Thursday, June 28, 2007

And I mean this lovingly...

You know you are confident in your position as a very good friend to me, if you can send an anniversary card (to me and my husband) that says, "I'm glad you didn't take my advice and dump him..."

I have good friends. And they make me laugh too. Thanks Breitmama!

Tomorrow is 5 years for me and Big J. He is in LA and I am in Texas. I won't get to spend my anniversary with the love of my life, but I will get to spend it with our three little loves. And J's mother. So, that ought to be good. Maybe I'll throw in a pound of peanut M&M's and make it like a new kind of anniversary trifecta.

To commemorate this milestone,
The evolution of J and Ang:
7 years ago in June, we met.

Time has changed us both, don't you think?

5 years ago in June, we were married

Four years ago in June I had just gotten rid of the first of:

Three years ago in June we were doing a 4 month internship in Rexburg, Idaho. This was exactly 10 years after I left there, finishing my first year of college. This time, when I went back, I totally let a boy past the living room. And sometimes even into my bedroom. And I have no idea when curfew was, but I am certain that I was passed out a good 4 hours before it came along. Also, Taco Time across the street from our apartment burned down one night. We watched it happen. Some guys tried banging on the door to tell the employees their restuarant was on fire but the employees were all, "Only 3 packets of hot sauce per burrito---AND WE'RE CLOSED."

Look how innocent and young and free we look. Family pictures were within the realm of possible three short years ago.

Two years ago in June, J had just completed his degree. It only took one mission, one business venture, one wife, two kids, and ten years to complete. Avee was not quite 3 months old but was well established by then as the ruler of our household.

One year ago in June we were surviving our first Texas summer, and falling in love with Texas. And we talked about all the things we would accomplish since we weren't going to have another baby for a while. We had a one year old who knew no limits and a three year old who loved trains and still needed naps. J was entering his last year of 20's. I was exiting my first year of 30's. So unfair.

This year
in June, we did this:

And J spends his free time doing this:

It's been a good ride.


Rebecca said...

Really.. don't make me cry.. and when you break open that bag of M&Ms remember, though J may not be around.. I am .. and I will gladly help you celebrate!! :)

Sketchy said...

"It's been a good ride" just keeps getting more interesting! You're practically newlyweds, you have my permission to go make out like one, well, as soon as J gets home that is.

glittersmama said...

I loved that cool history. Did she really get into the toilet by herself? That's awesome!

S said...

The title is throwing me you want JUNE to come around or not??? Congratulations for a job well done.
You have come a long way virginia slim!
You have a beautiful family!

amilee said...


amilee said...

Good way to END the blog. lol. I can't stop laughing. lol.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Five years and three kids? Wow! And you're gorgeous baby!

Carrot Jello said...

My cousin and her husband owned that Taco Time that burned down. Five years and three kids is amazing.

Nobody said...

Rebecca--how about just a pile of Chili's appetizers to celebrate?

Sketchy--you make me laugh! I'll wait until J gets home...

Glittersmama--Welcome and thanks! We spent the first 18 months of Aves life saying, "Did she really just do that?" We don't anymore. She really did just climb in the toilet for a little dip. And I really did shamelessly take 9 pictures of it.


Amilee---of course you notice. :)

Lazy Organizer---I studied your comment for a good 5 minutes. At first I thought you wrote a fragment sentence with an incorrect contraction in the word "your" and you were commenting on my baby. But I have decided you are an intelligent woman you writes in complete sentences and you said I'M gorgeous. At which point, my day is complete and we will be friends forever. Thank you. :)

Carrot--SERIOUSLY!? Small world. It was HUGE news the next day on the radio and in the paper. Have they built it back up?
3 kids in 5 years just sort of snuck up on us. I guess I can be glad it's not 5 kids in 3 years. :)

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday to a great family! I loved the highlight recap of the last five years.

Code Yellow Mom said...

I can't believe five years...Congratulations!!! (And happy birthday to J, too. :))

I am glad that marriage hasn't ruined your sense of humor. Taco Bell burning made me laugh. Hard.

And "trifecta?" What the?! Happy M&M munching, anyway. Love you guys.

Luisa Perkins said...

What a TERRIFIC photo essay. Loved it!

Carrot Jello said...

Yes, I believe they rebuilt it.

Suzanne said...

What a great post! I loved getting to see all your pictures, especially your wedding ones. I'm sorry that "J" won't be there for your anniversary, but "Happy Anniversary" nonetheless. It looks like June is a special month for you guys. So what is going to happen next June, do you think?

Oh, and LOL at Avee ruling the household by then. That cracked me up! :D

Suzanne said...

P.S. It's a good thing that you didn't get caught letting "J" in your room at Ricks because your apartment would have been Quarantined! ;) LOL! That may have made your kiddies pretty mad to not be able to invite their little friends over! :D

No Cool Story said...

AWWW. I LOVE THAT (I'm yelling because I loved it so much).
I see J much more improved, from his days as "Farmer Buck-teeth Jay".
You have done that boy good. Congrats to the 5 of you!

PS1: "Only 3 packets of hot sauce per burrito". That's just sad.
PS2: "I thought you wrote a fragment sentence with an incorrect contraction". Ok, now I'm nervous. I hope we can still be friends.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I love this post. What a cute way to commemorate all your years together. :) I wish I'd done this back when it was just five years, but alas, blogging - heck, the Internet - hadn't been invented by Al Gore yet.

Lisa said...

Delurking to say--cute photos and congratulations. Yes flowers and chocolates!!! Good call. When I saw that you are in Texas, I got home sick (a little)---I grew up there and my family is all there (in Houston). Now I am in the LA area. Not missing the rain, though.

Kikibug said...

LOVE THIS!! Teary eyed!! You are fantastic illustrator and I can't wait for the book. You will write a best seller someday and I can't wait to read it.