!

Also a peeve. Except I have to many to #. :)

Word to ya motha.

Tori :) said...

"Check out the hook while my dj revolves it..."

I hate that too. But Ice ICe Bab rocks.

Tori :) said...
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Tori :) said...

Yeah- you know that rap- "Ice Ice Bab." Totally cool.

You know what I meant...

Rebecca said...

I was thinking more along the lines of "Scoop up some ice cream and I will dissolve it". (Weird Al)

I hate when people do that too.

Sarah Tilley said...

hey, at least your mother law doesn't call at 8 am on a saturday, to tell you about an indoor play place that she knows your kid would love to go to...

Barnecked Lady said...

LOL.....Somebody, I mean Nobody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. lol. jk.
You sound very familiar, for a minute I thought i was reading my own blog. he he he.

glittersmama said...

So what did they want? Did you do it?

I hate being cornered into stuff. When people ask me that now, I've discovered that answering their question with a question is the best way to go.

Why? What's up?

NOBODY said...

S: Yeah, I think it might be closer to #1 for me, but it just seems like there are several other things that annoy me more.

Tiff: In Iowa, people call you at 7:40 AM when they don't have to.

Tori: HA! You funny. I've been "Singing" Ice Ice Baby all morning, finally Bo axed me to stop.

Rebecca: I didn't know you were a Weird Al girl. You and Jay...

Tilley: Yeah, that would be super annoying. Can I get your phone number for when I have some great ideas to share with you?

Barnecked Lady: HA! That's funny. I do sound like you, don't I? Well, if there weren't so many stupid people in the world, we wouldn't have to be this way. Right?

Glittersmama: She wanted me to work for her. More background info--her baby daddy doesn't work and she was saying that her kids weren't feeling well so she needed me to fill in for her--I think she just wanted the day off. My baby daddy really isn't available and my baby really IS sick, so it was hard for me to be sympathetic.
Questions with questions is absolutely the best response to people who aren't straight forward. That's how I responded. :)

No Cool Story said...

Now seriously. Are you busy tonight?

No Cool Story said...

I hear you yo.

Them: How are you?
Me: Great
Them: What are you doing tonight?
Me: Oh nothing, you?
Them: Oh...since you are not busy could you BLAH BLAH BLAH...

What the heck kind of way of axing for a favor is that?
I don't even get to have an out or anyhting :(

No Cool Story said...

I've heard it's socially unacceptable to call before 9 am.

Amy said...

I ALWAYS say I'm busy when people ask if I'm busy. Then I decide if I'm too busy to do what they want. Usually I am.

Analiese said...

And how is this:

Hey, so and so is sick can you make her family of 8 dinner.

Sure, I can do that and add my 4 on to it

2 weeks later the dishes are bought back - still dirty!!!!!

TheVasquez3 said...

oh this has to be my all time biggest peeve. and a close second is anyone who calls my house BEFORE 9am or AFTER 9pm.

unfortunatly it goes with the territory, ya know!?

that whole called to serve business.

but i got it 100% under's called caller ID baby!!

and yea it is REALLY ahrd to say NO!, but sometimes ya gotta!!

omar said...

I'm so mad that I didn't get here in time to complete the Vanilla Ice line.

So mad.

Sketchy said...

You said NO??? You're my hero.