Saturday, August 4, 2007

From the Midwest

I'm still living out of a suitcase.
I'm still completely overwhelmed and if we never move again, it will be too soon.
I still wonder HOW I accumulated so much stuff. And children.

I'm at my sister's house right now and apparently, the rule at her house, is, if I stay here, I have to blog. Only, what she doesn't know is, all the profound, insightful, unbearably funny things I blog about---I talk about in real life. So she's gonna get a bunch of repeats. Neener neener. That's what you get for giving me rules. I am a free spirit. Who answers to a 2 month old. And two year old. Oh yeah, and a 4 year old. Free, free, free!

I will leave you with a Bo quote, just to hold you over until I can sit down and write the two posts that are twirling around in my head. They are ever-so fascinating. They are as anxiously awaiting their typage, as you are their readage.

While driving down to my sister's last night, Bo fell asleep. He woke up suddenly and was distraught, crying, and saying "ow" over and over. I was immediately concerned and thought he might have been woken up by pain. I started asking with some urgency, from the driver's seat, "Bo, what's wrong, what hurts, tell me what is the matter, tell me what is hurting you."

He moaned and whined a little more.

I inquired more aggressively with the kind of compassionate, empathetic concern a mother has for her child and he finally answered.

"Your driving is what is hurting me."


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...


I miss you - now you're farther away than ever. :(

The box of chocolate and candy was ever so wonderful. I can't thank you enough. :)

Poor Angela, living out of a suitcase with her babies... how much longer will you be there at S's? I assume it's S.

S said...

Could I get some piece of quite around here. "I assume it's S" identy is still a secret:)

Tori :) said...

I'm sorry you're living out of a suitcase! That doesn't sound fun. although visiting with sister is fun...
LOL at Bo!

No Cool Story said...

How did you accumulated all those children anyway?
*Hi S!!*
Children don't lie you know?

Rebecca said...

For all the driving you have done poor Bo has a right to be ached by it.. I know I have only driven a portion of what you have and I ache in places I wont mention!! Kiss all those cuties for me.. say hi to S "HI S" and we are trying not to miss you.. its not working!

Dawna said...

sorry life feels so upsidedown when you move. But I hope I'm doing it soon!!!!! ihopeihope

amilee said...

I can't believe how rude you are...........packing up and leaving while i was out of town! SOME PEOPLE!!!!!

Sketchy said...

Personally I like your sister's rules...that's one good sister S...well to us anyway. But then again it appears she's let you and your 2 month old and your 2 year old and oh yes, your 4 year old move in, so she seems pretty good to you as well.

"Your driving is hurting me!" LOL

My kids can crash in a car like nobodies business, but if we make the mistake of trying to drive late at night then they always wake up crying. Apparently bedtime sleeping is different.

megachick said...

gee whiz, how many curbs did you drive over?

Suzanne said...

How fun that you can still blog, even when you're still in limbo. Priorities, right? :D

I'm always amazed at how much "stuff" we have every time we move, but every time I go to get rid of something, I know we need it. I'm convinced that children hae more stuff that adults. Now how is that fair?

Hopefully you get settled in soon and life can return back to normal! :)

Luisa Perkins said...

Excellent quote. I laughed hard.

Lisa said...

I have been in limbo, living with my sister for a month, then the in-laws for a couple of weeks waiting to get into my home. Good luck!

Code Yellow Mom said...

so funny. driving forever does hurt. so does moving. and living out of a suitcase. ouch, ouch, ouch.