Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Is A Special Day

I have a dozen little half thoughts and a few complete thoughts whirling around in my head, so I've decided to give them a place to go so they can be free of me. :)

This morning I have pulled Danyo off of our kitchen table no less than 17 times. This last time I said pretty sternly (because I am busy blogging and I don't need the interruption) "Don't get on the table anymore Danyo, I mean it, you are driving me batty!" Almost at the exact same time, Avee said just as sternly, "Don't lell at him mom!" and Bo said, "Uh, Mom, he's only 1."

Hmmm, they sound just like their mother. And in case you are worried that I "lelled" at a 1 year old, Avee considers any kind of reprimand of any degree, a "lell". She's all sensitive and whatnot.

Every time I have pulled Danyo off the table he has bolted for the computer chair. Don't tell me the kid doesn't have my number.


Bo is not a big fan of Kindergarten. He has all-day Kindergarten and it is not sitting well with him. It has been weighing on my mind since he started a week ago yesterday. He had a shortened day, two hours shorter on his first day and the first words out of his mouth were, "That was tooooooooooo long."

On Monday when he went for the normal length of time, the first thing out of his mouth was a matter of fact, "I won't be going to kindergarten tomorrow, that was just too long." It was also the first thing he announced to J when he got home. That he wouldn't be going to school the next day.

My heart ached for him because, it is too long. I never considered that before he started. I really just thought about my freedom with only two kids to tote or tend. Because I am stellar like that.

After bribing him with a pack of pokemon cards, to go on Tuesday (a great tip I received on this here blog!) and making very sure he understood it was just for Tuesday, and that he would not be getting a pack of pokemon cards every school day of his kindergarten career--he went off happily.

And he continues to come home with one report every day. It was too long. I try to get information out of him as subtly as possibly (he's very possessive of his time away from me, basically he believes it is none of my business. Or else he manages to "fohget evwuhthing" about his time away from me, but can remember a memory from when he was 21 months old and couldn't talk. Yeah right.) and while I don't have much luck, I have learned a little. "Touching the wall is a bad habit". I thought that was a gem. I'm actually kind of glad someone else is harping on him besides me, but then again---does he need this kind of edjamuhcating for 6 and a half hours a day? I dunno.

I have a few options I'm considering. Truth be told, I want him with me as much as he wants to be with me. And while I'm not necessarily inclined to indulge in such things, this is Kindergarten we're talking about and I'm not really going to have the luxury of choice I have right now--in the future. Unless I want to superglue him to my apron strings and remove any choice. I'm not sure I'm cut out for real true homeschooling, I do think that takes a special skill which I do not posses. Also called patience and intelligence. I have only a little of both.

And I don't wear aprons.

And superglue scares me.

Avee just got off the phone with her friend Ella. Just before she hung up (all pretend, btw) she said, "Oh yeah, and your mom goes to college. I love you. Bye!"

Tha's mah girl.


My best good friend Traci at Code Yellow Mom came to visit last weekend. Holy moly, has it really already been a week?! It was totally awesome. I enjoy every second I get to hang out with her and she came childfree; which, even though we aren't childfree, is very rejuvenating. My kids fell completely in love with her. If you are interested in learning more about Traci, you can read this post I wrote a couple of years ago. She's muy awesome. Avee fell in love with her almost immediately which struck me for a couple of reasons. Avee is pretty selective, she's not a "I like everybody" kind of person like me. But she's cute and charming so she can afford to be selective. And Traci is not a "look at me, love me, let me win you over" kind of person. Like I am. :) She's much more calm and mellow and quiet. So, within hours, Avee was all over her and proclaiming that Traci was her "favowite gwownup." I've never heard her say that before. It was pretty cute.

Also, after Bo's second day of school and I was trying to get as much information out of him as subtly as possible and I was entirely unsuccessful, I gave up and went into the kitchen and started dinner.

A few minutes later I heard Traci asking him things about his day. He was answering everything. I think she started off asking him trivia though, and he loves that crap. But up until this day, he was a cool cucumber with her. I was enjoying all of the questions and answers and just happy that someone was getting the information out of him. Even if it wasn't his darling mother.

