Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's My Prerogative

"You aren't going to say anything like, bad about him, are you?"
"Uhhhhhh, no. I guess not."

J sat next to B0bby Br0wn's dad last week on his flight from LA. Bobby sat in front of them with his girlfriend. On the way home from the airport, I got to hear some of the highlights of J's conversation with, whom he affectionately calls, "Papa Brown."

Some people's claim to fame is sitting next to famous people. Or the father's of famous people. My claim to fame is being married to someone like J. Who doesn't recognize famous people. And then probably couldn't care less when he finds out he's sitting by/talking to one.

He really liked Papa Brown and talked to him the entire trip.

My two favorite highlights of the conversation.

When he was finally told who Bobby was, J leaned forward and pointed to the woman sitting next to BB and said, "So, is that Whitney?"

Later he and Papa Brown were talking about who he knew in "Hollywood" or, LA. Michael Jackson's name came up and then J asked about OJ---if Papa Brown knew him. Yes, he does know him. "So, is he guilty?"

I got a pretty big kick out that. Turns out, according to Papa, he is in fact not guilty.

So there you have it.


Bryner Family said...

Oh my gosh! He is hilarious. Remind me not to travel with him, in case I run into celebrities and he embarrasses me. :) We actually saw Davey Jones from the Monkeys in the airport in Florida and my sister-in-law was the only one brave enough to go up to him and said, "Are you Davey Jones?" He said, "Yes," and she said, "Ok, I thought so," and walked back over to us. Ha ha! Not even an autograph request! :)

Sketchy said...

Well if Papa Brown says OJ is NG I guess that puts all my doubts to rest. Tell J. how grateful I am to him for his investigative reporting.

Millie said...

Jay has a bad case of CDD - Celebrity Dork Disease.

(give him a hug from me)

Just because Papa doesn't think MJ is guilty... I'm sorry. Look at his son. You think I'm going to trust someone whose son is so perpetually screwed up?

Oh wait, did you say MJ or OJ? Either way - I don't believe it.

Millie the Dweeb said...

Well looky there, you said both. :) Who has CDD now?

S said...

That is THE funniest thing I have heard all week....thanks for sharing(airing)

Breit Mama said...

I love J!

No Cool Story said...

"So, is that Whitney?"

OMGosh, that's hilarious. J gets* a million Schrute bucks for that.

*I'm not giving out Schrute bucks indiscriminately.

Alicia said...

S and Breit Mama said it for me!

Suzanne said...

LOL!!! How funny that he didn't recognize him! I think celebrities and their families just assume that everyone knows who they are and I'm sure they get miffed when people don't. That would have been such a funny sight to see! :)

Analiese said...

Nobody - do your husband a favour and get him a subscription to People magazine. He will be the man about town (or the plane) with all this newly acquired knowledge!

Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, that is AWESOME.