Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Flag Day Y'all

My kids are going stir crazy. Kind of. And I feel a little guilty, but there's little to nothing I can do about it. It's so hot during the day, our activities are limited. I need to find something for Bo to do besides riding our gliding rocker like a bucking bronco and webbing Aves randomly throughout the day. Any ideas?

Today my mom took the kids swimming. She didn't want to pack a swimsuit. But she did. She didn't want to put one on and go to the pool. But she did. I realized as she walked out the door with my kids, who were ecstatic to be going swimming, that moms never stop doing things they don't want to do, if it makes their kids happy. Even if their kids are 31 years old with three kids of her own.

THREE KIDS!?! What the!?!?! How did THAT happen!?!?!

Today I had to meet with a lactation consultant. By choice. I really never thought I would utter or type those words in my lifetime. The woman was so helpful I wanted to cry. My perfect little baby has one flaw and it may have been corrected today. Seriously, you have never seen a more perfect newborn. While I was getting my consultation, a young girl came in with her four week old baby. Named Av3ry. She was screeching incessantly---the baby, not the mom---and I thought "what's in a name?" I lived that for 4 months with my own little Av3ry screeching incessantly. Maybe that's why I think baby Danyo is so perfect---he can barely even muster up a cry that isn't absolutely adorable when he's hungry. Try to make that sentence make sense.

I feel like I should post, but as you can see, I'm lacking for things of interest or importance.

Also, I have to post pictures for my friend who is so dear to me and I am so dear to her, she skims my blog for pictures and when there aren't any, calls to yell at me. Skims. Can you believe that?

So, here's the pictures Jen. You lame butt.

Oh yeah, yesterday Bo had a "scuffle" at McDonald's playland. My friend came and took the two kids for TWO HOURS. Some kid, a year or two older than him, told him that he was "totally not awesome." It devastated Bo. He responded to the boy with a swift kick, apparently. Bo then sat on my friend's lap and cried for 10 minutes. The whole thing makes me kind of sad---my baby being exposed to bullying. But it also is funny. A, because Bo kicked the kid, so at least he knows not to take other people's crap. And while I did lecture him on hurting other children, I am glad he didn't go cower in a corner and let the bully get the best of him. He cowered on Amy's lap after he kicked the kid. And b, because "totally not awesome" is just a hysterical insult to me.

Anyway, the best part was, that night during prayers, Bo included, "And please bless that we never go to McDonald's again and see that boy." I feel like that is a prayer that just might be answered.

Looking remarkably identical to his big brother, even though in real life he doesn't that much.

The only thing he can truthfully put on his resume


No Cool Story said...

That picture is totally Bo's face!
The last pictue is precious. They all are actually.

DH told me it was Flag day and I said "That's what Nobody said". Nobody knows a lot of things.

Bo is so totally awesome. You tell him I said that.

AMILEE said...

Just writing to say I hope you don't forget juneteenth day in a few jk. Anyways I forgot to tell you when I was consoling Big B on my lap, I asked him what he wanted to do, he said, "I nevoh evoh want to see that mean boy evoh nevoh."
All I could do was laugh. lol.

Sketchy said...

I love the first shot, is that Grandma's hand? I like the juxtaposition (is there an x in that?) between the new baby. Sweetness.

Ah Bo - I think you're totally awesome, even more so for just taking down the mean boy. And for praying to not go to McDonalds! Thats bestest.

S said...

First...thanks Jen for taking the wrath for all of us.
Second....he has changed so much oh my goodness it doesn't get any cuter..under 10lbs!
Maybe I should catch a plane today!

The Millieness said...

Hope you had a not "totally not awesome" Flag Day. :) That is too funny.

Your baby Danyo is gorgeous. Wish I could smush on him.

Code Yellow Mom said...

That downy totally not red hair! He's more blonde, like you, and so precious. I can't believe the changes that happen in mere days. He is entirely edible.

An LC has saved my breastfeeding life twice - no shame in it :) I hope it goes better now!

You really should edit this post so that "you lame butt" is in big font, since she just skims and might miss the personal message. (tee hee hee)

What is sweet to me about B and the mean McDonald's kid is that he probably felt more sad for kicking...although "totally not awesome" is a rather harsh insult to a tender heart.

Code Yellow Mom said...

P.S. I love the paragraph about your mom. And I love your mom.