This went on for about 15 minutes and the Q and A was still going on when I heard Traci kind of laughing and then say, "Hey Nobody, Bo's getting pretty up close and personal here." I went into the living room to find Bo lying on her, completely mauling her, happily answering all her questions.

All this time, I thought I just wasn't asking the right questions. Turns out, I wasn't asking the right WAY.

I love you T, thanks for coming to visit.

I have to go now. I'm getting pictures of the kids taken in 40 minutes. None of us are dressed.

I may or may not have a time management issue.


glittersmama said...

I have the same time management issue. I think it's called the internet. :)

I hope your pictures went well!

Yvonne said...

All day kindergarten is TOO LONG! I know they have to learn because they will be going to Grade 1 in a year, but somehow that next year they are more prepared.

I could NEVER home school--I would be afraid I'd want to play every day.

Hope the picture experience is a good one.

Heffalump said...

The youngest of my boys starts Kindergarten next week. We only have half day though, so for me it will be just like getting a little break from him before he is back home with me.
I hope Bo gets used to the long days soon. It IS a long period of time for a young kid to have to be in school.

iowamom said...

"Your mom goes to college." Priceless. I told my hubby that she said that and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. What did we ever do for entertainment before our kids?

Klin said...

My cousin lived in Kentucky and her boys had all day kindergarten. I remember thinking that my kids wouldn't want that. I wouldn't want to be away from my kiddos that long.

Bo is right. School is tooooooooo long.

I don't home school. I am not patient enough.

Avee is so cute. Your mom goes to college.

I could use a lesson or two from your friend Traci. She sounds totally awesome.

Millie said...

Our school is starting all-day kindergarten this year and I don't like it. Roz will be eligible next year and I don't want her to be there for so long.

"I may or may not have a time management issue" is my new catchphrase - Thanks! :)

Cindy said...

I can not wait to see the pictures!! I bet they turn our adorable!! Not as good as mine would, but a close second:) JK!

Sketchy said...

I'm way to lazy to homeschool. I recognize this in myself. It would be once a week, probably Monday, "OK this week we are going to work hard!" And by noon we'd be done for the rest of the week, with maybe a half-hearted attempt on Thursday around 3:00.

That said, I hate the idea of all day Kindergarten. Why do they do that? I don't think there are any test scores that show it's more effective than 1/2 day. And the poor littles come home so tired.

PS: I have good luck asking about what the best and worst thing that happenned at school that day. Asking what happenned at school is apparently too broad a question for my kids, they need more specific requests.

Sketchy said...

Oh and was "Your momma goes to college" a compliment or an insult? I'm trying to envision the usage here. Could this be used in our neighborhood dozens contests?

aubrey said...

oh, nobody. my heart goes out to you. i will freely admit that a small portion of my decision to homeschool ava {and ultimately, max} is because i don't think they need to be in school that long. and at such a young age. homeschooling is a decision that i've been contemplating since ava was born. it's definitely not for everyone and if intelligence has a lot to do with it, then i'm in big trouble. luckily i've gotten over my fear and am just trusting in the Lord.

i think it is great that code yellow mom was able to get through to bo and help him talk through his feelings about kindergarten. and i'm glad that your visit with her was so fun and that the kids loved her.

aubrey said...

and, ya..i'd like to see your family pictures too!

CoconutKate said...

I couldn't think of anything to say except that I love to read your posts. I have a feeling that my girl (and me too!) will feel the same way when she starts all-day kindergarten next year...I sure will miss her!

Tori :) said...

I'm pretty sure Avee would love me immediately. Just sayin'...

What Bo not likin' kindergarten about? (See, Avee and I can hang.)

And, your mom goes to college.

Code Yellow Mom said...

Shoot. You went and got all prolific on me while I was packing my house up. I'm JUST NOW catching up on all these postesses...

LOVED my visit. Every minute. I highly recommend it to all your best good friends. :)