Monday, August 13, 2007

Size Does Matter

So, there are 5 gazillion kids in this neighborhood. And they all have a magnetic draw to my doorbell. J's already disengaged it. That was yesterday after the 39th ring in an hour. Granted, half of the rings are Bo asking a question.

There are a LOT of children between about 2 and 6. There's a darling little redhaired girl, about 6 years old who wants Avee to come out and play and Avee isn't easily swayed. It's sort of funny to watch my 2 year old size up a 6 year old and hem and haw about whether or not she wants to play with her.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, noooo. Saw-ee, not today, I watch Caillou!" She says that, even when Caillou isn't on. Two year old version of, "Tell her I'm in the shower!"

So, there's a darling boy across the street who is only about 4 months younger than Bo; but he's quite a bit smaller. With these teeny little eyeglasses. Yesterday he knocked on my door and asked to play with Bo. When I told him he couldn't, he politely said, "Oh, okay. Well then, could I draw on your house?" and held up a Bic pen. I laughed right out loud and scared the little dear away. Bet you've never been asked that.

However, next door, there's a big boy, about 6 or so. At least he's the size of a 6 year old. But he can't talk. He says the words, but I can't understand a blessed thing he says. I have to be very careful because if I pretend to understand him and offer a polite, but unknowing, "Uh-uh, sure!" he'll walk off with our DVD player. Because I said he could.

Bo prefers to play with him. He can't understand him either. But he's big. And that's all that matters. Today Bo told little "K", "I don't want to play with you, I want to wait for someone bigger to come home." I gave him a stern talking to for that.

We do not judge people by their size.
We judge them by their annual income.


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Wow. It's like you're living my hell. I'm glad you can enjoy your kids' reactions to the neighborhood kids - that speaks to the kind of sweet mom you are. :)

It's such a blessing that we don't have a doorbell.

Tori :) said...

SOunds like my house. We're like grand central station because we have a kid in every age group.

"Can I draw on your house??" Lol

No Cool Story said...

Comedy GOLD this place is!!
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, noooo. Saw-ee, not today, Avee has all the cool lines, how does she do that?*.
That boy with the teeny little yeglasses who wanted to draw on your house? Yeah, I want him.

*'Cause she's that cool, duh!

No Cool Story said...

OOOOH!! Did i tell you I love the pictures?
I super ♥ the top banner pictures.

Rebecca said...

Well I am glad to see you have found a few friends.. I can barely understand my husband somedays, so 6 year old sized kid is right up my alley.. I am glad to see little Avee is getting picky.. its hard to find another Reagan!! Our doorbell never worked right and I have intentionally never fixed it!!!!

Rebecca said...

Are those the pictures from the park?! I may need that info!!

S said...

OK back to spewing cereal on the tv monitor! Does millie's pic have the Queen pickin her nose???

Luisa Perkins said...

Our neighbors across the street just bought the EXACT SAME wireless doorbell at Home Depot that we have. Now whenever someone rings one doorbell, the other one goes off as well.

Good times.

Sketchy said...

And I thought it was a sad thing there aren't so many kids in our neighborhood...silly me!

LOVING the new pictures in your header by the way!

Suzanne said...

I have a friend that had a great idea for "little visitors." She made a stop sign that said "No playing today" and green light sign that said "Yes, we can play." She hung one accordingly on the front door.

If it was green, the kids were free to knock to ask to play, but if the stop sign was up, they knew the answer was "no". I don't live in a neighborhood right now, but once I do, I'm definitely doing it because she said it worked so well.

Although...if you put up a stop sign you might end up with BIC writing on your house! :D

Code Yellow Mom said...

Adorable header.

Draw on your house? Now THAT is a good pick up line. He should try it again in adolescence and see if the girl he says it to laughs in his face, too. :)

Cal had a non-understandable kid he liked to play with at our old place. They would play forever and I couldn't figure it out, because he is not patient with not being able to understand (he used to come get me to sit through sharing time with him whenever the Japanese counselor did it because he couldn't understand her accent!)

This post made me wish for more kids in our neighborhood. But not for a doorbell...I can only imagine.

megachick said...

draw on my house? are you out of your mind?
most of our doorbell rings are from pooka when she thinks she's locked out but the latch is just stuck.

Brei t Mama said...

Just FYI! One called today, only to discover that a certain Ms. Nobody was napping.

Beckie said...

Ok is how a canadian would use "Bob's your Uncle".....
" you place the flowers in the vase...and Bob's your Uncle. (there ya go...there ya have it)

Also another favorite....soother ( you call it a binky)