Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not Just Overheard, Experienced!

This weekend we went on a little day outing to some Amish-like colonies nearby. They aren't Amish. But I'm ignorant about them, so I've resorted to calling them Amish-like. Sort of like how I'm educated-like, or smart-like.

We had a really great time. Everything we saw or did revolved around food, and that is a good day for me.

In one of the shops we were in, the chocolate one, to be exact, there was a chatty and young cashier. I was carrying Danyo in a sling and she pointed to it and said, "How old is your baby?"

Since his birthday is June 2nd, the very beginning of June, and it's the end of August, I said, "He's almost 3 months."

Then SHE said, "I have a little boy who's 3 months."

And I think, oh cool, wouldn't that be funny if our boys were the exact same age? So I ask, "Oh really, what's his birthday?"

Innocent enough, no?

She twists up her face, to show she's thinking really hard, she looks up with her eyes, as though into her mind to recall that date, that ever-so elusive date of the BIRTH OF YOUR CHILD. At this point, I was certain I had mis-heard her and she hadn't said SHE had a child, she'd said something else.

Then she starts guessing, "Juuuuune, uh, June tweeeeennnnnnnnnnty, um, June twenty something." I just nodded. The connection was lost. It wasn't even her child. And a June twenty something child isn't 3 months old. Whatever.

But then she says, "Oh gosh, I just don't know. I was there! I just can't remember."

I smiled politely, my niece finished her transaction and we left. Outside I said, "I could have sworn she said she had a 3 month old but..." and Erica says, "She DID say that. That was so weird."

And then we laughed. Because it was weird and so entirely random.

I mean, there's striking up conversation and then there's---well, making up fictional babies.

At least I can be certain my baby is cuter than hers.


Alicia said...

You have to be careful of those Amish-like folks and their pretend babies. I've had to talk to a lot more strangers toting around a baby, but never anything like that.

No Cool Story said...

I saw the Amish-like folks! I saw the Amish-like folks "drive here" I saw their little Amish-like horseys corrals and everything. So what are they? I expect a full report Nobody. It's not like you are attending the Most adorable Blogger of the Year ceremony or something.

Imaginary babies? Dude, the stories just keep on coming from Iuowwwwwaaaaaa.

Tori :) said...

I'm gonna start doing that. When people comment on how many kids I have I'll just make up a few more. "Well, I left the other 3 at home." Maybe I'll name them too.

glittersmama said...

Fake babies. I love it. It sounds like she's pretty good at math too. I hope her cash register does all the calculating for her.

portuguesa nova said...

I have a theory. Sometimes, when I'm certain that no one is ever going to encounter my child face-to-face, I like to shave a month or two or three or more off her age so as to put me closer to her date-of-birth, so as to explain why I still look pregnant.

However, the key to this trick, and one she obviously hasn't mastered is this: if you're gonna claim you have a three month old, you need to be able to subtract three months from the current date real quick like.

Carrot Jello said...

LOL@alicias comment.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

She was lying through her Amish-like teeth. I can tell.

Rebecca said...

I would check to see how much you paid for that chocolate.. thats some strange math.. perhaps in the Amish-like world they keep time-like.. so you could have a June 20 - like birth date.. I think I am going to adopt that style.. I am 30 - like something!!!!

Barnecked Lady said...

OKay and you didn't yell at her and tell her she was an idiot!!! Come on Schmitty, didn't I teach you anything!!!!!

Breit Mama said...

I would definately stay away from those Amish-like folk. Now the Mennonites, that is a different story!

Sketchy said...

Here we have actual Amish, not just Amish impersonators. I think that's the difference right there.

(And you would not believe how long it took me to pull the word "imperonators" out of the air. Amish interrogators? No. Amish instigators? No that's not it? What is that word? You know like Elvis in Las Vegas???? Apparently I'm not to smart-like this morning.)

EarthBint said...

And don't forget the Amish-Like people that kept saying how beautiful 'she' was, that were making bear claws...

Them Amish-like people have some strange ideas about babies.

Suzanne said...

"Everything we saw or did revolved around food, and that is a good day for me." YES!!!!

That is so wacky that someone couldn't remember the birth date of their child! (Even when I was sleep deprived to the point of insanity, I always remembered that! LOL!)