Wednesday, June 6, 2007


First, a little Avee cuteness.

What are you doing in here Aves?

No! Nuffin! No Mama!

Tell me what you are hiding...

No. want. to!

Please show me?


Oh Avee....

I share! Want some Mama?

Secondly. When I got home from the hospital, this was posted on our refrigerator.

I knew that it wasn't there for reference to use in the future, but because J is a HUGE fan of any type of child entrepreneurism. I got a pretty big kick out of it, considering the timing and all.

I would totally call these girls, but I'm confused about their rate. Is it $3 or $1? And if they're gonna be that shifty in their ad, who's to say they won't try to swindle me when I hire them?

Also, I'd say these girls are about 9 or 10. Did you notice that Nyla has TWO contact numbers. Excuse me? I had a college degree and a car payment before I had two contact numbers...

I particularly like "We guarantee your child will always remember us" You gotta respect a 9 year old who can spell guarantee. But I am a little concerned about what exactly they do to ensure that remembrance.


No Cool Story said...

I love it that Avee wanted to sweeten you up by sharing AND looking totally adorable.

I was also a bit suspicious of the change from $1 to $3. Maybe they heard you guys just had a new baby and they decided to jack the price.

Millie said...

I'm glad Jay is so willing to encourage child entrepreneurism (that word is tricky to spell) but at his newborn son's expense? Really, Jay.

I hope you took a big "grannie bite" out of that cookie (we call it that after my mom, who asks for a bite and ends up with half the sandwich in her mouth).

Breit Mama said...

I agree w/ NCS, they heard about the new little man and jacked the prices on you! OR.... the less soured version is they charge $1 per hour for each child... therefore $3 per hour for you!

I would babysit for free providing that you purchase my airfare! shifty?!

Alicia said...

I can't decide which impressed me more:

1. Mere days after giving birth you have it in you to catch your 2 year-old's hand in the cookie jar.


2. You have the energy to take pictures and blog about it.

I like the babysitting notice. Good price, but you may want to go with someone else. ;-)

Rebecca said...

Can I get that number to N&K babysitting.. I mean really.. how much harm can they do compared to what I do?!! :)

Like Alicia said.. following a 2 year old..taking pictures and blogging.. I can't even do one of those let alone all three.. and I gave birth 2 and a half years ago!!

Code Yellow Mom said...

Two contact numbers is hilarious. I would totally use them as mother's helpers - like, you're still around, but they entertain and keep the kids from getting run over or whatever while you get something done around the house. Or a nap. Or a shower. Or pack. Or blog. Shoot. I wish they lived around here.

Maybe it's $3 an hour for the first kid and $1 an hour for every additional kid? Still, at $5 an hour, that's a hecka deal. Go entrepreneurship!

And go, Aves!!! So adorable.

Suzanne said...

LOL! Look at that cute guilty look on her face! :D