Saturday, February 23, 2008

Comedy Central We're Not

A couple of months ago I was babysitting my friend's three children. They are 9, 7, and Bo's age. We were eating dinner when all sorts of mayhem broke loose in the form of knock-knock jokes. Actually, it was every joke any of them could think of, at the top of their lungs. Everything was funny, no one really needed an audience, and it was total chaos.

Bo and Avee definitely appreciate loud, obnoxious "jokes", so they were very much enjoying this version of mealtime. Bo was actively involved in the yelling and raucous laughter.

Avee was delighted and laughing a lot, but other than the giggling, she was pretty quiet.

Until about 8 minutes into all the noise, she put down her spoon, lifted her chin up high, and yelled at the top of her lungs, "POOOOOP!"

If she hadn't been in a booster chair that strapped her in, I'm certain she would have been on the floor for the hysterical laughing that immediately followed. The other kids all started laughing at the tiny little girl with a tiny little voice, screaming something totally inappropriate (even compared to their own jokes) at the dinner table.

I admit, I couldn't even maintain my role as Mature Adult. I laughed out loud at this little peek into Avee's world of "what's funny".

Because of my lost of composure, I created a monster. Now it doesn't matter how many times I tell her that kind of stuff really isn't all that funny, she just remembers the first time.

And so I give you, Saturday afternoon at my house:


TheVasquez3 said...

"what a talking sausage?!?"


you are wrong this IS comedy central!!


bwaa hahahahaha

TheVasquez3 said...

oh and i am suppose to be doing the happy dance and screaming FIRST!!

hahaha ahahahhhha

Kikibug said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Michael and I are CRACKING up! That is THE BEST! I love those kids! hahahaha Still laughing.

AndrewP said...

That's really funny.

Ellie also went through the Poop Is Funny! stage. Oh, wait. She's still there.

Mostly because I am.

Emily said...

While thumbing through one of the boys' Captain Underpants books, I came across a little passage that explained how parents confuse young children in regards to poop -- First, he explained, they make this gigantic production out of where to poop and when to not poop and what a GREAT KID they are when they finally sort out all these rules... then Mom and Dad mysteriously and suddenly demand that the word poop never be mentioned again. Okay, so it's not going to make it to Brainy Quote Dot Com or anything, but I thought it was a pretty good point.

Avee is so stinking adorable. I know she'll never remember me (as anything other than Le'Maid or Goliath) but I still totally miss that face.

No Cool Story said...


I vote Comedy Central. As soon as Danyo is able to talk you can all hit the road: "Meet the Nobodys" It'll be great.

Traci said...

Welcome to the potty words are hilarious stage. Henry has embraced it at our house - "poop" and it's derivatives fit into a surprising number of Primary songs. Just warning you. And it is forever funny and difficult to be Mature Adult when the giggles can't be contained.

Avery is a hoot. And Bo's talking sausage joke? I've NEVER heard it and it made me laugh. Hard. I'm also jealous that the knock-knock jokes actually contain the play on words that they are supposed to.

S said...
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Sketchy said...

There's poop in your hair.

Yep that's a classic.

A well used classic of around this age.

omar said...

I'm going out to dinner with a few friends this week, I'm totally stealing Avee's joke. I'll let you know how it goes.

MommyJ said...

I laughed out loud at the talking sausage joke. It makes me want to go and wake up my six year old because I know he will love it. Okay. not really wake him up. But I still love the joke. Avee is so adorable. I will always wonder why kids think words like poop are so funny. Do they get that from grown ups?

Carrot Jello said...

I just have one thing to say about this.


I'd say more, but my ice cream cone is melting.

Luisa Perkins said...

HI-larious. Kids are the beyssssst.

EarthBint said...

My sisters and I found that completely hilarious but we were all bummed that the computer WOULD NOT let us see the lasrt 22 seconds of the video!!

Poop on your head, on your face, in your hair the list is endless!

Awesome post, that'll keep me laughing for a while.

Rebecca said...

I will have to say the impatient ghost is pretty freakn funny.. and we sadly encourage our fair share of potty jokes around here.. tooter pooter.. is the phrase of choice here.. Reagan thinks its very funny to call you a tooter pooter.. we have to laugh!! :) Thanks for sharing the video!!!

Millie said...

LOL... seriously, that girl has her mom's sense of humor.

(not that you went around yelling "pooooop" that night)