Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning

I was busily working in the kitchen, alphabetizing my spices and finding the last big box of kitchen stuff a home. No small feat in this ridiculously small kitchen.

J was playing with the kids in the living room and said, "Well, we better start getting ready for church now."

I sighed loudly. I can't be bothered with the salvation of my soul when I'm only to cumin in my spice endeavor.

A few minutes later he says something he's never said before and I'm certain will never say again.

"Do you wanna just skip this week?"

I looked around at the clutter and boxes and unusable kitchen but I played it cool and casually responded, "Oh, whatever you want sweetie..."

Then, about 15 minutes later J, playing horsey with the kids, decided the horse needed a drink. Bo walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. We were standing nearby, barely paying attention, but we heard the refrigerator door close and Bo casually mutter, "dammit" as he walks back into the living room for some more popcorn.

We weren't sure we heard him right. He seemed so nonplussed for having just flung out a swear word. I mean, everyone knows, around here, you have to have a REALLY good reason to say that word. Like, forgetting your purse in the house after getting the kids loaded in the car...

"Um Bo, why did you just say that?"
"Say what?"

"Uhh, dammit."

"Oh yeah. My cream soda was all gone."

I think we need to go to church today.


Beckie said...

How Funny! It's amazing the words that come out of our kids mouths!
Sure miss you guys...K.K. wasn't to know when we get to visit you.
Love ya forever

Luisa Perkins said...

And a little child will lead them... ;)

Well told! I'm sure that cumin through vanilla was still there when you got back.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Wow, we really have to watch what we say. My sister called me the other day and wanted to know where one of my nephews had heard a particular word. I had to admit it was when Skye head-butted me in the nose trying to give me a hug and a kiss. Between the tears pouring out of my eyes (always happens when the nose gets hit) and trying to hold baby Elias and give Skye her hug and kiss, apparently a word slipped out. Yeah, church is a good thing.

No Cool Story said...

Yeah, and let that be your lesson!

Tori :) said...

Hmmm.... I went to church today and I still just said those words when I spilt sauce down the front of my shirt. Oops.

portuguesa nova said...

There are a lot of activities that people partake in very early that really impress me.

Working out and alphabetizing spices are at the top of the list.

S said...

You are so full of crap.......cumin,curry,CRAP!!!!!
ps RED taught him that word:)

S said...

try this:)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Church that boy up, Motha.

So, where would he have picked up that choice bit of vocabulary? :)

Barnecked Lady said...

Sunday's are the only day I do SWEAR, and usually because of church!!!! Better go figure out a new plan. LOL!!!!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Don't worry - the "wanna just skip this week" will come out of your mouth a few more times in life. Like sometime when you have church from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. But we'll all go to hell together, with our sailor-swearing children.

Yeah, Sundays are not my thing these days. D has taken to buying me a "Sunday coke" on Saturday night so I can make it through the next day. Because I tend to say what Bo did when it's all gone. :)

Sketchy said...

LOL, its not very often you get such immediate promptings.

Ummm, you alphabetize your spices?

Nobody said...

Beckie-HI! Tell K.K we are ready!

Luisa--I have been laughing about your comment since I read it yesterday evening.

Candace-Welcome! I say all bets are off when you get that headbutt to the nose. Those HURT. I remember feeling proud I didn't throw my one year old after he hit me with a train right on the bridge of my nose.

NCS-Why do I have to be learning from a foul-mouthed four year old!?

Tori-so I could have stayed home?

Portuguesa Nova-I did take literary license here---I was putting my spices away but alphabetizing them is both too hard for me, AND a waste of time for my cupboards. But I like to project the image of being organized.

S--calling my bluff on MY blog!? How dare you? That swearing bird link was hilarious.

TMSquared- I really need to watch who I let my boy hang out with, I can't IMAGINE where he hears such things...

Barnecked Lady-I believe it. I've seen you on Sundays! :) Have I told you I think your screen name is hilarious?

CYM-I heard D refer to the Sunday Coke when I was there. Thought it was hilarious. And wise. Danyo twitches like a junkie when I have caffeine, so I've been clean and sober for several months. I have to resort to alphabetizing my spices to make it through my Sundays. :)

Sketchy-So funny! I never feel like I get those loud and clear ones, and here I did! I do not alphabetize my spices. I think about it, I start it, and then I laugh hysterically that I actually think that kind of thing has a place in my household, say dammit, and move on...

Rebecca said...

Look at that Beckie is first and doesn't even know the honors it beholds.. all I have to say is.. thank you for blogging.. not that same as having you here.. but a close second.. Thank you US postal service.. I got mail.. and thank you for making me cry.. again!!!! :)

Suzanne said...

LOL!!! Was it a sign from above? O.k., I can't talk. We painted our house one weekend ago and we were too tired to go to church...